1995 Honda Civic Ferio Vi 1.5 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Affordable, economical runabout


Engine failed at 135000 km. Due to poor maintenance by previous owner, the bolt securing the main pulley to the crankshaft came loose. This created vibration that caused a stress fracture in the crankshaft. It was cheaper to replace the engine with a second hand model than to fix the crankshaft.

Transmission failed at 136000 km. Previous owners used the wrong oil in the CVT, and it failed as a result.

General Comments:

Apart from the two (major) problems mentioned above, it has been a brilliant little car. Both the engine and transmission were replaced with second hand parts, and roughly 30 000 km later I haven't had any other problems. Based on my initial experience, I would give this car a 3 out of 10 for reliability. Based on my experience since then, I would happily give it a 9. Overall, I rate it a 6.

It's extremely cheap to run. I do 99% of my driving around town and average between 13 and 14 km per litre. Adding in some highway driving easily pushes it out to 17 km per litre. (this model has the D15B, three stage VTEC, with lean-burn mode). The great thing about this car is that it has heaps of power for a 1.5 litre (once you get above 4500 RPM).

I consider maintenance costs part of the running costs, and the cost of the above-mentioned repairs have pushed them up. Without those costs, I would rate it a 10. Considering them, I rate it a 6.

It handles well, and isn't bad around corners - considering that it isn't meant to be a performance sedan. It doesn't feel heavy, and its brakes work well. For its class (affordable Japanese runabout sedans), I think it performs very well and I personally prefer it to the other, similar cars I looked at before buying it. It may not feel as solid as a Corolla or Pulsar, but it inspires more confidence in the corners.

Comfort levels are good overall. Road noise can be high at speed, but that may be a consequence of the tires I have fitted (they were fitted new when I bought the car, and I haven't needed to replace them since).

Overall, I'm very happy with this car and (given a better service history than mine had) wouldn't hesitate to buy another.

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Review Date: 13th July, 2013

1995 Honda Civic DX 1.6 VTEC d16z6 from North America


Very reliable sardine can


This car is a junkyard zombie, so it's needed some work. I have replaced the alternator, timing belt, and a few front end things. Exhaust and suspension are due.

Some kid or the junkyard put 15" rims on it, which makes the tires cost 2x as much. Want to go back to steelies this year.

General Comments:

Kind of underpowered, but the VTEC motor is awesome. If something happens to the car, I would keep the engine. I am honestly expecting the engine to go at least another 150,000-200,000 miles. The body will probably be rusted away by then.

I don't like the ride of the bigger 15" rims, and the seats are uncomfortable for long trips. But I plan to change those things and drive this car hundreds of thousands more miles. It is very reliable and gets around 30 MPG. Most reliable car I've ever owned.

I also have the solar panel in the back window to trickle charge the battery all the time.

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Review Date: 21st April, 2013

1995 Honda Civic EX VTEC 1.6 SOHC from Costa Rica




This is my fifth Honda Civic. I've had a 99 DX hatchback, 2003 EX coupe. 97 LX coupe, 92 SI hatchback, and finally a 1995 EX coupe.

To be absolutely honest with you, and as you can notice, I love Honda Civics. The best one I had was the 2003 coupe, which I had to sell because I got married, but that´s a totally different story.

There's nothing wrong going on with my 1995 Civic right now, except for a very small oil leak below the distributor. I've taken the car to a couple of technicians, and they haven't found the cause.

Other than that, it's a great car, with great performance and great fuel economy, as long as I don´t step too hard on the gas!

Everything else works as good as new, including the sunroof and all the electrical stuff (windows, door locks and side mirrors).

General Comments:

One of the best Hondas ever made, and I would highly recommend anyone to buy one. Some of the spare parts are a little bit expensive, but they are worth it. Try and get your own Honda Civic!

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Review Date: 24th May, 2010