2010 Honda Accord LX-P 2.4 Vtec from North America


Nice car, besides the brake issues


Brakes are a major issue with the 2008 and up Accords. Mine has over 90% highway miles, and I very conservatively use my brakes. Somehow the front rotors were warped by 19,000 miles. I've found that many others are having similar issues.

The Honda service department attributed the warped rotors to my "driving habits". 90% highway miles and rare use of the brakes can hardly be classified as poor driving habits.

Yes, resurfacing the rotors was covered by Honda, but obviously the rotors are now thinner and will most likely warp again.

Also, at 20,000 miles, they told me that my rear brake pads were at 50% life. What?? My 2007 F-150 has 55,000 miles and the brake pads still have 50% life.

So to sum it up, the brakes on these cars are a major weak point. Still a Honda... still a good car... but if I could do it over again, I'd probably buy a Camry.

When the warranty is up, I'm going to seek out some aftermarket rotors/pads/calipers.

General Comments:

Good car except the brake issues. You can't beat a v-tec.

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Review Date: 22nd December, 2010

6th Jan 2011, 11:46

Hi there.

I'm from Saudi Arabia, and I totally agree with you, brake are a major problem in the Accord, and it is happening with everyone.

6th Jan 2011, 17:35

I'm the original poster.

Yeah, it's unbelievable. There are some class action suits against Honda for these issues, but my car "is not covered."

Makes me wonder what the criteria is to be covered... I've had some major issues that obviously stemmed from a design flaw.

I have a feeling there's going to be some more legal action against Honda for this situation. I think I would rather have a Camry with a sticky gas pedal!

7th Jan 2011, 01:45


To our friend with the brake issues, please, do not use after market products on your Honda. I fell victim to that procedure and I do not recommend it. It is very unsafe. True, Hondas are not perfect (what is?), but they are still one of the most dependable and safe vehicles offered. Keep your Honda vehicle, all Honda, including replacement parts.

Thank you,


22nd Jan 2011, 10:47

To the poster who said "Keep your Honda vehicle, all Honda, including replacement parts."

I would agree in most cases that it's best to keep the car original, but many companies like Brembo will analyze the vehicle over years, and actually improve upon the factory braking system by producing improved parts.

Honda, in the middle of a class-action suit, won't admit the problem. I'm sure they're capable of producing a fix for all of the brake issues, but that would be admitting fault - which they certainly won't do.

In general, using only factory parts is a good plan. But, there are many cases where aftermarket parts are far superior... often costly, but superior. But, it's up to you to find out which cases those are...

24th Mar 2011, 19:47

Original poster here. The car now has about 37,000 miles, and I had to have all four rotors resurfaced again because they were warped.

Since the last time they were resurfaced, I've driven 5,000 very easy freeway miles.

I'm needing brake jobs more often than oil changes... this is getting ridiculous.

2010 Honda Accord from North America


Great driving car with good gas mileage


I have a new Honda Accord, nothing has gone wrong, only had it about 5 weeks.

General Comments:

My previous car had a blind spot switching lanes, the Honda does not; this is great, makes driving much easier.

Only dislike so far is the bucket driver's seat; the bottom section is tilted upward and the service man said it could not be adjusted down; has caused a problem with my legs.

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Review Date: 26th April, 2010

2010 Honda Accord LX 4 cylinder from North America


Great family car


Nothing... car is less than two weeks old.

General Comments:

The week before Christmas 2009, I picked up a 2010 Honda Accord LX I4. Put 744 miles on it since, and so far it is proving to be more useful than my 2005 Honda Accord LX.

We traveled down to the Washington DC area for the holidays, and this is where the car really impressed me, here's why:

1) I love the stereo... this is the first time I've been able to listen to my MP3 player in a car without an FM modulator and having to find an unused radio frequency. Plus, the stereo plays MP3 disks, not to mention the steering wheel stereo controls are great.

2) I have 2 small kids, and the amount of stuff that they brought down with them... plus the Christmas presents they got including a small bicycle... ALL this stuff fit in the larger Accord... we were worried that all the stuff would not fit and we would have to leave stuff behind.. but everything fit nicely.

3) The legroom and elbow room is perfect for a long drive. Especially with 2 small kids.

4) I was surprised how much snow came down in the DC area... looked like upstate NY. Anyway, the Accord with the Vehicle Stability Assist and Traction Control did better than my brother in law's CRV... which ended up stuck in his driveway... and his neighbor's Suburban which was stuck in the middle of the street! I was very apprehensive, but the Accord managed to get through their unplowed street with no issues whatsoever! It may be an illusion, but it also seems that my new Accord has more ground clearance than previous Accord... bumpers seemed to line up more with bro-in-law's CRV... which may have helped in the snow. On stock tires, my old 2005 Accord was mediocre in the snow... I felt much more confident in the 2010 and its stock Dunlops.

5) The engine seemed smoother than my old Accord... and I was able to make the trip from Western NJ to Southern Maryland and back on one tank of gas without refuelling!!! I found that very impressive.

Three things that concern me are:

1) Road noise at highway speed was noticeable... but maybe because of the quality of the road.

2) Headlights could be brighter. Wish I had fog lights. Also wish heated mirrors came with this package.

3) I am worried about the rear brake pad issue that so many have experienced, and also the AC condenser being vulnerable to damage from road debris... but we will have to see what happens in a few thousand miles.

But so far... I think this larger Accord will suit my family just fine. I am glad I bought it.

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Review Date: 27th December, 2009

28th Jul 2012, 22:52

To protect the A/C condenser from road debris: Go to Home Depot and buy 1 brown aluminum gutter cover. Then take the front bumper off and cut the aluminum gutter cover to fit the vent holes, and attach with plastic zip ties. Then re-attach the bumper. The aluminum gutter cover has small holes to allow air through, and they are small enough to reject road debris. There are YouTube videos on how to do this. Don't know why the Honda Factory doesn't fix this design flaw, because other vehicle manufacturers have plastic mesh honeycomb designs to reject road debris from hitting the condenser.

19th Aug 2012, 09:11


I am the original poster. The car now has 70,000 miles on it (daily commute is 110 miles). So far, no mechanical issues.

Only problems:

Top of a fender damaged by an icicle.

Windshield cracked.

Rear fender damaged by a snow plow.

All have since been repaired.

Maintenance items done besides regular oil changes and tire rotations:

Trans fluid replaced.

Rear brake pads.

Recall for ECM software update.

Additions to car:

HID headlights... huge improvement over stock! Only issue is TPMS light comes on as soon as HIDs are on for half hour or longer.

Still on original tires! 40% tread left... will be replacing soon.

Gas mileage is great... drove from NJ to Maine without refueling!

Ground clearance could be better... scraped the bottom a few times. other than that, I am happy with this car.

23rd Nov 2015, 01:38

I am looking to purchase this Honda in 2016 for my first car. Do you think this is a good purchase for a first car?