1987 Honda Accord LXi Hatchback 2.0 from North America




Timing belt replaced at 90k miles as recommended. Did not replace again until 264,000 miles.

Carpeting is showing some wear, but after 25 years it's expected.

Brake power booster and master cylinder finally got replaced at 264k miles. But again, it's probably well-beyond its time.

General Comments:

We've driven this car now for 196,000 miles. It's 25 years old and perhaps one of the most RELIABLE and inexpensive cost of ownership vehicles we've ever owned! By the way, we've owned Lexus, Nissan, Toyota and Mazda vehicles over the past 20+ years. While most cars were great, this Honda beats them all. This is perhaps attributed to their solid manufacturing quality and routine maintenance.

Since ownership of this vehicle (20 years), we've spent approximately $4,200 over the life. On an annual basis, that’s about $210. This is absolutely amazing!

It’s still an awesome, extremely reliable, and well-maintained vehicle. We consistently receive accolades for its condition. We plan on keeping it for another year and hope to sell it for top $.

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Review Date: 12th February, 2013

1987 Honda Accord LXi 2.0 from Dominican Republic


One of Honda's BEST if you keep an eye on maintenance


After 9 year park in my mother-in-law's garage, I had to fix:

- New gas tank, fuel pump, battery, oil, coolant and filters for initial start up (at 192,316).

- Rebuilt transmission (at 192,518).

- Fixed alternator (at 192,518).

- Replaced water pump (twice, at 193,049 and 202,132, kept getting blocked and broken for rust).

- Replaced exit pipe (at 207,580).

- Replaced water intake (at 207,580).

- Fix radiator (at 192,469 and 194,000).

- All engine supports (at 202,827).

- All engine seals and gasket (at 202,827).

- Crankshaft plain bearing (two of these were already in the oil crank, I couldn't believe my good luck).

- Replaced hydraulic pump (at 197,941).

- Fixed front axle (at 202,827).

- A/C evaporator broken (since the beginning, not fixed yet).

- Radio not working (speakers are working).

- Sun roof not working.

General Comments:

This car belong to my mother-in-law. After long talks, she decide to fix the car and restart driving it again, commissioning me to fix it and do the maintenance.

It spent 9 years in her garage without using it. Not even for periodical turn on and warming up. The engine turned on at the first try, not without replacing all the fuel lines, tank and pump; and draining and changing all filters and liquids.

The biggest problem was the cooling system, which kept blocking from all the rust, as well as the transmission. Besides that, all in perfect condition (well, for the time), with rust starting to appear on the roof.

It has cost money to bring back to life, but keeps working in great shape. Still get 19.1 miles/gallon combined, and doesn't smoke, and is as fast and comfortable as many brand new cars.

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Review Date: 6th February, 2012

1987 Honda Accord LX-i 2.0 4 cylinder fuel injected from North America


Wouldn't trade it for anything else


No major problems with this car, that's a Honda for you if you maintain it.

Seats have started to wear due to sunlight.

Passenger side window is almost dead; will need to replace the motor soon..

158,000; Power steering hose (pump) started leaking power steering fluid onto the exhaust manifold. Very sketchy. $30 hose at O'Reilly. The thing was a pain to take out and to reinstall.

General Comments:

This car is going to last forever; it's very, very reliable.

It has decent acceleration, and I plan on installing a cold air intake soon to bump the hp to about 130 on good days.

Handles excellent, and is rather quick through turns when asked. Starts up like a champ with no problems whatsoever.

I plan on pushing the engine to around 300k, before buying the master rebuild kit for it.

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Review Date: 9th October, 2010

9th Oct 2010, 23:14

1987 Honda Accord LX-i.

Very reliable. This car was babied for years before I replaced the timing belt before mileage maintenance recommendation. For years after that, it ran and drove fine.

After driving 10,000 miles before the next timing belt scheduled replacement, the timing belt gave out, killing the motor. The car was towed in for repairs. The motor in this car is an "interference motor", and sure enough, it suffered a couple bent valves, requiring engine tear down for replacement of the valves. Repairs call for routine replacement of timing belt, water pump, tensioner, belts and coolant. Once that was done, the car ran beautifully again for a few more years - until it was totaled by another car while stopped at a stoplight.