1991 Honda Accord LX 2.2L inline 4 cylinder from North America


When the Energizer Bunny stops running, this engine will still be running



Door stopped opening.

1 axle to replace.


Main relay.

Exterior paint looked horrible after so many years exposed to the Texas sun.

General Comments:

Despite the few minor things that went wrong with this car (to be expected from such an old car), it was always kind of cheap to get it fixed.

The engine seems unstoppable! I reached 265,000 miles, and I'm sure this engine could have gone to 500,000. And it was still running like it was brand new, very solid.

Overall a perfectly designed car, very comfortable, fun to drive, and amazing fuel economy on highway (I once did 500 miles on a single tank, and it's not such a big tank)

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Review Date: 20th August, 2010

1991 Honda Accord EX 2.2L F22A4 from North America


Shoulda' Boughta' Honda!


Typical things.. tires, brakes, timing belts, radiator, axles, clutch, battery, hoses, ball joints, etc.

I did a lot of preventative maintenance. If it looked original, I replaced it. 30W every 3,000k with a quart of Lucas Stabilizer.

General Comments:

Let me down one time due to a dead battery.. Luckily it's stick, I just bumped it. I would buy another one in heartbeat.. Taking it's not wrecked, hacked to s%&t, or riced out.

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Review Date: 3rd June, 2010

1991 Honda Accord LX 4 cylinder from North America


I don't see how you could expect better service from any automobile, overall, than this car


This car was bought new by my brother. My mother then bought it from him, and I recently bought it from her. The car has had two timing belts and only two batteries that I know of. I have never known the car to leave any of us stranded. The water pump went out one time and the radiator had to be replaced.

I just had the timing belt changed at 166,000, and at the same time had cam gaskets and valves adjusted. There has been only one mechanic work on this car, and he works only on Honda. The car had not been tuned up since 2001, and still got 33 MPG on a long trip. Now that it has new plugs, new transmission fluid, and a new timing belt and water pump, I would not be afraid to drive it anywhere in the U.S. It shifts smoothly and runs great. My mechanic told me he routinely does work on these cars with in excess of 300,000 miles on them.

This one has been garage kept and the paint still looks good for a 20 yr. old car. The original wheel covers have long since been gone and I hit a curb and had to replace a rim and CV boot... but it didn't even knock it out of alignment. All the work I mentioned above still only cost me $900. I fully expect this car to make it another 20 yrs.

General Comments:

The car is plenty quick enough for a 4 passenger sedan due to its 4 speed automatic and 16 valve engine. It corners nice and flat, and feels very stable at higher speeds.

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Review Date: 23rd May, 2010

1991 Honda Accord EX F22 from North America


Proud to call it my first car! Would get another one!


RPM when idle shudders badly when it comes to a stop.

Steering wheel makes a squeaky noise when turning hard.

General Comments:

It starts up quick, gotta love those Honda starters.

Car has about 187k, but still feels like new!

This car can really haul ass!

Like any car, it has its share of problems, but if fixed quick enough, you can prevent permanent damage.

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Review Date: 10th March, 2010

10th Mar 2010, 23:59

Squeaking at the steering wheel indicates that ball joints or tie rod ends are failing.

You have six months or less to address the problem before a catastrophic failure.

2nd Sep 2010, 01:58

Steering squeal solved, it needed power steering fluid.

Rough idle, possible vacuum leak or failing IAC valve.

1991 Honda Accord EXi 2.2 from Australia and New Zealand


Great performance and reliability for a 20 year old car


Ignition switch required replacing.

Air con needs re-gassing.

Transmission occasionally slips harshly when going up steep hills.

Rear drivers side window no longer operates.

General Comments:

This is my second car after writing off my Honda Legend, and now this one has been written off due to a woman in a 4WD running a stop sign and smashing into my rear side.

This Accord was amazing, I'm still driving it even with the pretty much diminished panel and lack of boot (it's there, but I cannot open it). Performance is great for a 2.2 litre engine, and the engine noise after 4000rpm is what you'd expect from a larger engine.

Fuel wise it was pretty good, averaging about 9-10 litres around town, a tank would last me about 550km with a mix of steep hills driving and suburban driving, using 95 octane fuel.

It went through tyres pretty quickly, but that may have just been due to my driving style or the bad steering alignment (I had never gotten it fixed because it wasn't a big deal). Oh and tyres seemed fairly troublesome to track down, even second hand ones as new ones were overly expensive.

Breaks are a bit iffy, sometimes either being too sensitive or not sensitive enough. From the lights, flooring it would often get me past all the other cars, a few times even beating some P platers in their hotted up Commondores. Hahahaha. Insurance was easy and police never even looked at me.

The ignition switch died on me when I was 2km from home, luckily I had already exited the freeway so I had to hold the key til I got home, and a used ignition switch was $55 and took about twenty minutes to install.

I have been very happy with this car, and if it wasn't for such expensive labour with panel beaters, I'd definitely get this car fixed. I'm going to keep it and maybe try to fix it up myself, and in the mean time may purchase another Legend.

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Review Date: 29th January, 2010

30th Jan 2010, 16:22

If the woman driving the 4WD was at fault, why not sue her and/or her insurance company for the panel repairs?

5th Feb 2010, 00:01

I tried doing so, but they just said economically speaking it's not worth it...