2000 Holden Vectra CD JSII 2.6 V6 from Australia and New Zealand


A nearly nice car


1) Slight coolant leak that gradually got worse to the point where it now needs the oil cooler replaced (Holden have quoted $2,000. Vauxhall would do this in the UK for 400gbp. Am I being ripped off?!?)

2) Drive shaft replaced, just out of warranty. Actually a recall item only picked up by a young apprentice obviously to the disgust of the head mechanic. They had to pay for half of it. Always noticed knocking from front when steering. Now I know why.

3) Hesitation when accelerating. Always questioned it of mechanic. Never fixed properly though.

4) One brake not working when handbrake on. Again, questioned of mechanic when under warranty. Ended up having to pay for it out of warranty. How could I prove this?

5) Adjustable headlamp stuck. Tried to get fixed under warranty. Never properly fixed. Had to pay for it out of warranty.

6) Power steering leaked out all fluid, nearly ruined power steering. Thankfully was fixed under warranty, reluctantly.

7) Squeak from driver seat made me feel like I was sitting on an old couch, rather than driving a euro sport saloon. Never properly fixed.

General Comments:

Unlike most other owners, I don't think this car was too bad. In terms of performance, comfort, economy, handling it's a nice car. The V6 has a nice roar and is silky smooth through to over 6,000rpm. Hatchback design means this car swallows up the luggage.

Shame about the oil cooler. This is obviously an inherent design flaw which judging by other reports on the web always seems to go just out of warranty.

I think because I regularly serviced it, it didn't give too much trouble, but I get the feeling the bills will start adding up soon.

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Review Date: 6th November, 2006

2000 Holden Vectra GL 2.2 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


I love the car


I have owned this car from 35K to 87K and it has only had one significant fault- which is electrical. The engine management light (and sometimes the airbag light) come on intermittently, and at times the speedo, tacho, fuel and battery gauges also dance on and off around the same time. So far the car still drives OK. My auto electrician has been unable to diagnose the fault, and he advised the alternator and regulator appear to be operating normally, and there were no error messages within the computer. My concern is that there could be some long term damage to the vehicle which is currently going undetected.

I am very interested in another comment which I read on this site, "Friend had a 2000 Vectra in Australia, had all the electonic problems listed in review at about 80k, turned out to be a corroded earth wire from engine management computer. Fix was easy, but only if you knew what to look for."

I was hoping there might be some further advice out there?

General Comments:

This 4 cylinder Vectra has easily been the most reliable and enjoyable car I have ever driven, with plenty of power for Australian driving (it will do our top legal speed of 110kph in third with remarkable ease).

The German build quality really shines.

For $20,000 Aussie dollars I doubt I could have bought a better 2 year old car with low kilometers.

I would gladly buy another.

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Review Date: 11th July, 2005

29th Sep 2008, 02:52

I have had my Vectra for about 6 years now. It has 128K and I was having a problem with the car overheating.

I took it to a mechanic who cleaned the radiator, when I go it back the Themo fans (in the engine) came on when I started the car.

The mechanic told me to take it to the Auto Electrician who then told me that the fans were coming on due to a faulty A/C sensor.

I am going to get this fixed soon, but in the mean time my dashboard dials are dropping to zero while I am driving, then coming back on. Also when I drive at night my headlights often will switch to highbeams then back to normal.

I was hoping that all these problems were due to the Themo fans, but after seeing your comments, I know fear that it may be a totally different problem.

I can't get anyone to tell me what the problem is and I too fear that by continued driving it may cause more damage.

If you get any answer, please let me know.