23rd Sep 2007, 20:08

Dumb Haolies.

19th Nov 2008, 13:36

When you look at the overwhelming positive reviews for Honda cars (including the Accord), these negative comments seem suspicious. Maybe dealers from another brand?

17th Dec 2008, 19:32

I will not buy another Honda or foreign car ever again - Hint to all of you followers out there. These cars are over priced maintenance hungry junk. I have personally owned many cars, but the Honda costs more to operate than any car I have ever owned!!! I work on cars for a living. And all these people who think Japanese cars are so great. They like to hide there problems (hint) a Japanese model has one of the biggest engine recalls in history a brewing!!! Now go ahead and trash me people, esp the people who know absolutely nothing about cars!!! You are usually the ones who get ripped off and spend the rest of their lives complaining.

1st Mar 2010, 21:43

I'v had Honda for 20 years. I'm a mechanic too!!! They are reliable. Make sure to take a mechanic with you when you are buying, just to make sure it's not a badly maintained car.

24th Sep 2010, 17:29

I love my Honda and it is great!!! It is very dependable and reliable. It is a 1991 Honda Accord Ex, and it hasn't failed.

25th Sep 2010, 10:32

As a mechanic, I can assure you the Japanese cars cut every conceivable corner to save a dime. Our own experience with Honda proved that beyond a doubt. It was very poorly built and under-engineered. We now drive reliable and solidly built Ford and GM products. No more Japanese garbage cluttering our driveway. Almost every current automotive source ranks Ford ahead of Honda, and just about EVERYTHING ahead of Toyota.

26th Sep 2010, 12:41

I too am a mechanic. Judging by what I've seen, cut-corners production belongs to the Big 3.

27th Jun 2013, 23:10

"Chrysler will save you and your wallet"

No, no, no, no. ChrySLEEZER actually took money from all of our wallets with the bail-out!!!

If you produce crap and no one buys your crap, you should fail. The PEOPLE spoke, didn't buy their crap. End o' story right... WRONG!! I don't like Chrysler by the way.

Toyota and Honda are quality vehicles. Ron Paul, research him, Ron Paul.

28th Jun 2013, 08:52

You seem wound up. We have owned many new Hondas and some Toyotas. Our observation first hand was a recent quality drop in the engines and drivetrains. My favorite today is Ford. Nice overall, great styling and minimal repairs. In the same price range.

28th Jun 2013, 16:23

Having driven a Honda, I totally agree with the title of this review. Our Honda was an unreliable piece of junk. Our best cars have been Ford and Chrysler. The Ford made 325,000 trouble-free miles and the Chrysler was sold like new at 240,000 miles. The man I sold it to drove it another 100,000 miles.

28th Jun 2013, 16:49

I have to disagree about the performance and acceleration. I had one of these gen Accords (4 cylinder), and it was very quick. Passing is pretty effortless actually. I'd recommend people test drive it and mash the pedal down on the open road, and judge for yourself.

29th Jun 2013, 02:22

In Canada Chrysler out-sells imports by a large margin. How do you explain this?

You are also 5 years late with your government loans complaint.