5th Dec 2015, 09:56

It's located at the front right of the engine. This photo shows what to look for:


If removing it for cleaning, be careful not to break or lose the gasket.

15th Dec 2015, 20:43

My Barina auto (I think it's a 2002) has a problem with the interior fan. It drops in and out at random. The air-con still works, but there is no fan to push the air into the car. Has anyone else experienced this?

16th Dec 2015, 04:01

I was asked to check out the potential car (2004 XC) for a now ex father in-law at a car yard. It had loose hanging fuel lines, wobbly steering, wet foot wells, an engine bay full of leaves, flaking paint, and extremely noisy tappets. I said it was rubbish; he said he'd take it for the asking price of $4600. Idiot. After 2 years he gave it to me as he no longer wanted it.

I've used it as a commuter for 3 years now, and it's rubbish.

The speedo has stopped working, unless the road is wet.

Air con fan only works on setting 4.

Foot wells fill with water when it rains.

Pathetic cup holder.

Silly reverse gear position on gear stick.

Blinkers are on the opposite side of wheel.

To open the fuel cap, one must unlock car to pop it.

The engine bay captures every fallen leaf.

Have had to replace the complete steering system myself as it felt like I'm reentering the earth's atmosphere.

Fan belts, engine mounts, and sensors.

Replaced a rocker cover gasket the other day as it was filling the spark plug housings with oil.

Constantly re-adjusting the camber and alignments of tyres.

Power steering comes and goes randomly.

Runs mostly on 3 cylinders. Idles like a old Harley.

Don't get me started about the clutch.

Fuel consumption of a truck, and also has a ant colony living behind the dash that I can't seem to get rid of.

Can't bring myself to sell it as I'd feel bad doing that to another human.

Look forward to day it finally stops working so I can walk away from it smiling.

16th Dec 2015, 09:32

Hi, how did you go with this problem? My 2005 Barina is doing the same thing. I've replaced the throttle body and the accelerator pedal, and still no good. Has anyone else had this issue?

I'm thinking might be an ECU problem. Any feedback would be appreciated.

8th Jan 2016, 11:41

My daughter has a 2002 Barina hatchback. Can you tell me where I find the fuel filter, as I think this might be causing the hassle of starting? She has to pump the accelerator.

14th Jan 2016, 10:19

The fuel filter is under the rear of the vehicle. You need to use a jack or a hoist to access it.

27th Jan 2016, 22:43

Hey there, my sister has bought a 2000 Barina City 2 door. It keeps over heating within 5 minutes of leaving her home. She has been to mechanics, and they messed her around big time; they haven't bothered with anything. Just wondering how can you tell if the radiator is faulty, unless someone has any other suggestions?

2nd Feb 2016, 22:50

It sounds like either a faulty thermostat or a faulty water pump, or maybe both. Neither are easy to access on that engine.

The XC requires the timing belt to be changed every 60,000 Km. During that process it is usual to replace the water pump and check the thermostat, because they can be accessed most easily at that time.

This is not a minor service task. It takes a few hours all up, but is essential maintenance.

2nd Feb 2016, 23:02

UPDATE: I just noticed that you said 2000 Barina, although this is the 2002 Barina thread.

My comments relate to the XC model. I think your sister's is an SB, which has a different engine. I'm not familiar with that engine, but if the thermostat is located in a similar position on the SB's engine, then my comments apply.

I might add, that any experienced good mechanic will know how to address the problem.

10th Feb 2016, 09:38

Hi there,

I have a 2003 Holden Barina. When driving there were times when the car would turn off, however it would turn straight back on, and when going up hills the car would struggle a lot. Emissions light came on and the mechanic said it's fine.

I had the petrol pump and filter changed as well as the exhaust (muffler). It was running well for a few weeks, then it shut down when driving, completely lost power, it would not turn back on for a good 5 minutes, then turned back on as normal. This happened again, turned on and drove fine for a good 20 minutes, then completely shut down and wouldn't turn on; after about 10 minutes it turns on.

Took it to the mechanic and he says it needs a new computer as something's wrong with the sensor ($900+).

Any ideas of what it could be? Not keen on spending over $900 to have it fixed.

12th Feb 2016, 15:27

With the XC model, a *major* source of engine performance grief is the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve.

If that's okay, then check the O2 sensor and then the coil pack before forking out for a new ECU.

20th Feb 2016, 03:51

2003 XC Barina three door auto.

Sometimes just stops. Gauges, radio & most warning lights off (except emission). Engine cranks OK, but does not start.

Leave it overnight, then either starts normally or a repeat of the above.

Once started, drives normally?

Last year we couldn't get the bonnet open! Local Holden dealer took a few days to fix the same; now have a small dent in the bonnet edge as a reminder.

21st Feb 2016, 11:35

I've encountered a similar bonnet opening problem with my friend's XC: The outer casing of the cable was slipping past the bracket holding it to the body, therefore pulling the release knob had little effect because the outer casing was not properly anchored. I addressed that problem just in time when I noticed that the release knob was feeling weak and ineffective.

As for the other issues, they strike me as being caused perhaps by a bad electrical connection. A good auto electrician ought to be able to find the problem, but they should be experienced in Barinas, too. I would ask about that experience first.

23rd Feb 2016, 09:16

My 2004 Holden Barina has problems with the indicator lights, the headlights, locking lights, and the mileage numbers display lights. These only work when they feel like it. I've replaced the bulbs. Same result. Auto electrician said he didn't know what it was. Said it was strange. I refuse to pay money I haven't got to take it to the dealership to find out if the problem is worth paying a $130 look fee. Does anyone else have light problems?

24th Feb 2016, 00:21

Try a new battery! A battery that only holds a low charge no matter how many times you charge it can create all sorts of issues with these Barinas.

26th Feb 2016, 05:57

A place like Battery World can very easily stress test your battery. If it's 4 to 5 years old, it's probably reaching the end of its life. Some brands can last longer, but as I say, a stress test will quickly determine if it's on the way out.

23rd Mar 2016, 13:35


Could you tell me what the O2 sensor is and where it's located please on a 2002 XC 1.4 Holden Barina please?