1987 Honda Accord LX Sedan 2.0 Carb from North America


Could not kill this piece of junk


Exhaust system fell off when I drove the car away after purchasing.

Needed new battery.

Tie rods needed replacing, but never bothered to fix.

Fuel tank was rusted out.

Clutch at first was not fully engaging, but somehow it repaired itself.

General Comments:

I bought this car for $700 to replace my 1990 Mitsubishi Galant. It was a car that I know had high mileage, but Honda's had a reputation for durability. First thing exhaust fell off, which I was warned. Replaced that, along with battery that was not holding a charge. After 7 months of ownership, I would be driving down the road and the car would stall. I would wait one minute and it would start up again. This happened for a few months. Luckily I lived near my work and college so commuting with this car was not an issue. Tuned engine up, ran much better, but was not resolved. Gave the car to a friend, who ended up replacing gas tank, which solved the problem. Unfortunately he lost his licence, had to move, left the car at his apartment. Car was towed to a junkyard. Too bad, because I felt it had some life left to it.

Even though I did not get near my moneys worth on the car, it was fun to drive. Handled great. I truly beat the you know what out of the car at times and it kept going. I live in New England and the Winter that I had it was the worst in decades. My car would be encased in ice (no joke) at sub-zero temps and the darn thing would still start!! My neighbours autos would be dead due to the temps.

I truly think the car should have lasted a lot longer if it did not meet its untimely end at the junk yard. But 225,000 miles total, not bad. My sister had 260,000 on her Prelude!!

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Review Date: 3rd February, 2005

1987 Honda Accord LX 1.95 Gas from North America


Best car I've had, and have owned much newer cars


Car was owned by my mother and not well maintained, other than oil changes, etc., thus:

Rebuilt carburetor at 131000 (revving up)

Replaced driver side axle (hit some thing)

Replaced power steering pump (leaked for years)

Repainted roof (down to primer (kept outside)

General Comments:

The car's interior is like brand new.

Runs great-30 plus mpg.

Handles beautifully and tracks great.

Starts first time, every time.

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Review Date: 23rd September, 2004

1987 Honda Accord LX 2.0 from North America


Most reliable car I have ever owned


Fuel pump went out.

Fuel filters.

Power window motors.

Seams on the back seat have started to separate.

A/C condenser.


General Comments:

This is the most reliable car I have ever owned. All of the things that have gone wrong with the car are from normal wear and tear.

When I purchased the car it had a faulty alternator so I picked it up really cheap.

It has a little rust here and there (where honda's usually do) but nothing major. There is also a dent caused by vandalism in the front passenger side fender.

Had some problems when I first purchased the car of it stalling, but would start back up and run after 5 minutes. I solved this with a new fuel pump and new fuel filters.

The interior is very roomy and fits me well since I am a rather large person (6'1",300lbs.)

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Review Date: 15th September, 2004

1987 Honda Accord LX 2.0L 4 cylinder from North America


Excellent for its age


Oil leaks from mysterious places, seals will have to be replaced.

Display for heater, a/c display no longer lights up.

Tachometer seems to work when it wants to.

Leaking problem in front passenger footwell, I have no idea how the water is getting in.

Carburetor seems worn, will have to get it rebuilt.

Rear window defroster no longer functions.

General Comments:

Since I've had this car, I've only had ignition problems. Replaced starter, alternator and fuel pump. Haven't had any problems since.

Car is dead reliable, no matter how far or hard it is driven.

Handling is great, better than cars ten years its junior.

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Review Date: 31st August, 2004

1st Sep 2004, 09:45

Regarding your leaky foot well, check if the wheel well has no holes. The plastic it is made up of eventually cracks and breaks. I had a 1986 Honda CRX that had the same problem. I found a palm sized hole on the upper left hand of the well. I filled it in, patched it up, and the problem was solved.

Hope this works.