3rd Dec 2007, 16:43

Original Reviewer here: I hope you are enjoying your new accord as I am still enjoying mine 4 months down the track :) They are definitely a drivers car and the way they handle is still phenomenal! I haven't had any problems since I've written the review and the car is still going as good as ever. Have fun with your new euroR!

2nd Apr 2008, 14:57

Hello there, my 2000 Honda Accord Euro R has had a miss for a while now & I've changed the plugs, leads, use injector cleaner, etc etc, my next thing to try is changing the fuel filter, but it's not cheap. Please let me know if anybody has the same problem,thanks.

5th Jun 2008, 02:34

Hi, thanks for the review, I've just bought a white 2000 Euro- R.

The only thing that is slightly annoying is the steering lock, - end up doing 3 point turns more than id like!

As you mentioned... they are awesome cars, ones that make others envious for sure!...they are super quick cars, and I totally agree with the other person who commented who called it a 'rocket ship'- they truly are! They are underestimated. But I would say it WOULD beat an Integra..

Wouldn't swap my 2000 Euro-R for anything at this stage... best choice I've made...

Honda Girl

26th Jun 2008, 21:36

Hi there, my Honda Euro R still has a surge, flat spot when under load. I've changed the plugs, leads, fuel filter, coil, rotor, rotor cap, injector cleaner, tried octane boost, had it serviced, cleaned EGR valve & put a block plate under it, but it still has a surge problem.

I haven't had any check lights come up, I've had it plugged in to a computer but no readings. When it surges, the engine noise doesn't change at all, it's almost like the exhaust has a slight blockage or maybe the cats full?

If anybody has any ideas, please let me know, cheers,

8th Sep 2008, 15:43

I've finally found the hesitation problem, it's the PCV valve that sits on top of the engine. Wow, who would have guessed. Also the Honda drives like its brand new again, cheers, if anybody else has the same problem, email me & I'll try to help, sorry guys it has come back, so it's either the ECU or the 02 sensor

3rd Nov 2008, 12:56

Love my Euro R. Rare as buggery and as fast too. 4 doors, big boot, big vtec, you can't beat that. I've got full mugen exhaust and header. Sounds sweet.

19th Dec 2008, 21:01

Wow, just got me one the other day. Yes it really is a rocket ship. Looks hot in red with full Mugen kit an 17's. So glad I got rid of the Vr4.

Looking for a fast stylish car, the Euro R is where it's at.

Damn good review :)

1st Apr 2010, 12:38

I'm looking to get one, but I'm worried about parts and how easy they are to get, and how much?

You see, I won't buy anything but Honda, and know how great the h22a engine is; I have a Prelude.

Even though Honda are a great car, they do endure wear and tear, so how easy is it to get parts such as bushings?

1st Apr 2010, 13:17

Go to the websites of car parts stores and make some searches, then you know what they have in stock and how much it is.

29th May 2010, 10:55

As regards the comment above about accelerating as good or better than a WRX; there's no way a Honda with its non existent torque band would ever keep with a Subaru unless it's the non turbo version, it just wouldn't happen.

Yeah, Hondas are cheap nippy cars, but not what most people try make out, they're all over rated, and the most reason people think they're so fast is because the noise and high revs make it seem that way. Put in a set of ear plugs and drive a Honda; you may laugh, but I can guarantee you'll see what I mean, it won't seem anywhere near as quick.

29th Nov 2010, 20:01

Which insurance company did you use and where?

8th Jan 2011, 13:08

Hello! I bought my Euro R here in Ireland about 3 months ago. The car is fairly standard apart from Induction kit and Tein Superstreet suspension. Love it, and really glad I bought it, get roughly 30mpg, and has plenty of power and comfort.

Read this review before I bought it, and it's all true, they are an all round car, if you're looking for style, speed and comfort..

18th Jan 2011, 17:45

Proud Euro R owner here. Great review, the car is mint. Insurance is cheap, doesn't attract the boys in blue, and it rips up the tarmac. Not many cars out there that can lay claim to all those attributes.

Having owned previously WRX's, EVO's and VR4s, I would say this car is the best.. my WRX was quick, but to be honest my Euro would beat it.. however WRX STI's are a different story LOL.

19th Feb 2011, 00:59

Good review - I've had two of these cars; most recently a 2000 Japanese spec Euro-R - great to drive, and a good compromise between a fast car and an expensive car.

However, I had a lot of issues around flat-spotting/surging on acceleration - a very common issue on earlier Euro-R's supposedly, and it never got sorted fully - although cleaning the EGR valve fixed for a couple of weeks at a time!

17th Apr 2011, 10:06

Hi guys.

I've been on several websites trying to find out real facts about the EURO R. My main question is, can this car burn a Toyota Altezza RS200?? Plus, what is it like on fuel economy if driven sensibly?

I've seen RS200's thrash a number of cars on our roads; I find it hard to understand why most people say these cars are slow?

I'd be grateful if someone could tell me which is truly the fastest between the Altezza RS200 and the EURO R, while at the same time offering the best fuel economy, before I make the final decision on what to buy.


20th Apr 2011, 19:02

I dragged my friends RS2000 6 speed Altezza on the track 1/4 mile. I got 14.9, and he got 15.1.. I think second time round he got 15 flat, and I got 15.2.. I could just do high 14s, he could just do flat 15s.. so it's very very close in performance. Both our cars are both standard, no mods done whatsoever. Fuel economy I would probably lean towards the Altezza.. to me the Altezza feels too sluggish; the Accord handles better I reckon..

13th Nov 2011, 17:21

I ended up buying my Euro R over a few Altezzas and WRXs I was looking at. I'm very glad I made the choice I did. It's definitely quicker than the Altezza, and feels much nicer to drive (more responsive, great feel, etc).

Although it's not as quick as the WRX, it is a much more engaging drive. It has a far better gearbox, one of the best I've ever used, and the VTEC is astounding. Plus, I don't have huge insurance costs and cops constantly tailing me.

13th Nov 2011, 17:53

For everyone asking about the Altezza RS200 vs Torneo Euro R, here are some stats. Power: Euro R = 216 hp, 220 Nm. Altezza = 210 hp, 216 Nm. Weight: Euro R = 1330 kg. Altezza = 1360 kg. Engine: Euro R = 2.2 liter inline 4 with VTEC. Altezza = 2 liter inline 4 with VVTi.

Having driven them both, the Honda feels much more powerful at lower revs, while the Toyota only starts to really pull at 5000 rpm.

The Honda is a bigger car, with more leg, head and trunk space. It is significantly longer, with larger overhangs and a larger turning circle thanks to the FWD and limited slip diff.

In my opinion the Honda feels better to drive, with more responsive steering and a very good gearbox.

I don't know about the economy of the Toyota, but the Honda has a slightly higher than average fuel use, due to the low range gearbox.

The Honda is one of the best handling front wheel drive cars I have driven, so unless you are desperate for RWD, don't let that put you off.

23rd May 2012, 05:24

Wow, that is so wrong on so many levels. Just because it's a Honda, doesn't mean it's slow. I've easily kept up with many 1.8 GSR's and non-STi WRX's in my CL1 Euro R.

30th Aug 2013, 03:51

What is the exact RPM it has to rev up to til the VTEC actually kicks in?

27th Nov 2014, 00:29

I need your assistance, I am a female. Bought mine 3 years ago. I am having misses; when I press the gas, the engine goes rugu rugu... There is a resistance until build up then move off. It is a Honda Torneo 2000. Plus the steering is stiff.

27th Nov 2014, 14:16

Sounds like it's time for a tune-up.

1st Feb 2016, 18:16

My H22 used to hesitate and shudder between 2500-3000 RPM when driving. I replaced many parts to no avail. What helped me a lot was putting Honda genuine spark plug leads on the vehicle (they are made by Sumitomo) and having the valve lash adjusted. Hope this helps.