1999 Honda Civic DX 1.6 SOHC from North America


Did not meet my expectations of what a Honda should be


Having O2 sensor replaced at 48,500 - $350.

Lots of door dings. Sometimes I wonder if the wind will put a dent in the door.

The dome light is erratic.

The belt (s) had to be adjusted.

The chassis creaks.

The adhesive holding the door trim to the door tends to melt off in the Texas sun.

General Comments:

This car is slow as molasses, but I thought it was supposed to be reliable.

Ah I see now, reliable until the warranty expires.

The engine runs well though, and it actually handles very well for a car of this class.

I got mine cheap, no frills, just Air Conditioning, which could cool off faster.

There is a lot of wind noise in the car though, and every now and again the antenna cuts out, so I can't drown it out with the radio.

I will be stuck with this car for a while, so I hope this sort of behaviour does not continue. I have a real problem with Honda scheduled maintenance, basically, unless your mileage is at a multiple of 30,000, they charge you about $96 for an oil change and tire rotation.

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2002

4th Jun 2002, 21:14

I drive 4 hours a day so its GREAT on gas, but its so slow and the performance parts for it are really expensive. but if your good on your general maintance it SHOULD last a long time.

9th Jul 2002, 09:40

Maintenance? Go to WalMart for a $16 oil change, buy your tires somewhere like Sears or Sams Club where you get lifetime rotation / spin balancing for a one time cost - $16 per tire at Sears, included in the mounting price at Sam's. Much better than the $40 the dealer charges every time.

1999 Honda Civic VTEC-E 1.5 from UK and Ireland


Sheer class


After about a month I noticed a buzzing sound from behind the dashboard and also a creaking sound from the suspension at low speeds.

After a visit to the dealer they said that the buzzing sound was a batch of faulty ignition switches and they booked the car in under warranty.

When I gave them the VIN number they informed me that there was a safety recall on the braking system, the brake levelling valve was faulty (this reduces the pressure on the back brakes under heavy braking and prevents the car from sliding).

I was also informed at the same visit that Honda had changed the manufacturer of the shock absorbers mid production and had still fitted the old bushes, this was causing the annoying creaking noise at low speed. At this point I was horrified thinking that I had bought a "Friday afternoon car".

They had the car for the whole day and rectified all the faults, no problem, no questions asked (and I didn't buy the car from them).

The only minor niggle is the car tends to condensate up pretty quickly, this is rectified by running the air con for a few minutes.

General Comments:

Outstanding dealer service, very helpful, very friendly.

The car now runs like a dream, smooth, quiet, very economical. 45mpg+ normal driving, have a bit of fun and still get 38mpg! Not the fastest car 0 to 60, but a lovely road holder, absorbs all the bumps very, very smoothly.

Compared to Nissan these cars are like Rolls Royces. They are both reliable, but Honda have spent a lot more time on cabin design making the car a very pleasant place to be on a long run.

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Review Date: 14th January, 2002

30th Aug 2002, 17:19

Just adding a few extra words to my review. The car has now covered the MASSIVE total of 19'000 miles. It is presently in the garage (AGAIN) having a new steering rack and front brake disc's fitted.

When I signed the invoice for the warranty work I noticed the steering rack price, £846 + VAT. Just imagine having to fork out this kind of money after the 3 year warranty has expired.