1994 Honda Civic CX 1.5 SOHC from North America


Good car for the price and will not let you down


Some times in the morning it will burn a little oil. In between oil changes I usually have to add about half a quart. The reason for the oil to burn is when it starts cold the oil on the top will burn. Other than that it is fine.

It has slow pick up, but when I get it on the highway and get going it can move.

General Comments:

For what I paid for it is a good car. It is very reliable.

For anyone who wants to buy a new car, used or not, go import, it is the best bet. No Hyundai though, they lose their value fast. Honda, Mazda, Nissan, and VW are good picks.

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Review Date: 1st June, 2001

1994 Honda Civic VTi (JDM) 1.5 SOHC VTEC from UK and Ireland


Great value pocket rocket!!


A few very minor electric niggles came with the car, but nothing that takes away from the driving experience as yet, only had it 2 weeks!!

General Comments:

A great value Japanese import with 70,000 miles that still feels very well screwed together.

It's a hatch-back that looks the part with a classic shape.

Damn this car is fun to drive! Revs to 7200 rpm, makes a great sound and has the acceleration to go with it.

It's got a limited slip diff for those winding roads and ABS is a reassuring extra on this car.

All for under £5000IR.

Not much room in the boot though?!

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Review Date: 12th March, 2001

1994 Honda Civic VTi 1.6L SOHC VTEC 4 cyl from Australia and New Zealand


Great small car without the cheap small car finish


- Replaced leaking clutch master cylinder.

- Windscreen mould replaced.

- Driver's side door lock switch snapped.

- Rear window spoiler/high mount brake light rattles on bumpy roads.

General Comments:

- Great little car to drive. Handles well.

- Lacks low end grunt but loves to rev all the way to 7K. Great induction noise when an aftermarket air filter is added.

- Great quality finish for a small car, looks good and the shape doesn't look outdated. Also surprisingly roomy inside.

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Review Date: 25th August, 2000

7th Jun 2003, 02:56

I have just bought a 1996 Civic 1.6 VTI and it handles great.

The only problem is a bit of rattling of the Brake light.

1994 Honda Civic Bali 1340 from Japan


Later model Civics just haven't made the grade. European cars are miles ahead


Failed emissions test.

Uses excessive fuel for such a car (30-32mpg).

Power steering pump leaked oil.

Poor performance.

General Comments:

Ventilation in the car is very poor, especially on a warm day on the motorway. Heater controls & window winder heavy.

A lot of cost cutting evident in the build quality. Noisy on the motorway & poor seats. Nice to drive & a nice looker though.

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Review Date: 11th August, 2000

15th Feb 2001, 07:44

I also have a 1994 Civic Bali, although I drive it quite hard, I routinely get 45 mpg and have not had to replace any parts except tyres and the exhaust in 42,000 miles.

8th Apr 2001, 17:47

Changing the plugs and Re-setting the ECU make a huge difference to fuel consumption on all Honda (Computer-Controlled) Engines.

10th Oct 2002, 09:15

I own a Civic Bali as well and I too receive better mpg then the review states.

For a 1.3 engine it is fairly powerful and I'd recommend one to any new driver.

The best thing is you can easily fit 17 inch alloy wheels on and still lower it.

I my self have BK 299 17 inch alloys on mine and it looks sweet!

28th Apr 2004, 10:05

I bought a second hand Civic Bali (1994 1.4) in 2000. It has been completely reliable, only ever had to replace the tyres, passed MOT every year with no failures, great to drive, looks good, and economical to run.

1994 Honda Civic ESi 1.6 16v from UK and Ireland


Classic, sporty, reliable and fun


Not a thing!

General Comments:

Excellent, fun to drive, incredibly reliable, classic lines unlikely to be dated..... a little lacking in grunt when you really want it.

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Review Date: 22nd June, 2000

10th Feb 2001, 18:52

Dealers can be expensive so always shop around. Keep the revs below 5,000 rpm and get good mpg. Or go above that, into the VTEC zone and hear the engine scream as it surges towards the red line.