4th Sep 2007, 08:04

I have a 2003 Yukon XL, and the hinge has separated from the glass on the rear window. I have seen another 2003 Yukon XL with the same problem. I also have a knocking in the steering when I turn right. Last time the dealer replaced the intermediate shaft. I have about 10k left on the extended warranty. Any info would be appreciated.

pazdera at yahoo.com

31st Oct 2007, 06:54


Well to begin with I bought this Denali used back in 2003 with 55K MILES, luckily I bought an extended service plan, which was over 2K, problems : ABS, alarm activating by itself, problems with inside lights, made the big mistake of taking it to a GMC dealer in Matteson IL , they really took advantage and overcharge me big time, had to pay almost 650.00 out my pocket, to comeback a week later with same problem with alarm (charge 65.00) and problem was fixed this time, little time after that brakes needed to be replaced, done that 3 times still making loud noises (maybe I chose bad quality rotors am not sure) back in Feb. of this year, noise coming out of crankshaft (almost 2K to fix it) using plan had to pay 600.00 out of my pocket, they changed cranckshaft, oil pump and seals, since it was open I ask them to change the timing belt (extra 100.00 just for parts) since it was already open, a week later had to replace fuel pump (200.00 deductible out of my pocket) still have problems with brakes, 85K miles now, I will try to keep it for a while since almost everything has been replaced, but one thing NEVER WILL BUY ANOTHER GM PRODUCT

1st Nov 2007, 21:15

2002 GMC Yukon with a little over 90,000... currently sitting in the parking lot of McDonalds with a bad power steering pump. Planetary gears in tranny exploded at 70,000. Intake manifold gasket blown at about the same time. Gas gauge and Temp gauge out about 10,000 miles ago. I know why all of this happened... cause I drive the hell out of it!!! The body, paint and interior are excellent!!! I love this truck... but man I gotta really stop driving it like a maniac... cause I'm broke.

27th Nov 2007, 17:22

I own a 2001 GMC Yukon XL 1500, I to have been dealing with the wet floor board, passenger side, front and back. In 2003 took the vehicle to the dealer, they said they could not duplicate the problem, but they were kind enough to tell me that I had "junk" accumulated under the hood area that may have clogged a line. As mentioned in other posts, the flooding is noticed with A/C and heater use, and also after heavy, blowing rains, therefore making difficult to pen-point exactly what and when the cause is. As I type this posting, the Yukon is at the shop, being checked out, as we returned from a Thanksgiving camping trip with a small pool in our family vehicle.

We also had to replace the rear brakes about a month ago, only to discover that there are two sets of brakes in the rear, disc and pad. No complaint about a brake job at over 110k miles, but shocked at two sets! We have replaced the fuel pump and are hoping for a recall on the ABS sensor before we drop another grand.

Love the Yukon, but would like fewer nagging issues. Anyone with more info, please post.

1st Dec 2007, 17:03

Is the Rotor problem with GMC just fading in the sunset or am I just being kept in the dark with the problems I have with mine. Anybody out their know anything?

30th Jan 2008, 17:26

I found this forum while trying to diagnose a leak after the recent rain storms. I have a '02 Suburban 2500 with the 8.1l engine, that I use for towing. I've founds some good ideas of where to look for problems.

I've also seen /a lot/ of other issues that people are having, which sound very much like my own experience. This truck has been, by far, the most problematic vehicle I've ever owned.

Some people have asked about strange stalling problems, where their vehicle just stalls while driving, but will start up again. I had this for 2 years before it was diagnosed. It's the crank sensor. It's intermittent and would cause the engine to shut off anytime. Sometimes while cruising down the fwy at 65mph. Dealer could never diagnose it as it would never happen for them. Then I gave up, handed them the keys and said "don't give it back until you figure it out.". The service manager drove the car until it happened to him. He then tells me that they've seen this a lot on the 4500 commercial trucks. So if your truck is mysteriously stalling, but then restarts after a few cranks (sometimes 4 or 5 tries to restart), have the crank sensor checked.

28th Feb 2008, 13:03

I have a 2001 Yukon with a problem I have not seen discussed here yet. The front seat passenger complains of cold air coming in at the floor level. Heater on, I am cooking, she has cold air. I have had the kick panel off and the hush panel off below the heater. I changed the cabin filter and taped over the door that holds it. The door gasket is perfect. Any ideas? Oh yeah, I also have intermittent window motors, but I just figured they are junk motors.

Not to be a smart a$$ but the rotors seem to be made from pre- rusted steel. I have changed all of mine at under 60K miles.

29th Feb 2008, 16:21

I have a 2007 Yukon XL with 29000+ miles. I have always had a problem with the transmission engaging after slowing to almost a stop and then accelerating. There is a long pause after I accelerate and then the transmission engages with a noticeable jolt. The dealer says its caused by the on board computer, but there's nothing that can be done. Now when the vehicle sets out in temperatures in the mid teens it does the same thing whenever I accelerate from a stop. It does it in both 2wd and Auto. I also have a problem with the driver's door latch sticking open. The dealer has repaired it 5 times (including keeping it overnight so they could paint the new latch) and now says they can't fix it. Has anyone else had he transmission or door latch problem?

2nd Mar 2008, 14:35

I have a 2007 Yukon Denali XL with almost 7000K in it. Most everytime it rains, there is a leak in the back on the right hand side. The carpet in my trunk gets soaking wet. GMC says they have never had this happened... and they do not know why it does because they said they applied pressure wash and been through car washes without any leaks! Also, the car door handles are loose and almost falling off! I am getting very frustated... would anyone please help!

4th Mar 2008, 21:19

2001 Yukon XL 2500.

Took vehicle in for preventive maintenance recommended by my shop: new serpentine belts, new water pump and transmission fluid/clean out (not a "flush"). Paying my tab of $1500 - drove 6 miles down the road the transmission failed.

Vehicle has exactly 100k miles - always serviced on schedule and driven gently (mostly highway). Am told now that my planetary gears and "overdrive drum" failed and need a new transmission. Is this common for this low mileage?? When I bought this thing new was told transmission for these vehicles last well into the 150k mile range.

By the way - never had any problems with brakes or any other problems as others indicated here on the forum.