28th Oct 2007, 17:52


I have a 99 Denali, with the same problem; power windows, wipers and radio. when I turn on the car they don't work, after like 10-15 minutes all of them start working fine, and it comes on and off. I checked all relays and fuses, they are all good. Can anyone help please.

Please email me if you can, thanks much


7th Nov 2007, 06:48

In the 99 ESCALADE, there is a BCM in the middle of the center console. It controls almost everything body-related in your vehicle, wipers, power windows, radio, etc. One guy one the forum was correct... poorly made relays. Well that's correct, except its one "box" of relays that go bad. Don't believe me? its simple to prove. Take your center console cover off, and look strait down to the mass of wires going to one 6"x5" box that says "Body Control Module" right on top of it. Simply tap it with the handle end of a screwdriver or something and see if everything works again. If it does, well, be prepared to spend 400-600 for the BCM, and another 200-300 to get it calibrated for your vehicle (as the BCM is a generic computer, calibrated for different vehicle applications).

14th Nov 2007, 14:19

Just got a 99 Denali with 101,000 miles on it. So far I love this truck. The water pump is starting to leak however. From reading this I'm heading out to get the extended warranty. Hope I lucked up and got one of the few with few problems!

17th Nov 2007, 02:23

I've owned a 99' Denali for almost 5 years now. I've had the same problems with power windows, wipers and radio. But mine, sometimes the doors unlock on its own! The problem is a part called the Body Control Module (BCM), its in the center console. - GMC Service Technician.

3rd Dec 2007, 19:34

Bought my 99 GMC Yukon Denali in March 2003 at 60.000 miles with an extended warranty. Glad I got the warranty.



- Fuel pump

- Fuel injectors

- Windshield wiper transmitter motor

- Two gasket heads

2007 (out of pocket):

- Steel brake line

- Radiator

- U joints and B joints

- Now waiting to replace the engine due to coolant leakage from blown head gaskets.


Nice vehicle when newly purchased... after 3-5 years get rid of it. Never again will I buy american. Next SUV will be a Toyota Sequoia!!!

GMC... General Made Crap!!!

7th Dec 2007, 14:37

Bought a 1999 Yukon brand new. Driver window makes noise when going up/down. Found out it's a USED motor! Only have 77K miles and, this past week alone have had to have it towed twice to replace a fuel filter (plastic junk!) and now the p/s pump. What gives GMC? Used parts and plastic? I will NEVER buy GMC again, nor buy used. A very huge disappointment to me.

12th Dec 2007, 04:11

Yukon Denali 2000 with 146.000 miles.. Owned for 10 months now.. Had to do a bit of work on the brakes, new front discs, pads, rear drums, pads and a new set of springs, add a leaf on the rear leaf system, new De Carbon shocks all round, new belt tensioner and belt, new tires and regular servicing at 3000 miles.. So far, no electrical faults except rear seat heaters come and go.. Probably a loose connection.. All else works fine..14mpg average.. It is not the best of SUV's, but you do feel safe in it.. Just brake early.. I do an average of 1600 miles/month..Will post more as we go along.. Oh,forgot something.. Probably the front ABS sensors will need changing soon.. It bites hard on low speeds.. under 10mph..

25th Jan 2008, 04:49

Update on Yukon Denali 2000...Changed both front ABS sensors at US 80 each.. still a problem with ABS application by itself at low speeds.. Annoying problem as you can hit the person in front unless you're really concentrating.. I have been told to wait till the ABS resets itself!!I have a feeling that one of the rear drums is locking itself thus activating the ABS.. Is this possible? I use bendix shoes at the rear almost new.. but squeeling when hot.. Another annoying thing.. Apart from that all is working fine..OH, I forgot.. The rear seat heaters work again.. Apparently you need to have your seat belt on for it to work..!!

1st Feb 2008, 00:32

Hi all,

I have a 1999 Yukon with 149,000 km and I love it, but there are a few problems. I have had several instances with stalling and the wipers not working intermittently. Also today I had it in Auto 4x4 and it changed to 2 wheel on its own and then to 4x4 all within a few minutes.

I have had GM check out the stalling situation and they said they couldn’t find anything wrong with it. At first it was stalling last summer when we pulled our trailer. We thought maybe it was a gas lock because it was so hot out and we had the air conditioner on, but it stalled again today at -35 after running for about 1/2 hour.

The wipers had stalled many times and it doesn't matter if it is in a heavy rain storm or you have just turned them on to quickly wipe the window. I have replaced the wiper motor twice over the last year.

Every-ones comments have been helpful, but I would like someone to reply to this if you know what to do. Thanks.

3rd Feb 2008, 14:29

Hello...I have a 2004 Yukon Denali. The alarm went off the other day and since then, the rear doors and liftgate will not unlock. If I climb in the interior, I can manually unlock the rear doors, but the key fob will only unlock the 2 front doors (driver side and passenger).

27th Feb 2008, 22:04

1999 Denali. Has anyone had any problems with your front brakes making noise at low speeds? I Have had both rotors turned and put on new pads on the front without any luck of helping. Sounds almost like a warped rotor, but they have been turned. I am lost on this one.

Please post if you have any ideas.

28th Feb 2008, 04:05

I have a 99 Yukon Denali and purchased it in 2001 with 37,000 miles on it. I just hit 101,000 and the list of problems are never ending.

When I hit approximately 50,000 I replaced the brakes and was fine with that.

At 67,000 started leaking antifreeze and took 6 hours to fix the leak. Then it all went downhill from there.

I have had to do the brakes 4 times and am still not happy with them. I then replaced the fuel pump.

My heated drivers seat does not work, along with multiple electrical problems.

At 87,000 my crank kit, water pump, and well the list of parts on that job was unreal, and the job was over 3,000.00.

I have problems with my ABS and not being able to stop.

Replaced the wiper motor pump.

Recently my drivers side interior door handle broke off, and 3 weeks after replacing that... the passengers side interior door handle broke.

Have replaced 2 O2 sensors, all tune up parts several times.

I have been having hard starting problems and my battery kept draining, so replaced that and still had problems.

Yesterday was a new starter and cap and rotor, as well as my exhaust suddenly started sagging and had to be fixed.

My dash lights flicker on and off, and my pass side stereo speakers no longer work.

I have discovered that Black Electrical Tape works great to cover up constant service engine soon light.