1999 Honda Civic EX 1.6L VTEC from North America


Best small car out there, worth every penny


Tail pipe rusted out at about 50k, not unusual for the rust belt area I suppose.

The left front power window wouldn't go up while visiting family 700 miles away the day I was headed back home. I later found a frayed cable in the regulator and bought a used unit in the salvage yard for $75.

Sometimes when in drive and stopped it seems to idle too slow causing a vibration and something to rattle up front.

General Comments:

OK let me get my gripes out of the way, which may seem nit-picky.

Would be nice to have the window controls illuminated so I can see which button is which at night.

Would be nice if the intermittent wipers had some sort of variable control. You get Off, Intermittent, Low and High,- dumb.

The cup holders are so-so. You get a big one and a smaller one, if you take off too quick you better hold on to your drink or it might be running down your leg!!

Forget about those map lights on the overhead. If you need your partner to read something like a map for instance you the driver will get blinded.

When I'm taking a hard right and consequently leaning on the door the dome light comes on, I need to fix this.

Would it kill Honda to make an ashtray and cigarette lighter standard? Even if I didn't smoke it would be a nice place to put gum wrappers, bits of trash, etc.

And finally just like too many 'imports' they are still using that wimpy 'beep-beep' horn.

OK besides those few things, I really love this car. I have fun putting it to the floor and watching the tachometer go up to 6500 RPM before it shifts into second gear. Once I got rid of those stock tires and put some decent tires on it it handled much better. It sips gas, is very comfortable on long trips (for a small car) and is a lot of fun to drive without beating you to death over bumps.

I like how the radio buttons are real big and easy to find from the corner of the eye, and the heater controls are simple and easy to reach.

I would like to upgrade to a Honda van, due to a growing family. Yes you do pay more for a Honda anything, but right now my Civic is 5 years old and still worth about $9000 on a trade, tell those KIA owners this, they are feeling the pain.

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Review Date: 18th December, 2003

19th Dec 2003, 22:43

You may want to read some of the Honda Odyssey reviews before you make uneducated remarks about KIA or any other up and coming manufacturer.

22nd Apr 2004, 21:20

I found a Technical Survice Bulletion on the hood rattle, and I made some adjustments to the door so all is fixed now.

About the dude who left a comment trying to defend KIA, you got to be kidding me, The only reason anybody buys these is because they are much cheaper. Why? Because they are made of mostly cheap components. After 2 years what is it gonna be worth? Maybe 40% of what you paid for it. Maybe now that Hyundai have taken over they will get better, but don't expect their value to hold.

25th Nov 2004, 17:05

My first car was a civic ex. I honestly had nothing, but problems. I bought it at 70 000 kilometers, and had to replace the oxygen sensor three weeks after buying it. It was slow and would sometimes shake at stop lights. The windows were always slow and struggled to open and close in the cooler weather. After getting in a minor rear ender, the airbags inflated costing a LOT of money. I would buy another civic, but I would consider newer model.

1999 Honda Civic HX 1.6 from North America


Can't get a more fuel efficient car that's this much fun to drive


Replaced tires 2 times. Always going flat because something got lodged in the sidewall. Bad luck I guess.

The check engine light did come on once, but the dealer reset the computer and the light never came on again. Didn't cost anything.

General Comments:

I couldn't ask for a more reliable car. Despite running this car at times, very hard, I never had any problems with it. Third gear is great for passing (will go to about 85 mph) on the highway and second gear will take you to 65 mph.

I would always get at least 37 mpg and I've gotten over 45 mpg on a highway trip. I'd get that kind of mileage driving at 75 mph.

I also thought this car handled very well; however, the tires did wear quite quickly as a result of hard cornering.

Car could do for a little better braking (4 wheel disc brakes or ABS would have been nice).

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Review Date: 27th November, 2003

5th Jun 2004, 07:05

I totally disagree with that review! If you type "Honda Civic HX and Transmission" into a search engine, you would be aghast with what you'd find! ANYONE with this model will tell you that they have had to replace their transmission REGULARLY! I bought this car because Honda's have a good reliability factor, but this does not apply to the Civic HX. I don't know about the new ones, but avoid the '96-00 models for sure!