1987 Honda Accord LX 2.0 from North America


She's a Beauty


Well the person I bought it from didn't know what he was doing, and he replaced the top half of the carburetor with a domestic carburetor from a small four cylinder. so I had to replace that and that's about all that went wrong.

General Comments:

At first I hesitated on buying an older car, but after the test drive I was hooked.

This car has some serious potential. After replacing the exhaust manifold with 4-2-1 headers, the stock restrictive catalytic converter for a high-flow and th stock exhaust for a MONZA racing one. this car can fly.

All of the modifications I've done have been surprisingly simple. I even changed the automatic trans for a slip-shift semi auto; All done by me. I have also bored out the head and cylinders from a 2.0 to a 2.4 so I'm floating somewhere around 190hp to 205hp. this car can really pull.

One thing I honestly didn't like was the UN-supportive seats. But considering the year I shouldn't expect too much form this 5-seater Sedan.

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Review Date: 6th December, 2005

1987 Honda Accord LX 2.0 Gasoline from North America


Great, for not much maintenance in 18 years!


Transmission slipping, exhaust system replaced, carburetor rebuilt, p/s pump replaced, a/s compressor replaced.

General Comments:

Dependable, comfortable, car. Previously owned by my mother, therefore not very well maintained.

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Review Date: 23rd September, 2005

1987 Honda Accord LX 4 cylinder from North America


Most unreliable car I ever had


EVERYTHING... worst car I ever owned.

9 days after I bought it, every hose in the whole engine compartment blew out, stranding me. Wouldn't pass DEQ.

Transmission blew out, stranding me again. Was so bad it couldn't even be towed in neutral, they had to drag it onto a flat bed truck.

Engine had bad seals, leaked oil into the AIR FILTER?!? How does that happen?

Pop-up headlights froze shut.

Power antenna would not lower.

Oil coming out the exhaust.

Oil leaking out the bottom of the car.

Talk about a money pit! And I drove this car gently, I was not abusive in my driving.

General Comments:

Nothing good about this car. I unloaded it at a loss, and then STILL had a $2000 loan for my new transmission to repay after the car was long gone.

I listened to the hype about Honda, ditched my Mercury after someone ran into it.. big mistake. Hondas break like any other car, and when they do, they are more expensive to fix.

I ran back to Ford, and my Mustang has treated me great in 5 years and nearly 100,000 miles.. not a problem yet!

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Review Date: 7th September, 2005

8th Sep 2005, 09:28

Oil leaking into the air filter housing is called "blow-by". It's usually indicative of worn piston rings, which would lead to oil consumption. This will eventually lead to an engine rebuild... time to move away from this car.

8th Sep 2005, 15:57

I maintain my cars properly. No $2 part would have helped me, no matter what the Chilton manual you found at Goodwill says. My Honda mechanic told me straight out, you have a bad engine, unload this car. It would have cost a fortune to fix everything. I sold it at a loss, meaning what I owed was more than the value of the car.. not uncommon with any car; that was to point out how desperate I was to unload it. So, you read through all the problems I listed, and decide "it's not the manufacturer's fault?" So all that stuff is EXPECTED to happen under 100,000 miles on a Honda? Boy, I wish people would cut domestic manufacturers that kind of slack. I maintain my Mustang exactly the same way I did that Accord, the difference being I drive my Mustang a lot harder, and not one problem from the pony car yet. It will be at 100,000 miles in a few months. Explain that.

1987 Honda Accord LX 2.0 litre 4 cylinder from North America


I will never sell this car!


I believe this car has suffered from normal wear and tear. The previous owners took very good care of the car.

The power antenna motor switch in the middle of the car does not raise or lower the radio antenna.

The cruise control master button is always in the "on" position.

The power windows are slow.

The hand brake is weak and will not hold unless it is completely pulled.

The seat belt "reminder" sound does not work whenever the engine is started without the driver wearing the seat belt.

The turn signal lights have burned out and I have had to replace them.

On Tuesday, 20 July, 2004, the fuel pump failed. The car would not start. It had to be towed to the dealership and replaced.

In December 2004, the red brake light on the dashboard was always on and would not go out. Whenever I pushed the brake pedal to stop or slow down, the brakes would make a loud "squeaking" noise. At 138,217 miles, I drove the car to the dealership and the mechanics found a leak in the master brake cylinder. The brakes also had to be replaced.

In Spring 2005, the car would shake rigourously whenever the engine was stopped and the key was removed from the ignition. At 143,045 miles, the carburettor gasket had to be replaced. The water pump was also found to be leaking due to its age. This part and the engine drive belts were replaced.

General Comments:

I purchased my 1987 Honda Accord LX four-door sedan on Friday, 28 May, 2004, from the original owners. The car was in absolutely perfect condition with no problems whatsoever. The owners kept organised records of every repair, service, and other work ever done on the vehicle since they purchased it, brand new, on Wednesday, 6 May, 1987. I also found an old business card from the salesman and dealership which sold the people the car inside a small coin box located on the dashboard.

I had always wanted a Honda Accord as my first car. They are very reliable and safe cars. This is the perfect for me. I think the Honda Accord is the best car on the road, and I will not purchase any other car.

The previous owners told me that this car had never left them stranded on the side of any highway for as long as they owned it. I believed them. Since I have owned and driven the car, it has been absolutely wonderful for me. It has always transported me where I wanted to go with no problems. I try my best to keep the car in perfect condition as the previous owners did. I absolutely love this car!

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Review Date: 25th August, 2005