1989 Honda Civic DX 1.5 from North America


A very nice buy for a poor college student


I have only had this car for a year, and for this year, nothing has gone wrong with it. I know the water pump and the timing belt had been changed in the last year.

The brakes are starting to make a weird sound, other than that, nothing is wrong with it.

General Comments:

My Honda Civic is agreat little car, it's very comfortable and for an 89 car, it looks awesome.

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Review Date: 1st August, 2001

1989 Honda Civic DX Hatchback 1.4 L 4 cylinder from North America


Runs forever on little to no gas


I replaced the front transaxle because my CV joints went out at 105,000 miles ($400).

Replaced clutch assembly and release and throw-out bearings ($500) at 108,000 miles.

Replaced the water pump, and in process the mechanic broke the radiator, so I got one of those for free.

Replaced the alternator at 100,000 miles.

Driver's seat has started to wear really bad.

General Comments:

Most of the repairs that have been made were because of rough driving and someone (me) learning how to drive with it... I pretty much destroyed the clutch.

It has a lot of get up and go power, but when climbing hills the power isn't always there.

The whole interior is BROWN. Not a very customizable color. Would have been better to make dash and door panels black... and it would have generally looked better.

Overall, it's a great car. I bought it fairly cheap ($2000) and haven't had too many problems with it. It will run until 350,000 miles and is definitely a lot of fun to drive.

It's sporty, yet can haul stuff when you need it to.

Great gas mileage!!! 45 mpg on freeway/highway... 35 in town. Takes under $20 to fill the tank, and it runs for a long time.

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Review Date: 1st August, 2001

18th Aug 2002, 23:32

I hear ya bro, 189,000 miles baby and still kicks ars! Only body damage is front right from friend backing up into it in her jeep! : (recently replaced timing belt and usual stuff, but everyhtng is still tight. LOVE IT!

1989 Honda Civic SiR 1.6 vtec from Australia and New Zealand


A quick, economical racer


Replaced the front shock absorbers.

Replaced the battery.

General Comments:

This car is very quick and economical.

Vtec engine has awesome top end power, but lacks torque.

Lighter than an Integra and more space than a CRX.

Handling is excellent due to aftermarket shocks, but the ride is harsh.

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Review Date: 15th July, 2001

1989 Honda Civic GL 1.4 16v SOHC from UK and Ireland


High performance, cheap insurance, cheap to run


Since I have had the car the problems with it are that:-

The CV joints or the drive shaft has gone.

The glove compartment shakes.

The back shelf shakes.

The driver's seat seems to have a mind of its own, it might just fall back when you are driving at 70mph.

General Comments:

Apart from the above, this car is fantastic.

It's only a 1.4, but I have left Golf GTi's standing, Toyota Corrola GTi's are slight competition, considering they are 1.6 injected. A car not to mess with is the Nissan Sunny GTiR as I found out standing at the lights. But I wasn't far behind.

It is a quick car for a 1.4, it's extremely nippy and 0-60 around 9.7 seconds with top end at around 115mph.

It looks mean with 15" 5 spoke alloys, with tinted rear windows, and a nice exhaust. The car is already quite low, but lowering it makes it look that much better and the 15" alloys just grip the arches.

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Review Date: 29th May, 2001

15th Jun 2001, 07:16

After years of buying British, I bought a Rover 213, a badge engineered Honda Civic. After a few months it suddenly dawned on me that the car had not gone wrong. From then on I've only bought Hondas. I currently own a 1989 Civic GL. Bought for £170 without an MOT. A small amount of welding and a pair of rear suspension arm bushes and it was back on the road. With power assisted steering and a superb gearchange the car is a delight to drive. It is smooth, quiet and the performance is exceptional. It also looks pretty cool with the standard roof spoiler. Nothing rattles or vibrates, it doesn't burn or leak any oil and is very comfortable. The front wings are a tad rusty as is one wheel arch, but it is 12 years old with 160,000 miles on the clock.

How on earth people still buy Fords and Vauxhalls is beyond me.