1987 Honda Accord LX i 2.0L F.I A20A1 inline four from North America


A great first car, or second or third will buy another one


Upper Control arm and ball joint both sides right side 175,000 miles left side 246000.

Lost 5th gear.

Alternator was out when bought.

Both drive axles.

Sunroof don't drain, will get wet after rain.

General Comments:

This car is nice, not fast, not slow great gas saver seats need more side bolstering handles great brakes o.k. could use less vacuum lines under the hood lost 5th gear clutch cable sticks very hard pedal bad rust problems (bondo works well)

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Review Date: 27th May, 2003

1987 Honda Accord LXi Hatchback 2.0 Fuel Injected from North America


Will ALWAYS buy Honda!


Transmission oil seals aged (100,000+) and began leaking-were easily repaired.

Drivers door handle broke at 160,000-$45 for new factory painted replacement.

All other parts have been "consumables"-tires, batteries, struts, filters, etc.

General Comments:

BEST vehicle I have ever owned. Purchased new Jan '88, and still use as daily driver. Has never let me down.

Still enjoy driving it everyday. Honda mechanics-dealer & independent-state that the '86-89 Accords are the best ever built. 300k out of the engine is reasonable if maintained (a friend has 325k on his '87 Accord 4dr).

'87 Accord Hatchback has classic looks--still looks stylish.

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Review Date: 25th May, 2003

1987 Honda Accord LXI 2.0 from North America


Best car in the world, took a beating, is fairly quick, and is great on gas


Absolutely nothing went wrong with this car for the first 30,000 miles I drove it.

Around 155,000 it started making a clunking sound in rear wheel well on sharp turns, prob a strut? (never fixed it)

About 160,000 it started idling high on its own, about at 3'000 rpms, then rpm started bouncing around. Changed the O2 sensor, still did it, but after about a month it stopped all together and never did it again.

Around same time the ignition switch broke. Fixed that.

Did front brakes at 165,000.

Then around 175,000 the alternator started going bad.

General Comments:

I need to say that this is the greatest car I have ever owned as far as, reliability, fun to drive, and gas mileage. Saying that I owned two Honda before, both automatic, and I'd say always buy the manual Honda, way fun. I have a Volkswagen Jetta now, 1996, nice car, but I hate it and I wish I still had my little green Honda accord hatch back to beat. I never really took good care of it, changed the oil late, and ignored minor things, but this car kept on ticking. In 2001, my garage caught on fire and my Honda was parked next to it, melted the light in front, cracked the windshield, and melted the driver side mirror. I had a Diamante at the time which was torched and the good 'ol Honda that had been sitting for a few months started right up and kept me on the road.. I ended up buying my Jetta a couple months later and let me say I regret the day I sold my 87 Honda accord hatch back. Even though it had sat for months it started right up when I sold it. Awesome engine, indestructible it almost seems. I miss it and I've thought many times of selling my stupid 96 Jetta and buying another Honda, even if its 10 years older.

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Review Date: 8th May, 2003

18th Jun 2005, 12:18

I just Bought a 1987 honda accord for five hundred dollars and so far it is a very reliable car. It has two hundred four thousand miles on it and it still burns the rubbers off it. The car is a little rough, meaning that it needs body and floor work, but what can you expect for what I paid for it. Anyway, I agree that the lxi is one of the best cars out there. I would definitly buy another one.


Corry, Pa.

12th May 2006, 09:43

I fixed up my 1987 Accord LXi hatchback manual transmission after I couldn't find a car I liked better that would be my small "pickup". Had the LXi since new and it now has 245,000 miles on it. Regularly services and runs like new.

The fixup included new injectors; door panel, windscreen, trim pieces and gearshift "kit".

I made the car a lot better than it ever was by shortening the gearshift. I replaced the stock pressed steel rims with lightweight alloy rims and 195/60R14 tires. Much better grip now and the engine power feels balanced by the car weight.

Just checked on the last tank of gas & I'm getting 31+mpg and that's with very aggressive driving and highway speeds often exceeding 80mph.

Amazing little car, glad I kept it.