14th Nov 2006, 00:39

I have a 99 Yukon Denli and it runs great. It has 140000 Mi and still running.

The 99 Yukon started to stall and won't start some times. I tested the fuel pump by putting a gas in the carb. It cost $380 for a fuel pump at auto zone with a life time guarantee. To put it in all you have to do is remove the gas tank. Four screws will do the trick and remove the old then put in the new. It only took an hour easy. And now it runs great. I love this truck.

13th Dec 2006, 21:00

I have a 1999 Denali with 139,025 miles that has given us good service, but it has electrical problems that started in July of this year. The radio, windshield wipers and power windows stop working intermittently. If anyone has the same problem with their Denali would you please tell us what was done to correct problem.

27th Dec 2006, 18:10

I have a 1999 Denali, absolutely love it.

Recently the wipers randomly stopped working. Reading here it seems like a common problem, and I see one person mention a relay; if someone could let me know what relay it is and where it is, I would appreciate it very much.

B1gg13 at gmail dot com

19th Jan 2007, 12:33

I have had my 99 Yukon for 4 years and have also experienced some of the issue in this forum, luckily I bought an extended warranty and most were taken car of before it reached 100,000 miles. Here is a list.

Fuel Injectors- Poppets would get build up and truck would eventually stop running. Before the dealer figured out a way for the warranty to replace them, I had to have them cleaned once a year.

Heated seats.

Air Conditioning went out.

Rear Door handle.

Front Driver's door handle. Inside broke first, then outside broke a couple of years later.

Automatic Headlights stopped working- It was do to some on board computer that controls the electrical system.

Power Steering line went bad.

Alternator went bad.

Current problems are the windshield wipers intermittently work. I read on this forum that it is probably the relays.

Transmission is going out. Found a local place to rebuild it for $1200 out the door.

Rear main seal is leaking, when transmission is replaced this will be taken care of.

Truck has 130,000 miles currently.

31st Mar 2007, 14:39

I have a '99 Yukon Denali I was wondering if anyone knows where I can buy a Lift Kit for it? I tried looking everywhere, but they only make '00 and up.

1st May 2007, 18:25

My wiper issues weren't a relay they were the pulse board on the wiper motor. $20 part and about 5 minute fix. wipers work perfect again now. I am told this is the most common reason for intermittent wiper problems.

Napa Item#: RAY49700PB

Hope this helps someone.

16th Jun 2007, 19:15

I have a gold 1999 Yukon Denali, could be the only gold one that was made. when I bought it new the factory{Texas} called me a number of times wanting to know what I thought of it, I found out that the factory was celebrating their golden anniversary and the owner had turn 60 in 1999, name of the paint 60s gold, what do you think? I now have 95,000 miles on it and it has had no problems to speak of. No amount of money could buy it from me.

20th Jul 2007, 09:17

I too have a '99 denali, it had 71K when we bought it and now has 125K. All in not a bad SUV. This is mainly my wifes truck I drive only when the "family" goes out. We started having problems around the 105K mark. The fuel pressure regulator started leaking. From a cold start it would be fine and as it warmed up it would start to miss more and more. Had the regulator replaced, fixed problem. 115K would not start after setting over night, flooded. Had to remove all the plug and let it dry out then start. I had Spider Assm. (injectors) replace and the regulator again and haven’t had a problem with starting, I do have a bad miss at 70mph, but it not regular it comes and goes like a torque converter shutter, but that doesn’t seem to be the problem. We still drive it daily, but I will try to get this mechanical problem fix any help would be nice.

As far as electrical I have a list there too.

-Drive side door lock switch, keyless works

-Dome light work fine with rear doors, when it wants to with drive and passenger door.

-Radio No Sound

-Heated seat passenger side

-High on the blower will shut on sometimes.

One last thing I agree with the comments on the brakes, I feel like I need to open the door and put my feet out to help the thing stop, but I think that is because I don’t drive it enough and it just doesn’t stop like my SWB truck.

23rd Jul 2007, 12:58

I have a '03 Denali, and I'm having problems with my driver side power seat. The seat will not move at all, and the heater switch on the door will not turn on. Any ideas of what the problem may be?

31st Jul 2007, 19:07

I have a 2003 Denali, 70K miles, have had lots of problems, even tho I have it serviced every 3K miles. After complaining of grinding noise for years, the transmission finally went out and was rebuilt (warranty) last year. The noise went away. Now, dealer says front differential is shot, bearings disintegrated, all needs to be replaced. Anyone know why would this happen, and why wouldn't the dealer find it in regular maintenance?

14th Sep 2007, 18:40

I have a 99 Denali and I've always loved this truck. My aunt had one when I was in high school. I bought it two years ago with 83k on it, and now it's at 100k.

The problems are:

Water pump

Blower motor on AC/heat

Winding noise in front

Automatic lights

Wouldn't trade it for another truck.

16th Oct 2007, 19:00

Hey world... I have a 99 Yukon Denali, about 138xxx miles on it...

Anyways, I'm having some power window and windshield wiper problems... can anyone suggest where to begin looking?? Or even how you guys fixed it as far as what parts I would need to replace?

Thanks, jon_ganal01@yahoo.com

21st Oct 2007, 16:20

Hey Jon G, I just bought a '99 Denali & am seeing the same problems. Have you/what are you doing about yours? Also, re: windows; are the passengers' only supposed to roll down a few inches?


21st Oct 2007, 16:26

I have a 99 with 180000 on it, mostly highway. I've gone through two fuel pumps, but I didn't need to replace the first one (conned by Gwrench). The problem was caused by the Pass-lock system. It would disable my fuel pump, sometimes, so I would have to wait five minutes and then it would work. That problem never went away so I just bypassed that by installing a remote starter, which bypasses the pass-lock system. Other than that, I've had few problems. I sometimes tow my travel trailer (5000+ lbs) and am still on the first transmission (knock on wood). The driver seat heater works intermittently and I need to have the cushion redone, but that comes with lots of miles. I'll consider myself lucky compared to other posters.