28th Sep 2004, 11:53

I see the problem of the side airbag warning light coming on as well. Even something the size of a take-out dinner placed on the front passenger seat will set it off.

18th Nov 2004, 15:15

I wish I would have done this research on the SRS light problem before taking it to my local Honda dealership. The SRS light came on, and stayed on, at around 52k miles, and the side air bag light comes on from time to time. I have a 2000 "Certified Used" Honda Accord EX, in which I also bought the extended warranty specifically for coverage on electrical and computer components. This dealer diagnosed the problem as being the OPDS (Occupant Position Detection System) unit. And regardless of the fact that the extended warranty covers problems with the SRS system (would expect the SRS light to be included as well) this OPDS unit was not. So $400 later, and after reading the comments here, I am concerned that the SRS problem will return. Honda was the only car company I had faith in, and now that's over.

4th Apr 2005, 14:30

All cars are built basically the same. All car builders buy and copy stuff from each other and they use the same robots and machines to build the cars. They all get parts from the same suppliers. One company makes the wheel bearings for over 90-types of cars, I did work in a wheel factory and we made wheels for everything from BMW to Chevy.

All cars have weak spots and stong areas. Some cars are super on transmissions, but bad on engines. Some cars have an excellent body and interior, but the mechanical stuff will not hold up.

Your best bet is to just be lucky and get one that was built on the right day with the right parts.

Owned 1996 Taurus (79,000-miles) Problems (Coolant tank-ransmission mount-A/c leak, power windows, exhaust noise)

1999 Chevy Prizm (125,000-miles) (A Toyota really) Problems with broken seat, rust, fuel leak, short that would drain battery, rear brake lock-up one time on interstate, head light dim switch)

2003 Honda Accord (22,000-miles) - Windshield washer fluid tank hose came off- honda had to take the whole front of the car off to get to it, power steering problem- sometimes the wheel is super hard to turn, Honda can't find a problem- only does it about once a week, headlight is getting water in it, tires almost worn out already.

So I'd say that it is not the type, but your luck.

My son's 2000 F-150 Work truck had over 90,000-miles with out one issue, the company bought him a new on 01-03-05 and he has already had to have a part of the frame welded back in place and we discovered that the a/c will not blow cold air last week.

20th Jun 2005, 16:14

I have the exact same problems with my 2000 Honda Accord ex. The check engine light as came on for the fifth time and I have corrected this problem twice. Maintenance light comes on frequently and I make sure oil changes are done every 3,000 miles. SRS light stays on for less than a minute once car is turned on. Brakes are very expensive. Paint is very cheap.

14th Nov 2005, 15:59

Accord 2000 SE just had SRS light on last week. Took it to the mechanic I trust. He told me the passenger side seatbelt sensor has to be replaced. Part costs about $70. Woth labor, total will be around $150. My car has only 50k. Wish Honda has a recall to fix the problem.

Engine warning light was on couple of yrs. Took it to the dealer. Thought it was under warranty. They found out it was the gas cap. Replaced the $10 gas cap the problem was fix. Total bill was like $200. What a rip-off!!!

17th Mar 2006, 04:45

I also own a 2000 Honda Accord V6 EX and have had the SRS light come on around 65K. I'm trying to find the seat belt "sensor" that is causing the problem, but no luck yet. Does anyone know of a website where I can get this "sensor"?

On a different note I am also in the process of replacing the EGR valve as the light has come on 4-5 times in the last 10 months. Is this an Accord problem for this year model? Any suggestions? Was hoping to find out before shelling out $300+.

25th Mar 2006, 17:24

Check out www.nhtsa.gov (Office of Defects Investigation).

HONDA ACCORD model 2000-2001 has an OPDS sensor problem, and Honda is replacing the OPDS for free, but there is a pending investigation going on. Make sure you file your complaint on that website as well, because I just did. Possible recall in the future maybe (hopefully), because I had the same problem 6 months after I got my car, and even after they replaced my OPDS sensor last year - 2004.

28th Mar 2006, 09:43

The SRS warning light issue is under a recall!! I had the same problem last year and brought it to the dealer and got myself ready for spending some unexpected amount of money. To my surprise, they told me it was actually a seat belt problem that was under a recall! So they fixed it for free!

30th Mar 2006, 15:15

I have a HONDA Accord 2000 who had the same SRS light problem.

Honda Service just changed the OPDS sensor and refunded me my $700.oo which I paid last year for the OPDS. They are aware of the problem and they would apply the warranty even if your car is 5 years old. Problem corrected after the sensor was replaced. (OPDS sensor is placed at the back of the passenger seat.)

18th Apr 2006, 11:06

My 2000 Accord DX also have the SRS light on all the time at 105,000 Km (Canadian car). So it is common then.

22nd Apr 2006, 14:18

I have a 2000 Accord V6 & the SRS light came on last year with the OPDS problem at 81,000 miles (passenger sensor). It wasnt under warranty last year, but I just received a notice that warranty for it has been extended by Honda to 150,000 miles or 10 years. I always believed in Honda!

22nd Apr 2006, 21:33

I have a 2001 Accord V6 that has had this problem for the last couple of years. The dealer told us it was our fault for putting the cell phone, purse, or anything on the seat and would charge $75 to reset it! When it no longer will set the sensor needs to be replaced at a cost of $700 not covered under the extended warranty!I even called American Honda to argue with them and they told me the same thing! My husband bought the tool and has reset it many times, but it keeps coming on and the airbags are disabled when the light is on.

Today I got a Warranty Extension from American Honda for this problem in the mail for the main components of the Occupant Position Detection System (OPDS). It covers for 10 years or 150,000 miles. I made an appointment to take mine in on Tuesday. YIPPEE!

Any questions, call Automobile Customer Service at (800) 999-1009.

Good Luck~ AC.

9th May 2006, 15:04

I have a 2000 Honda Accord with all the bells and whistles. Light came on at about 30,000 miles in April 2002 and never went off. I took it to the dealer who reset it, but within 2 weeks it was on again. Got OPDS replaced last year at 156,000. Got notice of reimbursement for costs in Saturday's mail. Called the customer service number and they said too bad because I did not get it done before 150,000 they woudl not reimbursement. I told them fine I was buying Fords for my company now!