1986 Honda Accord Prestige EX A20A2 from Indonesia




The name here in Indonesia was the Honda Accord Prestige (1986-1989).

First time after buying I needed to change the timing belt, oil and other belt for the maintenance record. Cost $100 converted from Rp.

In the first year, the fuel pump need to be changed, because the engine wouldn't start. Cost about $30.

Servicing A/C compressor, pipe, clean evaporator, etc. was costly ($170), but the air con is still not too cold.

In the second year, serviced carburetor, changed fuel filter and cleaned the gas tank, and after that the car was running more smoothly/powerfully. Needed to pay $60.

Plan to service the power steering in the next year.

General Comments:

It is a nice/lovely car.

I bought this car about $3000. This is my second car. Previous car was a Civic Wonder 1985 owned by my father - another reliable and good car.

First time I drove the car, it felt comfortable. The body and the paint were good. People don't believe it's already 26 years of age.

The cabin size inside is enough for me and my wife in the front and the back with three kids.

Have driven it all day long, but it still didn't overheat.

Thanks Honda also for designing such a good car.

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Review Date: 5th December, 2012

20th Feb 2013, 02:03

Thanks for your detailed review. I am considering to buy one in Vietnam.

1986 Honda Accord EXI 1.8 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Never again


The car ran very well for the first three months, then a small hose at the back of the engine broke, leading to a total loss of coolant, cooking the engine. After talking to the car dealer, we agreed in going halves in the repairs.

General Comments:

The car handled very well, and was comfortable to drive.

However, with the motor disintegrating, I decided to ditch it post haste.

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Review Date: 10th October, 2010

11th Oct 2010, 02:27

It's a 1986 car with nearly 200k on the clock. Even in 2000 that was an old high ks car. They did however come equipped even in the 80's with temperature gauges and warning lights. Perhaps you should have appreciated it for what it was and taken a little more care of what was going on when driving it.

1986 Honda Accord LX-i Hatchback from North America




Other than the usual maintenance, the only thing that went wrong with the car was the throttle body. I had to replace that at 255000 miles!! (Expensive fix at $500). I am still on the original clutch.

I recently replaced the front tire arms... well, what do you expect from a 23 year old car? No big deal...

General Comments:

I still have this car, I still drive it around town. I did buy a 2005 Accord, but I don't like it nearly as well.

My little hatchback is my little truck. Everything fits in it for transportation. I bought this car brand new from the dealer with 3 miles on it. They don't make them as well as this car. I will not part with it until it decides to quit!!

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Review Date: 28th August, 2009

1986 Honda Accord LXI Hatchback 2.0 liter PGM-FI from North America


Hondas are made for performance


Routine maintenance - 2 oil changes/new spark plugs.

Fuel pump may need to be replaced.

Needs a new head gasket, oil leaks all over the engine.

Muffler clamps are literally crumbling because of rust.

General Comments:

It was my first car, bought it off of a private seller for $1,600.

I loved the body style and the flip headlights.

I drive it to and from college everyday, and it performs great and has excellent throttle response for a 23 year old car, and more accurate power steering than most newer cars I've driven.

I've also installed a short ram air intake for more hp and fuel mileage.

The burgundy interior is spacious and clean too.

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Review Date: 17th May, 2009

1986 Honda Accord LXi 2.0 EFI from North America


Great car for the money, super reliable


Since owning it I've had to replace the brakes all the way around.

Replaced one inner tie rod.

New muffler (my fault bottomed out in the snow and ripped it off).

Four new tires and an alignment.

The passenger side mirror doesn't work, but that's an easy fix.

Also, depending on the incline I park at, the sunroof will leak in heavy rain.

General Comments:

I love this car, sure it's older and the suspension isn't up to par anymore, but it still tracks beautifully and runs great... Not bad for $1800 (price I paid plus the work done)

The engine doesn't leak a drop of oil and starts every time, built 100 times better than my "old" neon's engine, which couldn't hold oil for more than a day!

Car accelerates great off the line, pretty zippy for only 120 hp.

I've got some rust on the rear wheel wells, but other than that the body is in pretty good shape, the paint hasn't even faded at all really.

My advice if you can find one of these in decent running condition, buy it, these thing are built like tanks!

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Review Date: 28th March, 2009

30th Mar 2009, 21:32

I don't see how it can be fuel-injected, I have owned 1 '87 Accord and 2 '89 Accords and they were all carburated, that changed in the early 90's. Maybe you got one with a replaced motor?

31st Mar 2009, 20:08

Fuel-injection was available during this period only on Lx-I models. All Dx and Lx models were carbureted.

20th Jan 2010, 20:37

Well, just wanted to update on how my car is doing, 132k now and my gas mileage is really suffering; when I got the car, I averaged 25, now I'm getting 19! I think the injectors were leaking, so I replaced the seals and that seems to be helping (still on first fill up). Anyone have any other ideas why it would drop off like that?