12th Jun 2010, 07:46

I have a 2002 Honda Accord, and my light came on the other day. I just called Honda, and they told me to bring the car in, and they would give me an estimate on how much it would cost to fix the car.

I'm just waiting for them to tell me that they are going to charge me... I printed out the recall letter, which by the way I never received... and also a friend of mine had a 2002 Accord Honda, which they got into a fatal accident and the air bag didn't deploy. I called Honda up a couple of months ago, and they said my VIN was not part of the recall.

I'm going to majorly complain to the manager about this, and them not telling me there was a recall. I must admit when I did call Honda, they told me to bring it in the next day, which was a Saturday, which surprised me, because I know how busy they are on Saturdays.

10th Jul 2010, 01:36

OK folks, here's the deal, I bought my Accord new in 2002. I have had a few minor problems over the years and I have 189,000 miles on it.

The air bag light you are asking about is a function of the Secondary Restraint System (SRS). It is true that leaning on the door panels will turn it on, but it will generally reset when you move away from the door panel. It will also come on if you sit items in the passengers seat that do not belong there, i.e. my briefcase turned it on all the time. When it will no longer shut off (reset) the problem will be either the Seat Belt Sensor of the Occupant Position Data Senor (OPDS). The manufacturers warranty did cover this problem, but only for 100K miles, which they did extend that to 150K miles a couple years back.

Honda is a great car and and a great company, so if you're not getting any help from them, try the service manager first, then Honda of America. If I don't get 300K miles on this car, it means I totaled it! I don't even use 1/2 half quart of oil between changes.

14th Sep 2010, 12:54

I have to agree with the latest Honda Owner writer. My wife & I have gone through a 1996 Accord, 1995 +/- CRX, 1997 CRV, all sold in good condition and excellent running condition after 200,000 miles.

I have a 2002 Accord EX with 159,000 and no major problems until my SRS light came on, but I may have something on the seat. When I bought the car new, they told me the light would come on if a person was too light for the seat or leaned on the door. This light was to protect the person that was too small or not sitting properly to not be injured by the air bag. Heavy items on the seat can cause the light to come on. I'll have to clean off my seat and see what happens. I did get a recall letter around 2006 but didn't do anything about it.

22nd Aug 2011, 14:57

I have an 02 Honda Accord EX, and just the same my SRS light is on all the time. I tried resetting it. When I do, it goes off, but as soon as I start the car, it comes back on and stays.

7th Nov 2011, 16:01

I too have an 02 Accord - SRS light came on and I was told I needed a new airbag initiator. There was a recall for this, but apparently my VIN was not part of the recall. After the fix, the light came on again (within two weeks), and now I am told I need a new cable reel - almost $500 in parts and labour. Anyone else have a cable reel problem?

7th Dec 2011, 15:39

I have had my 2002 Accord in twice, and had to pay every time to have the light turned off -- help!!

3rd Nov 2012, 19:27

Hi, I bought Honda Accord 2002 V6 few weeks back. I am apparently seeing the side airbag light, which turns on and off automatically. I don't know the reason. Can you please suggest what should I do?

Thanks, Manoj.

8th Nov 2012, 09:30

I have a 2001 Accord V6 EX. The SRS light came on when I changed a bulb for the clock. The dealer told me it was the seat belt lock that had to be changed for about $500.00. I researched on the Internet and found that the SRS light will come on whenever you change a bulb in the dash. I reset the code myself and the light cleared. The dealer charges to reset this light, however there is info on the Internet to show you how to do it yourself. Not too difficult, however you have to follow a process to do it correctly.