8th May 2011, 22:13

Hey. Where did you get the EGU valve at that price?

17th May 2011, 20:00

I have a Holden Barina 2002 XC. It is at Holden at the moment getting diagnosed as I have been having starter problems on and off for over a year now. They say it's the immobiliser and will cost me $570.00 just for the part. Who knows what it will cost them to install it.

Does anyone else have this problem?

3rd Jun 2011, 18:44

Have the same problems; the car slowed down to 30 kms and it feels like it's skipping and losing its power. Have been to 4 different mechanics, and still no one could tell me what's wrong with it... It's giving a Holden a really bad name. Personally I won't buy any Holden cars, it's frustrating... it's so sad when you have to save up money for a car that is useless =(

13th Jun 2011, 23:30

I drive a 2003 SXI Holden Barina, 80,000 km.

I've spent 2800 over the past year, had coil pack changed twice, timer belt, EGR valve brand new changed twice and catalyic converter, full services done to the car, and yet my emission light stays on.

If I fill up on fuel, the car starts to shake, I've never used e10, only premium unleaded. My car has had numerous diagnostic readings, and nothing shows up.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

10th Oct 2011, 00:06

Try replacing either your crank and cam angle sensors.. your faults sound very similar to the symptoms you are saying.

8th Jan 2012, 19:19

If you can match the part number / model, get your new EGR (Vauxhall part) from E-Bay UK. Only $70-80. including postage.

I would not but ANYTHING except food from Australia (especially WA); it is just one big MASSIVE rip off.

13th Jan 2012, 17:29

OMG, having seen these threads, I'm staying right away from Barinas. Was going to purchase one... phew!

30th Jan 2012, 21:12


I have a 2001 Holden Barina. Its problem is once the engine temperature gets up to around 90 degrees, the throttle stops working and the car will just idle. Has put me in a dangerous position on occasions. I've tried replacing the throttle body, throttle pedal, cleaned the EGR valve and hose etc to no avail.

Anybody have any ideas? It's driving me crazy.

Cheers, Don.

22nd Feb 2012, 07:37

Hey Don, any luck solving your issues, mate? My missus' 01 XC has just started similar things... Drives fine, but once turned off for a short time and driven again, it feels like driving with the handbrake locked on.. Next to no acceleration, albeit with revs! At other times it will drive fine, then after dropping at an intersection, it plays up again until turned off or reset.. Reset the ECU and it runs fine... for a short time.. then a light on the dash, and off she goes again.

Both the engine and emissions lights in this one seem to take it in turns almost, haha. Will plug a scanner in this week, but will more than likely grab an EGR from the UK, and go from there.

Everything else on the car is spot on..

Cheers, Todd.

12th Apr 2012, 21:04


After looking these forums, I've realized this may be the cause of my bunny hopping issue whilst driving in gear (power with acceleration cuts in and out).

If I've got a Holden Barina XC 2002 3 Door Hatchback, what would be the appropriate EGR valve to purchase from the UK? Could you provide a direct link?

Also, would the same apply for the ECU unit, in terms of importing? If so, a link for that would also be awesome :)


10th May 2012, 02:29

I have a 2002 XC 3 door only done 46 thousand to now. The EGR valve needs replacing, plus it cost 15 hundred in other work on the car. I'd never buy another Barina; they're a rotten car.

20th May 2012, 05:19

We too unfortunately bought a 2001 XC Barina - what a disaster. So far have replace the fuel pump, water pump, timing belt complete kit, blown out the EGR valve, then more diagnostics said it was the accelerator pedal sensor - $550 new... still the spanner light comes on when the car reaches around 90 degrees and stays on until the motor completely cools right down. It goes into this limp mode when the spanner light comes on, which is very frustrating.. Cannot afford to keep doing this, but what on earth do you do when the car owes you so much? Now we are thinking of another ECU, but the last quote was ridiculous. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know ASAP! I am desperate.

26th Jun 2012, 23:05

For all those suffering the Opel Corsa, otherwise known as the Australian XC Barina. Save some $$$, here is the at home diagnostic test:


26th Jun 2012, 23:42

Hi to all, there seem to be a lot of people saying they would never buy another Holden, thanks to the XC Barina...

"Holden" XC Barina is in fact an "Opel Corsa" made in Spain by the European manufacturer Opel, shipped to Australia. It should not be confused with earlier (up to 94) Barinas, which were a GM platform car - the Suzuki Swift, made by Suzuki.

The re-badged early 90's Suzuki swift/Barina was a completely different design, and a far more reliable car than the XC Barina, as is the humble Australian Commodore. Do not confuse Spanish manufactured, European cars with the Aussie Commodore, it has its own unique issues, but is FAR cheaper to repair and maintain than an Opel Corsa/XC Barina.

What your Commodore chews in petrol, your XC Barina will more than chew on parts and diagnostics.

Re-badging Holdens had been going on since the 1970s, with Holden using a 4 cyl OPEL engine in some Toranas and early VB/VC Commodores, not to mention the bulletproof Isuzu Gemini, which was also sold here as a Holden.

Holdens ain't Holdens anymore...

5th Jul 2012, 01:29

Had the same problem... disconnected the battery, waited 5 minutes, problem fixed.

15th Aug 2012, 02:38

I have had pretty much the same problems as everyone is saying.

The engine light is constantly on. My car always feels as if it's chugging and there's a misfire in the cylinders. I am currently in the process of going to mechanics to find out the problem. Same thing, have no idea what's wrong or needs a new coil pack. They put one in, costing me $500. The problem is still occurring, and now they're telling me I need a new ECU, which is going to cost $1000. It seems no matter what you do/pay to fix these cars, something new goes wrong! Is it even worth paying the money to fix it? I would just not bother, but I still owe $5000 on the car! Has anyone else had this problem, and got a new ECU and the car was fixed?

I am a girl, and have no idea about cars, so some advice would be great.


18th Aug 2012, 03:53

Try and book your car into Holden dealership in your area, for a computer diagnostic report, which only costs about $80.00. As a result of the check, they should provide with you with a printed report of faults or problems, And don't agree with the Holden dealer to repair your car; they will charge too much for their labour. Once you've armed yourself with the problem, ask for the cost of repair before they commence any work, so that way you know where you stand. It is wise to shop around for better deals.

Hope that helped.