2000 Holden Vectra JS II CD 2.5 V6 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


World's biggest lemon


Steering rack mounting bracket broken, causing very vague steering.

Oil leaks.

Started leaking coolant.

Engine management light intermittently coming on.

Stability links worn, replaced and noises went away for about a week, and started clunking again soon after.

Engine mount broken. replaced. Very expensive compared to overseas prices (for equivalent models Vauxhall/Opel).

Clunking noise when stopping, turning and starting off (after replacing various front end bits).

General Comments:

I owned this car for about 4 months. I lost a lot of money when I traded it in, but I was happy to write the money off because it was such a pain. It was a nightmare to maintain. I spent well over $2,500 in repairs in the 4 months I owned it, and I'd fix one thing, and another would give up.

I will never buy another Holden. I have owned well over 20 cars, mostly Japanese, and this was my first foray into an European designed and built car. Never again.

This was without a doubt the worst car I have ever owned, and after a 4 month nightmare, I was happy to write off the money I spent on it, just so that I could walk away from it.

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Review Date: 22nd September, 2010

2000 Holden Vectra JS 2.2 from Australia and New Zealand




Timing belt went, costing me 3000 after a new head had been put on. Went good for a while, then dash lights started coming on, and will not turn off.

The car turns off while driving; this is very dangerous.

Don't know why they have not been forced to fix these problems, as they come down to safety. Every respectable car company has done so in the past. Because of this, I will never buy another Holden. I have a Ford AU 2002 ute, and have had no problems, only basic upkeep needed .

General Comments:

Don't know what to do with it. I want to sell it, but I don't want to either, because I know it's a danger to anyone who will buy it.

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Review Date: 28th August, 2010

2000 Holden Vectra CD 2.6 from Australia and New Zealand




Bolt snapped causing timing belt and 12 valves to be replaced, $2500.

Engine oil cooler replaced, $3000.

Fuel pump replaced, $450.

Brakes replaced, $800.

Coil packs and air flow meter replaced, $1300.

General Comments:

Nice car to drive when it works and not plagued with problems.

Now has problem where it is losing power when braking, originally thought it was the air flow meter, but still losing power

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Review Date: 15th May, 2009

15th May 2009, 20:23

It's a real bummer Vectra's are so unreliable and high maintenance, they are really nice to drive when they are going well, but you're always waiting for the next O2 sensor failure or cam belt problem.

If you're going to spend this much money keeping a car running, you may as well have a BMW or Mercedes, the running costs are similar. We went back to Nissan and Toyota after our Vectra debacles, have not regretted it.

2000 Holden Vectra JSII 2.5 V6 from Australia and New Zealand


Solid performer let down by dealership servicing


Steering column noise - replaced.

General Comments:

I am happy with the car overall.

Good compromise between performance and economy. Comfortable yet sporty.

Not too big/heavy.

Reasonable equipment level and solid build quality.

No problems with reliability.

Major gripe is with Holden Service.

I have been bringing it back for logbook services to my Holden dealer ever since I got it, typically once a year. For the last four years there was always something wrong after the - hideously expensive - service was carried out. Either something was not properly fastened, or a defect occurred shortly after the service, or for example the invoice talked about replacing coolant, and within a week after the service, the coolant level sign signalled a severely undersupplied coolant level.

So, while I liked the car, there is nothing comparable in the current Holden line-up (the Epica is too big and thirsty), and they have abandoned importing European-made cars, which have always been miles ahead of anything imported from Asia or - shudder - locally made bombs.

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Review Date: 10th July, 2008