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19th Apr 2013, 06:53

Hi there,

I know it's an old post, but I've got the same problem as yours.

My mechanic indicated that I've got a faulty fan relay problem. The biggest problem is, he cannot locate the relay, because the relay IS NOT THERE according to the manual book from Holden. There is no indication that the relay was there before, even the harness socket.

According to your experience, where is the fan relay located?

I'd appreciate your help very much.

Please email me the reply dhie_20@yahoo.com

19th May 2013, 03:37

The relay is in a box with a plastic cover on the left side (passenger) beside the battery. It has about six little torx head screws to undo to remove the cover. When you first see this box, you just think it's a main wiring harness junction box, until you remove the cover and see it's full of relays.

25th May 2013, 20:36

Hi, your Combo problem is the MAF sensor located near the air intake / air filter area. Disconnect the plug, and if it revs better, that's the problem. Cheap & easy to fix.

31st May 2013, 14:58

Hi all Barina 2001-2004 owners. If you are having problem with your yellow engine/maintenance light coming on & flickering on acceleration, losing power & missing, do the following.

1. Clean the throttle body hose that goes to the engine (a rubber pipe of 13mm diameter on the right hand side of body), pull it off the throttle body, check for blockages, get a piece of wire about 1mm or smaller & cleanout the throttle body port. Replace the hose, problem fixed!!

2. Disconnect the battery for 15 minutes (make sure you have the radio code); this will reset the warning lights.

3. Also check the main engine breather pipe that goes from the engine to the head. There is a rubber hose (25mm diameter) that connects the two steel pipes, it's on the right-side of engine under the silver engine cover (1.4). I can tell you how to clean this if required.

Love das auto.

19th Jul 2013, 05:03

Has your problem been sorted with unplugging the battery. Has the emission light stayed off??

3rd Aug 2013, 18:20


Had to tell you all. You don't need to buy a new ECU or EGR, just block off with a piece of aluminium can under the EGR; the computer will think it is flowing, and will not send through an error code.

Info came from a Head Mechanic at Holden.

BeepBeep Barina.

13th Oct 2013, 04:47

I was quoted 700 bucks plus fitting. About 1000 I would estimate.

I bought the part for $340 and will fit it myself, looks straightforward. Lots of guidance on the WWW and YouTube.

14th Oct 2013, 04:27

Hi I was hoping you found the problem to your car, as my daughter's 2001 XC Barina is doing the same thing...


23rd Oct 2013, 06:19

I too have an XC 1.4 Barina with a misfire. Sometimes idles fine. But always will drop back to 3 cylinders. Error codes 0303, 0300.

Have cleaned the throttle body. No noisy tappets. Sounds fine, but three cylinders.

23rd Oct 2013, 06:28

Have you changed the fuel filter? When the wholesale cost of petrol increases, the quality of retail petrol tends to be adversely affected. You might like to change the air filter too.

19th Dec 2013, 06:22

Where did you get your catalytic converter made / fitted?

The cheapest I can find is 1k.

Thank you.

22nd Jan 2014, 13:08

I had the same problem with a Barina 2001. I took it to an auto electrician and 2 mechanics. A mechanic stalled it in his driveway; he checked the relay and it was a faulty wire under the fuel relay number 10. The auto electrician confirmed this, and now the car is driving great. No stalling or cutting out. We haven't replaced any other parts, but it may be worth checking this.

19th Feb 2014, 04:38

Hi, I have a Holden Barina 2000. I've spent about $1000 fixing it up already.

As I was driving home from work, I noticed a yellow light come on, and later checked the manual and found it to be the emissions light. I'm a single mum and I'm now worried about how much it will cost for me to get it fixed. If there's anyone out there that's had the same problem and had their car fixed, could you give me idea on how much it cost for you to get it fixed?


12th Mar 2014, 02:01

In response to the comment beginning "We too unfortunately bought a 2001 XC Barina" I would like to know if you fixed it and what the fault was? My Barina XC has exactly the same symptoms you describe (accelerator stops working when the engine reaches full operating temp. Throttle body butterfly not opening. Pedal position sensor tests out OK with multimeter).

Many thanks.

29th Mar 2014, 02:57

I have a 2001 Barina. Reading this forum gives me some (cold) comfort I am not alone. About 5 trips to the mechanics in 17 months, and now the emissions light has started flashing on me. No performance reduction (yet). Undecided on what to do in response, although will be buying a new car, and it sure won't be a Holden.

I had 18 years trouble free motoring with a Corolla and an Accord before I got this piece of rubbish as an inheritance!

31st Mar 2014, 19:22

Hi Guys,

I have a 2002 XC and I tell you, I am at my wit's end with it. A couple or months ago the yellow car with the spanner through it came on the dash. By the time I could get it into the mechanics, the engine light was on and I was having trouble starting the car. I noticed the car starts perfectly when it's cold, but as it warms up it is hard to turn over, or won't turn over at all.

Sometimes the accessory light will come on, it'll turn over and make the sound of a flat battery, however, the battery is fine. The mechanic stated that whatever electrical fault there is, is draining the battery.

Holden are stumped, all the mechanics are stumped. All the sensors were replaced, fuel lines checked, catalytic converter checked and nothing! At this stage the computer is going to be taken out and sent to another diagnostic service in Melbourne.

What duds these cars are if Holden can't figure this out. Anyone had similar troubles?

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