1987 Honda Accord DX 2.0L carbuerated from North America


Honda Accord repairs are a best-worst scenario


*Struts had to be replaced

*Catalytic converter was replaced due to broken ceramics inside (caused an annoying rattling sound)

*Control arms replaced

*Outer tire rod replaced

*Needed new brakes

*Needed new tune-up

*New Muffler needed

*Starter replaced (tough to replace)

General Comments:

Outside of the exhaust system and brakes, this car is damn good on gas, and very dependable. The engine has not had or needed any major repair done to it, which tells me Honda builds very strong motors in their cars.

A big majority of Honda issues are exhaust problems (i.e rattles and stuff). Honda's are notorious for mysterious rattles (heat shields, catalytic converters breaking up, etc).

Just so you know Hondas are also notorious for rusting in the rear tire walls...that's in the back of the car where the frame loops around the tire in a semi circle fashion... All Hondas rust there, for some odd reason.

But as you can see, all the major problems I am describing with a big majority of Hondas are minor. The idea that Hondas are built to last, is actually a true statement.

If you bought a used Honda, you have to expect it needs repairs. Any car no matter how good its built will fall apart if you abuse it. You cannot tell what the previous owner of the car did to it, because he's only gonna tell you so much.

If you buy a used Honda and it turns out to be junk, it's not your fault, it's the people who treated it like CRAP the past 19 years faults. Outside of the $800 I spent to purchase the car and $1200 in repair, this $2000 car has been the best car I have ever purchased.

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Review Date: 28th November, 2006

1987 Honda Accord Si Hatchback carb. from North America


Piece of crap


This car is a total piece of crap. Don't get me wrong. I am sure that the previous owners had taken care of it, it would be a sweet machine. It handles nice when it drives. It looks nice. Just so many problems.

Was burning oil when we first got it. So we decided to put a totally rebuilt head on it. Which stopped the burning oil. But now it is leaking coolant out of the side of the motor. Going to re-torque the head to see if that fixes the problem. Either that or we have bought 2 defective head gaskets. Cause we just replaced the head gasket again, thinking that maybe the first time it slipped or something.

Replaced the axles all in one unit. But I guess with this model bolts like to seize up. So one side went good and easy and the other side took 2 days. We had to cut the wishbone out and put a new one in as well as the axle. Which was two trips to the auto wreckers.

General Comments:

It generally is a nice little car. Just wish it would stop with the problems.

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Review Date: 3rd October, 2006

4th Oct 2006, 05:36

Good gosh, the car is old enough to vote.

I'm sure it treated its original owner well.

Why don't you allow the poor thing to retire with diginity, rather than calling it "crap"???

4th Oct 2006, 14:20

I know this car has high mileage

But my question is Is this honda "civic" Si or honda "accord" Si?

27th Mar 2007, 15:35

The 1986 Accord Hatchback was available in only two models, the DX and LXi model. The LXi is fuel-injected, and a few luxury appointments, including power windows and cruise control. The DX model is fueled by a carburetor. "Si" refers to a Honda Civic, not an Accord. BTW, I bought my 86 Accord DX hatchback brand new 20 years ago, and now have 340K miles, all on the original engine and 5 speed manual transmission. Never broke down on the road. Never leaked any fluids. About 8 years ago, experienced a weird problem that might have been fuel related vapor lock, where the engine lost significant power, but only during very cold weather (a rare event in Calif), but the car still got me home, and the next day, in warmer weather, ran just fine. Replaced the fuel pump, and a problem with the master cylinder/vacuum, but everything else has been normal maintenance. It still runs strong, and 31 mpg. A beautifully engineered car.

30th Dec 2008, 13:08

I hear ya buddy about the car breaking down a lot. When I received my '86 Accord, I had $1,000 saved up just in case, and I was glad I did. I ended up having the head resurfaced, new head gasket, valve cover gasket, tune up, and exhaust done in one shot and that finally stopped my oil leak. Good luck with this, or any other future Honda's.