1991 Honda Accord LX from North America


If I wait until it "dies" to buy another car, I will be stuck in this thing forever!!!


Two motor mounts were bad when I purchased it, and are still bad over 20k miles later. Car still won't quit. I was told by one mechanic that they could be replaced for about $2000. Another mechanic ( who only works on Hondas) told me that most of the Accords he services this old have at least one broken motor mount and are just fine. This was over three years ago.

Replaced water pump and timing belts at approx. 160k miles. Cost less than $500.

Replaced the speed sensor and relay switch at about 150k, for about $200. It seemed like the transmission was going out, so I was not opposed to a $200 fix.

Clear coat has worn off in AZ sun and paint is faded.

Radio antenna broken, tape deck broken. Speakers still OK.

Blinkers didn't work at purchase, have since been fixed for less than $100.

Rubber parts, brake pads, and hoses wear out quickly, but this is the desert.

General Comments:

I am the third owner of this car, originally purchased in New Jersey but now in Arizona. This means the body has some rust and sun faded paint---the best of both worlds.

This car has been incredibly easy to maintain and reliable.

There is evidence that someone has tried to break into it on the driver's door frame. It is high on the list of stolen cars, and it is close to Mexico, but so far so good, I just use a club, and a small red light visible from outside of the car.

I have seen someone flip end over end in the exact same model car going over 50 mph and walk away without a scratch. The car was upside down but looked salvageable.

Has decent response for an 18 year old 4-cylinder, but can be felt straining in terrain that is too hilly.

It's never left me stranded.

Gas mileage could be better, but is very reasonable.

Has a surprisingly huge trunk, and the fold down seats make it easy to move things.

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Review Date: 24th March, 2009

1991 Honda Accord LX 2 door 2.2 4 cylinder from North America


Honda at its best


When I got the car with 225,000 miles, the following things were wrong with it:

The previous owner wrecked it in a parking lot (minor damage), so I have no grille or hood latch (have to use hood pins) and I had to replace the headlight housings.

A/C broken (turned out to be an O-ring missing, just had to be refilled with refrigerant).

Cruise control didn't work (my right foot does a good enough job).

Power steering pump was gone, my theory being that it was taken out to replace the alternator (the alternator looked new, and the previous owner had a big stereo) and never bothered to put it back on; I bought another pump for it, but the lack of power steering doesn't bother me much (I'm a big guy), and people never try to borrow my car because of it.

The interior door handle broke.

The left rear quarter panel rusted through (southern car), the trunk leaked (fixed with black sealant) and the passenger side power seatbelt doesn't work. Power mirrors also don't work.

Shortly after I got the car, the heater hose blew; the subsequent overheating caused the head gasket to leak. I simply put some Bar's Leaks in the radiator and problem solved (though I do seem to have to add more every oil change or so; I might bother fixing it some day).

233,000 miles: the passenger side CV joint is failing; I will have to replace it soon.

General Comments:

This car, while not accelerating like a rocket, (mind you, my parents' cars are a Sentra Spec V and a Mini Cooper S Turbo), is pretty fast on the highway.

I always get a solid 30 MPG per tank.

This car is the easiest stick shift car to drive that I've ever seen; it reminds me of my grandfather's '92 S-10.

The seats are comfortable; the only downside in the interior are the pathetic cupholders (that's what the space between the seat and the parking brake is for, LOL)

The trunk in this car is huge.

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Review Date: 16th February, 2009