1989 Honda Civic Si 1.6 from North America


For an older car, its quite a bargain, given its performance


Replaced CV joints at 200k. Replaced muffler twice since I got the car three years ago. Second time, I purchased a stainless steel muffler from Borla. So far so good.

I switched to synthetic oil 6 months ago and it caused the valve seals to leak. So now a bit of blue smoke comes out of the muffler from time to time. Do not switch to synthetic oil on older, higher mileage engines.

Replaced bearing on transmission.

Valve cover gasket replaced.

Replaced fuel pump as car was not getting enough fuel. Also it was hard to start in mornings and no start when driven on hot or humid days-caused by bad main relay- a common problem with Hondas.

Replaced starter, alternator, battery in the last year.

Replaced thermostat and radiator fan switch/relay at 225k.

For some reason, the windows on these cars tend to fog up very badly on rainy days. Can be bit irritating when driving.

General Comments:

This car is still very peppy/quick for 13 years old. Handles very nice.

Is non-power steering so its bit tough when parking.

Most of the problems I've had were due to age. However once parts are replaced, I figure I won't have to worry for quite few years.

I've replaced the stock wheels/tires, shocks and springs with high performance items so now the car handles the corners very nice. Unfortunately ride quality has also deteriorated dues to these 'upgrades' so not many people want to sit in my car anymore. But I have fun with it.

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Review Date: 18th August, 2003

1989 Honda Civic DX Hatchback 1.5 from North America


Honda has got to be kicking themselves for building such an excellent car


I've had the usual tires, brakes, exhaust systems replaced.

I've had to install 2 alternators and 2 pair of CV joints.

Also, I've replaced the timing belt and water pump on a 70,000 mile schedule.

I've put in 1 clutch and I think its about time for another one.

The front drivers seat is pretty worn, but still comfortable

Overall, this has been the most amazingly reliable, lowest cost car I've ever owned.

General Comments:

I intend to keep this car till it has at least 500,000 miles on it.

I'm sure I'll have to rebuild the engine at some point, but right now, it is running really well on 89 octane gas and still gets 36 mpg regularly, with higher mileage on the freeway.

The engine has never leaked any fluids, and doesn't burn any oil. I regularly run it at 80 - 90 mph and today I ran it up to a little over 100.

I once had it pegged at 114 for about 30 miles while driving through Mississippi.

There has never been any body damage and all the original installed parts still work very well.

I change the oil religiously every 3000 miles with 10w40 Quaker State.

I also have been using Michelin XGV 185/70R/13 size all weather tires and have been getting about 70,000 out of each set.

This car was ordered and delivered with manual steering, manual brakes, crank up windows, no air conditioning and I believe that is why it has been and remains so reliable.

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Review Date: 1st August, 2003

4th Jun 2004, 13:39


I was looking for information on replacing a clutch on an '89 Honda Civic LX and read your comments. I have to totally agree, except on on point. My car has all the power stuff and even so, I have have wonderful luck with this car. I bought it new in '89. My car has 176,000 miles on the original clutch which why I'm thinking I need to replace this part now. Wondering what the cost is? It doesn't burn oil, doesn't leak fluids, drives fantastic and would have no problem getting it up to 100 miles an hour (but would have a problem with the traffic ticket I would get for that speed).

At any rate, don't be so sure it's because you don't have power windows and locks. I have both and love them! Never a problem (knock on wood). This car is fantastic and my next car (if I ever replace this one) will be a Honda Civic LX just like this one!


18th Sep 2009, 20:28

1989 Honda Civic Dx 3dr

I saw it sitting in a Dealers Lot. Looked at and took it for a ride. Called my 16 year old son and he drove it. We both love it.

Four speed, power brakes, AM/FM cassette, AC not working.

At 243000 miles you could barely here it run.

Tracks straight, handles great, clutch and shifter is smooth.

Bought it for 1000 Cdn.

He's a Honda Freak now!

24th Apr 2010, 15:20

My girlfriend at the time had one of these. 48 mpg, with a 4-speed! Incredible little car.