2nd Aug 2006, 23:32

I to have a Holden Astra Hatchback 1997. Now getting up to 90.000km on the clock. I have had to change the brakes pads etc a few times now, the water pump exploded about 70.000 kms and the holden dealer never mentioned the recall regarding cambelts, but we had that done at the same time. Huge bill. Also today I got told the ERG system is stuffed so that is going to be a biggie.

31st Aug 2006, 03:26

I purchased a second-hand 2000 Astra TS CD hatch automatic and so far I haven't had any real problems,athough I have some concerns.

The car rides quite nicely and is relatively easy to drive.However I do find that the accelerator is somewhat sensitive and at times unpredictable! The engine does sound a little rough and vibrations can be noticeable and there are also some rattling sounds which I can't find.

The power windows seem to be of good quality as does the rest of the car.

Overall this is a great little car, very popular and I sometimes wonder if it could have been better.

8th Sep 2006, 09:06

I own a Astra 2000 Olympic Edition that has been more trouble than its worth.

First service the front headlights were replaced as they were taking in water.

Less than 12 month after purchasing new the air-conditioner stopped working. Approaching and slowing at intersections changing down gears with the clutch depressed the engine would cut out. Holden tested the car, replaced the air con yet could not find anything wrong regarding the engine. They tested this complaint at each service and could not find an issue. Taking the vehicle to another service centre some 5 years later they cleaned the throttle body and the problem was solved.

Each summer the ignition barrel has seized. Holden has willing replaced the part free of charge yet I had to pay labour costs. Third time this happened I contacted the RAC who referred me to a locksmith who removed a pin in the barrel, problem fixed.

At the 60000kms service I was told the rotors needed replacing. They could not be machined because they were too far gone, warped and it was unsafe to do so. Out of pocket over $600.

Just over 90000kms on my way to work, less than 200 metres away from home the car felt like it was pulling/surging heard a noise similar to a tyre puncture. Quickly pulling over the engine died, RAC determined that the cam belt had snapped. I was without the car for over 2 weeks as Holden reconditioned the head, replaced the valves at their expense.. 4 weeks on my water pump collapses causing damage to the replaced cam belt and damaging pulleys. This cost me $620.

Driving home from the dealership the engine light comes on and the car is surging. Service centre closed, RAC called and issued a towing voucher. Drive again in morning the car runs fine, that afternoon top up fuel engine light comes on and car again surges. When the clutch was depressed the taco needle would fluctuate from 1200 rpm to 0, similar to the first reported engine problem of cutting out. Rang Holden, they say its unlikely to do with any of the work carried out on the water pump and I should bring it in immediately. This was yesterday.

Other problems experienced include the brake light globes constantly blowing, stereo occasionally jumps volume to its maximum, door seals are breaking away, front drivers seat does not click into position correctly and makes a squeaking noise, windows make a squealing noise when winding, bonnet locking mechanism fails and cannot open.

I regret purchasing this car and I am disappointed at Holden's failure to make public the faults that should result in a national recall.

18th Apr 2007, 21:52

My Astra (2000) is currently experiencing issues with the gears. at times it doesn't seem to flow through the gear change and it has actually locked up on me a few times which is becoming a concern. To fix it I've had to turn off my car to unlock the gears, but sometimes repeat this procedure. I've had it looked at a couple times, but they can't seem to solve it. I was told that the Barina model has had similar issues, but not the Astra... any advice?

21st Apr 2007, 07:00

Bought Holden Astra CD model new in 2000. All services done on time by qualified mechanic. Ignition replaced twice, cost around $500, Air conditioning fixed, cost $900, ABS brakes now need repairing cost $2850, traction control doesn't work, CD player button broken so can't programme security code in, rear power window doesn't work, cost to repair $472.00. Waiting on cost of repairing problem with air intake meter (or something similar). Car has done 92000. Advised by anyone who has anything to do professionally with cars to sell immediately as problems will only increase and cost to repair enormous as parts are European manufactured. Will never buy another Holden or recommend them to anyone, am considering Toyota or Mazda. As this was my first new car I am extremely disappointed to say the least. This vehicle was I think, small car of the year when I purchased it however I stupidly didn't check reliability of these vehicles prior to purchase.

21st Sep 2007, 17:03

We also have a Holden Astra 2001 TS model.

Absolutely loved this car, but in the 1st 12 months the emissions light came on and it started driving like a tank. Got that fixed no problems, then our air conditioner/fan stopped working. On taking it to the dealer, we were advised that it was the ignition switch that had failed (at this point the car was still within its 3 year warranty.

Only 6 months later the same issue and we were advised again that the part had failed... again.

Now after 2 years of this product being replaced, it has now happened again. It is out of warranty and we are about to find out how much it costs.

With the brakes, I would suggest that people do visit someone other than the dealer. We were advised also at 30,000km that they needed replacing. But, we then took it to K-mart Tyre and auto and did not need to have it done until the car had done about 70,000. The car has been good other than these issues, but we are also looking at the Mazda instead.

5th Dec 2007, 06:04

I bought a 2000 Holden Astra two years ago, and have spent the last two years paying for one fault after another.

Both rear window mechanisms went (about $450 each to replace).

The ignition barrel has seized twice ($100+ for a locksmith).

Speakers stopped working (one at a time).

Keyless entry continually fails.

The timing belt went without warning in the centre lane of a busy road ($4000+ to re-build the motor).

When the brakes wear, the rotors have to be replaced.

Air-con only works when it feels like it.

Tyres and battery are amongst the most expensive for this size car.

Brakes are very noisy... the list goes on.

Be warned: the timing belt may not even make the pitiful 50,000km they advise!

Nice car to look at; nicely finished interior, but a shocking lemon all the same!