12th Mar 2008, 10:14

Oh boy, sounds like we all have the common issues related to this vehicle. Can anyone say RECALL? I have all the usual electrical gremlins like the rest of you. It's a decent vehicle, but will never buy another one! Sloppy steering anyone? Try replacing the speed sensitive steering sensor under the steering column. Nope, didn't work for me either. Check out the forums at TahoeForum.com for lots more good info!

16th Mar 2008, 13:52

I have a 99 Denali, purchased in 2001, replaced the engine, it blew in 2006. I'm having a problem with the truck shaking after driving it about 30 miles. Once it cools off, I can drive it again. My mechanic is perplexed, he's checked the exhaust vapor system, replaced engine control box and replaced the coil. If you've has a similar problem, truck shakes when it gets hot, sometimes, please share your experience and/or ideas. Thanks!


8th Apr 2008, 13:49

April 8, 2008.

I don't know much about this type of vehicle, but I found them to look very nice. I am actually looking to buy an '01 Denali at about 97k miles. Now I am not sure about buying one due to all comments that I have read. I am never looking to have to spend a lot of money on major maintenance. At least not for the price of the vehicle itself.

17th May 2008, 21:29

I have a 99 Yukon with about 171000 miles on it. No problems really except that when I put it 4 wheel drive high (I have the auto transfer case) it makes a grinding (clunking) noise whenever I turn my wheels... What could that be?

2nd Jun 2008, 00:10

1999 Denali has had it's share of problems. At about 80k had to rebuild rear end. Currently have 113k and am having an electrical problem. It was very intermittent at first, (maybe every week or two; noticed by headlights, dash lights flash coupled with radio loss for a split second. Now, the problem has occured with loss of engine. Not a comfortable feeling on the mountain roads I drive. That was Friday night. Tonight on my way home in less than 5 miles engine killed with the above scenario four times. Lucky I made it home, getting good at shifting into neutral and restarting quickly! Calling the mechanic in the morning, any suggestions?


15th Jun 2008, 16:11

I have 1999 Yukon Denali that keeps misfiring.. the scan read random /multiple misfiring detected.. once I drive on the freeway for 5 minutes, plus I get off on city streets and it runs just fine.. once I turn off the truck and restart, it starts misfiring again... anybody had similar issues???

27th Jun 2008, 16:59

I have a 1999 GMC Yukon with about 135000 miles on it. Runs great, and an awesome vehicle. Everything has been maintained well with no problems other than the usual.. BUT.. can we say ELECTRICAL problems. Luckily the only thing for me is my dome override switch and lock and unlock buttons work when they want to. Other than that, this vehicle has been just great.

25th Jul 2008, 22:31

I have a 1999 Yukon Denali, woke up to go to work and I couldn't start it. All I got was two clicks that sounded like they were coming from under the steering wheel. I had all power. I took off the starter and had it tested and it passed. I have been experiencing the same problems with the radio, it cuts on and off while driving over bumps. I have tried to troubleshoot just keep on getting nothing. Now my radio won't play and it reads LOC. Please help.

7th Sep 2008, 18:53

I have a 99 Denali with roughly 167,000 on it. I love my truck but like many who post here I've had my share of problems.

Electrical - driver seat heater has a mind of its own. The auto on/off headlights stopped working at 85,000 miles or so. The rear turn signals/brake lights keep blowing. Recently, my stereo turns off at random.

Brakes - I really have no clue as to what GM was thinking when they decided to go with the brake setup. Wayyy to small!! I've replaced my pads and rotor at least 5 times. Also, my rear drums are never adjusted right. They work fine for a month or so then for some reason they lose their stopping power.

Under the hood - Replaced Intake Manifold Gasket due to coolant leak. I've replaced the water pump too. The a/c lines were replaced at 120,000 miles. The oil lines are leaking but nothing that requires immediate attention. It misfires and shutters at 70mph but I've been dealing with it.

Just last week it left me stranded. Whenever I get on the gas it "chokes" and the rpm's drop like its going to stall. As soon as I let off the gas it returns to normal idle and its fine. Maybe a fuel problem?? Anyone experienced this??

Overall, it's a good truck and a tank in the snow! It's probably time to part ways with it but I can't seem to let her go!

11th Sep 2008, 21:47

Just bought my 1999 Denali a few days ago and had already read up on all the typical problems. Seems right on track with the info on this forum.

I have a burnt fog light and the driver's seat and rear seat heaters do not work. I didn't try the rear ones with the seat belt on yet.

The brake issues are obvious, but I don't think it much different than my Ford Expedition.

I had a 99 Mustang GT and we have a F150 Supercrew and they both have the same electrical issues as the Denali - huh?

Thanks for all the info.

14th Nov 2008, 14:53

I'm also in the same boat... 1999 Denali (bought it new and 160k miles now). Lots of work to keep it.. but still love it, and hard to let it go.

Original brakes suck. I replaced mine with Stillen's Brembo big brake kit and SSBSC rear disc conversion. I also installed a MSD 6A ignition amp, coil, and wires, and the truck fires up at the touch of the ignition, and idles perfect.


- Fuel pump

- Intake manifold gasket + water pump (I changed my coolant to green... no more Dexcool)

- Injectors fixed (but still not the latest update)

- Windshield wiper -- The circuit board was replaced (easy)


- Skyjacker 2.5" lift kit with add-a-leaf & Rancho 9000 shocks

- Urethane bushings, and new ball joints/pitman/idler arms (no more rubber in the suspension and it feels great.. very tight and responsive.

- Brembo big brake kit (front) / SSBC rear disc conversion (rear)

- MSD 6A ignition box/MSD coil/MSD 8.5mm ignition wires

- CFM tech throttle body with K&N intake filter kit.

Problems that need to be addressed:

- Sagging door (will change bushing soon)

- AC compressor (purchased new Sanden 1 piece housing compressor- made in the USA) just gotta install soon

- Install Transgo shift kit & extra ATF cooler

- Driver seat heater not working

- Some of the lighting on stereo buttons out

- Dash lighting goes out sometime, and back on when light switch is used

- Steering wheel position sensor jerked steering wheel once.

6th Feb 2009, 17:32

I have a 2000 Denali but it's still the 99 body style. Apparently somewhere in the 2000 models they switched it up. Anyways I wanted to post about an electrical problem that I also had. This problem sounds a lot like many others here in that my power windows, radio, and wipers would occasionally stop working. I noticed that sometimes I could play with the door locks switch and sometime it would fix my problem. So after pulling off the driver's side control panel with all the power switches, I saw that two wires had been slightly cut. Taped up those wires and the problem hasn't returned since. Just putting this out there in case it might help someone.