2006 Honda Civic EX 1.8 from North America


This car ages in dog years, but is as cute as a puppy


I have owned the car for some time now, and in that time the problems have racked up. From memory -

The tires always needed to be replaced for the first three years of ownership (about 1 tire every 5 months).

While driving the car a year after ownership, a sensor of some sort was knocked off the transmission causing the car to buck. Had the car towed to the dealer and it was covered under warranty.

In five years the car has gone through three batteries, and no, I don't leave lights on excessively. I was left stranded twice until I could get a jump.

The passengers side door lock sometimes comes unhinged, and the door will not open until I unlock the doors several times.

The driver's side window is equipped with an auto up/down feature. When the button for auto-up is pressed (sometimes) the window will go up, then half-way down. I have to just hit the button without the auto feature to get the window to go back up.

The rear-view mirror appears to be "peeling". The mirror materials around the edges of the mirror itself are cracked and peeling.

The seats show dirt very easily, which is surprising since the interior color is grey.

Last year, the engine started making a very strange high pitched humming noise. When the dealer was contacted, I was notified that Honda had issued a recall for that specific problem. The dealer fixed the issue under the recall.

The driver's side visor broke due to the heat of the summer, subsequently making it near impossible to see what was right in front of me. The dealer was contacted, again, and again I was told it would be fixed under a recall, and it was.

Various chips, prongs, and sensors had to be replaced, which ended up costing a few thousand dollars over the course of ownership.

Regular maintenance: Oil changes, tire rotation, inspections, light-bulb replacements, and tune-ups have all been done on time and as needed.

A year after the car was purchased (making the car 3 years old), the CD-player latch that grabs the CD and places it into the player itself broke. My remedy: inserting the CD with tweezers so the CD hits just the right spot in the player in order to work - hey - I'm a broke college student!

The illumination lights for the radio display and buttons have gone dark. This also includes the light for the hazard button. When I took the car to the dealership and complained, they blamed me, stating I had the "illumination settings" on the lowest setting. There are NO illumination settings for those specific buttons or display. I was charged $800 for their "labor" as well as an overpriced inspection and sent on my way, without having the problem fixed. Those areas are still dark when the headlights are turned on, and the radio display fades from bright to dim to non-existent (black) - not necessarily in that order.

I'm sure there are other things that have gone wrong that I cannot remember, but my favorite thing (sarcasm) that has gone wrong is the lovely paint peel and fading that is occurring on the roof of my car. I have thoroughly investigated this issue, and Honda is aware that their paint for the Civics is defective. They issued a recall ONLY on a few colors and shades, of course, leaving mine out of the recall. So, my car looks like a 1996 instead of a 2006 as far as paint is concerned.

General Comments:

I truly fell in love with the car when I first bought it. It was shiny, with a cutting-edge look to it. I saw that it even had a premium sound system, and with that I was sold - I had to have it.

After the initial novelty wore off, I was still smitten with the car itself. That is, until the gremlins showed up and messed with the car.

This car has been my baby. I live in PA and have taken the car all through New Jersey, Delaware, EVERYWHERE in PA, New York state and City, Maryland, the mountains, shores, plains, cities, and any other geographical setting that comes to mind.

This car has seen me through many years of schooling, through diplomas and degrees, but as I near the end of my education I am coming to terms with that fact that I need to part ways with the car. I no longer want a car that I feel has a "Christine" complex, no, I need a car that isn't out to get me and my bank account - which is why I will be purchasing my dad's 2012 Honda Accord when his lease is up and cashing in on this car. Sad to say, but all good things must come to an end.

The paint issue is what fascinates me, since it only is affecting the roof. The rest of the cars paint glows like it just rolled off of the assembly line; it literally sparkles, glistens, and shimmers in the sunlight.

I was also a bit put off that the headlights have become "foggy". I know that most cars go through this, oxidation, but it is a reminder that the car, like myself, is not as young (new) as it once was.

As I conclude my experience, I realize that the car is almost like family. It has seen me through good times and bad, through many friendships, dates, trips, and commutes. If only the problems which impede the car from being perfect were non-existent, then I might consider keeping it. But the car isn't perfect, and I can't afford to sink another thousand dollars into this already sinking ship. If you have a Civic or are considering buying one, that's excellent, but do your research first. Investigate the car's history, mileage, cosmetic work, hell - even where it was located. I am so pleased I got to experience owning a Civic, but I cannot stress enough that mine at least was very temperamental. I understand not everyone or every Civic is going to have this experience, but it's better to avoid a project than to find yourself entangled in one.

I also want to say that I DID enjoy the gas mileage this car offers. I can travel 300 miles in mixed driving before I have to fill up, and that is hard to beat!

The car, despite its problems, really is my pride and joy. I pretend the problems don't exist and crank my radio up (taking advantage of the premium sound system), roll my windows down, open my moon-roof, cruise the highway, and enjoy driving and life itself. That is probably the highest remark I can say, that the car is perfect for just cruising. Hopefully the Accord I will be driving next (which is an LX offering minimal creature comforts) will be as rewarding to cruise in as this car was and still is. I hope that when I sever ownership of the car, someone else will appreciate it as much as I did, and will fix the problems so it can be enjoyed for many years to come.

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Review Date: 23rd October, 2013

23rd Oct 2013, 20:41

You probably are not going to get much for it... so why not keep it? Drop the insurance, put a non-op on it, and park it in the garage. Put a low amp charger on it, and use it as an emergency car or as a second car. If it's running correctly right now, why sell it? Those little engines are good to 300,000 miles... and if gas heads to 5.00 to 6.00 dollars a gallon, it might come in handy again. And with new ones running $17,000 to 20,000 dollars, it makes sense to keep it, especially since some of the older cars are built better than the newer ones...

2006 Honda Civic ES 1.8i VTEC from UK and Ireland


Does pretty much everything very well and a little differently from the norm


The passenger side door handle is stiff and hard to open - almost impossible.

The clutch pedal sometimes squeaks.

Paint quality seems a little thin.

General Comments:

Has to be the most practical car in its class. The rear doors open 90 degrees, and the seats fold totally flat and lift up cinema style. Loads of leg room all round too.

The 1.8 engine seems to come alive above 4000 RPM, and is generally smooth but a bit coarse around 3500 RPM. It can also drone annoyingly at motorway speeds. Very quiet at idle. Amazing fuel economy 45 MPG at 75mph, which is good for a 1.8 138 BHP motor.

Handles very well, at the expense of the ride, which is very hard - it's also quite noisy on bad roads. The steering is great for feel and is very accurate. The gearbox is very good - the unique clunk confirms it's definitely in gear!

Compared to a VW Golf or many other small cars, it's very good looking - they have really thought about the styling, inside and out. You get used to the awkward rear visibility and the lack of a wiper. Silver pedals, petrol flap filler and exhaust trims looks so cool and stand out from a bland class of cars. A very attractive shape and nice interior plastics / finish. The Royal blue paint can look a bit flat, despite polishing regularly.

The dashboard layout has to be near the best in class. Everything is so simple and logical, especially the dashboard computer and climate control system. A warning lamp for low screen wash would be nice however. Standard air-conditioned glovebox is a thoughtful touch too.

Being a 2006 build/chassis, you can also program it to self lock at 9mph and auto unlock when you remove the key. A great feature - I don't know why they stopped it on 2007 models onwards.

Reliability has been very good; what more could you want from a car in this class?

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Review Date: 10th July, 2013