1998 Honda Accord EX V6 Sedan 3.0 VTEC from North America


Best looking, most reliable car made


Replaced alternator twice, may be due to my stereo.

General Comments:

My parents bought this car as a demo car, so it had about 10,000kms no it. I got it at about 170,000km 2 and a half years ago and it has been awesome so far. I lowered it 1.5 inches, CAI, Magnaflow cat-back, rims, systems and a few other things and it is still rolling strong. The transmission is original and good considering we know about the horrible falure rates known for the V6's. The 6th gen is the best gen of the Accord ever made. The paint looks brand new and no one ever believes me that it is 10 years old. This car is quick and sounds mean with the intake. I would recommend this car to anyone, but beware of the known transmission problems.

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Review Date: 13th July, 2008

1998 Honda Accord LX 2.3 liter vtech from North America


Mint condition 98 beats 08 model's value


There is nothing seriously wrong with this car: just bought if off a dealer trade from an older couple. Never has had anything done in its life, but maintenance like oil changes. Tires may have been changed before.

Little stuff likes to squeak like the shifter and the little door under the cassette deck.

Obviously it has not been used much, so it squeaks a bit.

Little amount of oil showing up around valve cover gasket. Time for seal replacement.

Timing belt has never been changed/ car has a little vibration when at stop lights... never had any tune ups before?

Trunk may not be 110% aligned. Looks like it had been hit at one time. But paint is flawless. It is like a nanometer or two off. Not like my two other 99 Accords.

General Comments:

This car is in near mint condition, and I love the way it drives and it will be a good addition to the family with the other 5 Accords we have. Not a bit of rust anywhere and the paint looks show room. I saw only one dent on the whole car... bumpers do not have typical marks from older people rubbing against stuff.

Comfortable interior.

Engine is church mouse quiet.

Was going into dealer to buy a brand new Accord and saw this one, and thought it was the best deal.

I will update about anything that happens from now on. I have a past review on my 1994 Accord with 250+ thousand miles and I see this one may be like that car.

This is an early generation 6 Accord built in Marysville, October 1997.

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Review Date: 9th December, 2007

11th Dec 2007, 22:40

What? You think paying 7 grand for a 98 instead of a 2008 going for over 20 grand is not a bargain? In a society where we will never have as much money as our parents did, and where the quality of life is going down the tubes, I am happy with my purchase.

Obviously you believe in spending money and racking up credit card debt and spending all your money instead of saving. I do have funds to buy very expensive cars with cash, but why should I do that when I can save my money and buy a mint condition 98 Accord? I still fail to see why you are attacking me sir?

1998 Honda Accord EX from North America


Great car if you have patience to diagnose and repair problems yourself


Problems - Annoying problems with the car from the beginning and poor service from Honda.

Car shifts in a clunky manner on a hill. Has delayed response to pressure on the gas pedal, then lurches forward suddenly. Have requested numerous times that Honda fix the problem, but the response is always the same, checked out, no problem found.

Doors lock and unlock themselves; this problem started about 4 years after I bought the car (no longer under warranty). Have requested that Honda repair problem; they say I can replace drivers door actuator at cost of $295 which might or might not fix the problem, or I can have them diagnose the problem for $80-130, after which they will tell me what it will cost to fix.

Alarm goes off for no reason, could be related to same problem as doors lock and unlock themselves. Again, cost is $80-130 to diagnose and no guarantee that they can figure out problem.

Timing belt was replaced on recommended schedule, but was incorrectly installed resulting in major oil leak. Had to replace timing belt and seals again at my expense, because the Honda dealership had been sold and new owners would not honor the previous owners warranty. I requested a refund from Honda of America, and got partial only refund for parts.

General Comments:

Very comfortable car, roomy interior with lots of legroom. Good gas mileage, engine has been very reliable.

Due to bad experience with original dealer who sold me the car and unreliable service from other Honda dealers, I would not buy another Honda.

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Review Date: 3rd December, 2007