5th Jun 2006, 23:14

I also have a 2000 Accord EX-V6 and the SRS has been on for a few months. I got the letter from Honda for the extended warranty on the OPDS sensor.

I called my local dealer, and they tried to tell me that they'll run the test, but, if it's not the OPDS sensor, that they will charge me $89.95 for the test. I explained that the test is supposed to be free (it's the only way to diagnose the problem) and even if it's not the OPDS, the document says it's still free. They told me NO. So, I talked to Honda USA. They suggested that I speak to the Service Manager. He too told me that they will charge me... and was quite rude. Again, talked to Honda USA. They had to call the dealership and set them straight.

I brought my car in, and sure enough, it was the OPDS sensor!!!

19th Jun 2006, 09:00

I have a 2001 Honda Accord EX and I also have the SRS light on. I was told by the dealership in December that it was not that big of a deal and was supposed to get it fixed a week later. I figured since it wasn't that big of a deal I would get it fixed when I had a chance. Well, I went to go get a VA State inspection on my car and it FAILED because of this. I was also pulled over by the police because of the rejection sticker. So, just a warning if your state requires a yearly inspection, you might fail if you don't get this fixed.

7th Aug 2006, 20:57

I own a 2000 Honda Accord and I also have the same problem, the SRS light stays on. Also the gas light stays on as well, even when I have a full tank. I don't know what's causing it to stay on?

2nd Oct 2006, 15:09

That's strange about your VA state inspection. I just got mine inspected at a Honda dealership in VA with a Maint Reqd and SRS light on (I was sure that would fail it), but it turns out they only failed it b/c the rear brake pads and rotors needed to be replaced ($100 at local Auto store for all parts I needed). Now, however, I'm weary to take it back thinking they might pull that one on me.

12th Dec 2006, 20:15

It appears as though no recall will be issued in regards to the SRS light/OPDS sensor.

I did file a complaint at http://www.nhtsa.gov/, but that doesn't help me as of now. Anyone have any suggestions? The SRS light has been on for a few days now.

Also, the check engine light has been on. I've had the EGR valve replaced and the port cleaned (twice). The Check Engine light comes back on within hours. The mechanic has been very helpful, but has no idea why the light continues to come on. The gas cap is tight, as always. His suggestion was to take it to the dealership for diagnosis, which you all know will cost approx $100. My mechanic feels it may be a circuit problem and says it's okay to drive. Any suggestions/advice... I am open for whatever!!!


6th Mar 2007, 10:58

I have a 2000 V6 Accord. I am having trouble with my SRS light. It will come on and then the lights inside and out start to flicker. Has anyone had trouble like this?

12th Mar 2007, 18:13

I also have a 2000 Accord and the SRS light came on just after 85,000 miles (today). Last November, I had all the dash lights come on at once (and it blew out the clock light; 1st time was warrantied; 2nd time they wanted $50!-I fixed it myself in about 15 seconds-the tiny panel comes out and the itty bitty bulb is about $5 at Honda). Anyhow, the alternator was bad. The SRS light was coming on then, too, and the check engine light would intermittently come on. I thought it was the gas cap, but it wasn't. Took it to the dealer, where they had it all day. I went back to get it and they said there was no info in the computer for that light even though I told them if you DRIVE it, it will go on for the first 10 minutes or so and it had been happening for weeks. So they did and saw the problem, and I waited another 2 hours for them to repair it. I bought an after warranty that covered part of it. Honda ate the rest as a courtesy. It's $98 for the diagnostic and free if it is seat belt or OPDS recall-related. Otherwise, I must pay the $98 plus repairs.

4th Jun 2007, 16:29

I own a 2000 Accord V6.I had the Low Fuel light come on even when the tank was full. Did anyone run into this issue or head of this before? However, when I called a Honda dealer they said it would cost me atleast 300$.No sure whether it's a comon issue.

21st Jun 2007, 11:22

I just purchased a 2000 Accord EX V6. The dash lights are not working. Does anyone know if this is something that has to be fixed at the dealer?

23rd Jun 2007, 09:01

We have owned our 2000 Accord EX for 4 years. One year ago, the dealer charged us the diagnostic fee of $70.00 to figure out why the SRS light was on, even though we had received a letter from HONDA telling us that it was a recalled issue with the OPDS sensor. They fixed the problem, after jerking us around for days on end. Supposedly, they replaced the seat belt lock? Seemed fine to us before that! Well, guess what? The light just came back on last week, after being off for almost a year. From reading all of the other similar complaint comments on this page, seems to us that the dealers are resetting the light just so that enough time passes and the light will come on again, forcing you to bring it back to them- could it be an on-going, money-making scam?

11th Jul 2007, 12:19

A new one that I did not read: had my OPS sensor replaced last year. Today after starting the car and at the shift from 1st to 2nd gear (auto) the battery light, SRS light, check engine light, passenger airbag, and ALL the doors and trunk lights came on at the same time. Then they went off.

I called Honda..."Maybe the alternator" is that I was told.

Not sure what the deal is, but it sounds like $$$$$ for them.

Any ideas?

12th Jul 2007, 12:18

I am wrote the above... Called me today and told me an alternator is the prob and 371.00 later it will be fixed.

Just in case anyone else gets the above lights on there 2000 accord EX V6.



2nd Aug 2007, 21:22

Has anyone had a problem with their Honda LX gas tank cover? I have a 2007 LX, just drove it off the lot last week, and when I tried to fill it up today, the cover would not release. Have to take it to the car dealer tomorrow. Just wondering if anyone has experienced this problem. I thought

I was getting a reliable car with good workmanship - WRONG!

3rd Aug 2007, 11:13

Or someone at the dealer broke it, or while it was on display. You're wrong. I have roomed many Honda dealers, and I have seen many things get ripped off or broken because of neglect or kids trying to be cool. Just a few months ago, someone popped out and stole the glove box locks on one of our 2007 Accords.