2006 Honda Civic DX 1.8 liter petrol from North America


The Perfect Economy Sedan


There is a recall on it for the suspension, and my check engine light is on due to a faulty sensor (by the radiator).

General Comments:

This was my first basically new car. I had done a lot of research and read plenty of reviews. All in all, the Honda Civic is simply the most practical and economical choice of all the economy sedans currently available.

The styling is unique in a pleasant way, unlike the Nissan Versa. The interior is just as unique on the outside and does not disappoint in user-friendliness, although the digital speedometer does take some getting used to, as does the huge dashboard. That said, over the last year I've become accustomed to it and have started to see the logic in it. The placement of the speedometer means that I never really have to look away from the road, and the huge dash gives me a sense of space in, what is by design, a small car.

The road manners in the Honda Civic are also quite pleasing. Swift acceleration is most certainly possible although somewhat limited with the automatic. I find that it is best not to floor it but to almost floor it; the idea is to get the gear to downshift (not stay the same). With a 140HP under the hood, I won't really feel ill at ease on the highway when passing or merging in; although it does take some pedal pushing to get the Civic up to speed. On the subject of highway manners, the road and wind noise become quite pronounced at 120-140km/h but once again it is a matter of habit and once accustomed to it, the noise hardly intrudes upon conversation, although the stereo will need to be turned up a notch or two. Handling-wise, the Civic maintains its composure very well on the highway, and only becomes somewhat nervous at around 150-160 km/h.

The seats are generally comfortable, although as a tall person and a fan of the BMW seating position, I feel that my legs aren't stretched out enough and that I am still sitting (somewhat) high. However, that very trait may well appeal to many people whom prefer a more non-sporty seating position. Indeed, most people should be able to find a comfortable position, as the Civic comes standard with a tilt/ telescopic steering wheel and a height adjustable seat, in addition to the basic seat adjustments.

Overall the Civic is a great economy sedan and would suit the purpose of a student car, a second car or even a family car, as it has great fuel economy and great flexibility (as the rear seats can fold down to create much more cargo area).

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Review Date: 19th July, 2008

2006 Honda Civic Si 2.0 from North America


Honda needs to issue a recall on the 6 speed transmission at once!


6 speed transmission is engineered the American way - faulty!!! On the 9th kilometer on the odometer, 2nd gear engagement made a high pitch screeching sound like I shifted improperly. It has done this about 4-5 times when cold and clean shifts. Third gear has been sluggish at times to engage. No high pitch noises, just more effort to move shifter. At times a grind is produced. Never has popped out on me though. Again clean shifts. Does seem to be getting more frequent. Only at 29 000 kilometers. Not acceptable. Dealer couldn't replicate. Said no worries you still have 3 years and up to 100 000 km.

Passenger seat squeaks at times. Dealer couldn't replicate.

Passenger seat goes crooked sometimes when back seat is used. Dealer unable to replicate.

Squeak from front end - possible strut mount. Dealer again unable to replicate.

General Comments:

Should not have been badged a Civic. To me the fit is more like a Civic of the past. Should have been a Prelude maybe??!!

This is a great looking car. Nice sound system. Comfy seats with very good support. Steering wheel controls are convenient. I used to think Corvettes had telescoping steering, on a Civic? Yup!

The interior is laid out nice but the material used looks dirty quick. Pet hairs are almost impossible to remove. Tape helps get them off. Stains easy but does wash out. Plastic parts scuff too easy, but look great un scuffed.

The best handling car I've ever owned. Have fun taking a 90 degree right hand turn at 50km/hr. No need to go fast to enjoy this car. You know it's going to be fun by the placement of the yellow warning sticker Honda attaches to the the window before deliver -- "PLEASE USE EXTREME CAUTION! This vehicle has low ground clearance."

For a Civic, this is a rocket. Drag race car -- no! It gets great fuel economy if you're not hitting the high rpms. I usually get 625- 650 km per tank. That said I usually drive conservatively.

I'm 42 and enjoy driving it. I don't like all the looks I get from kids though. Kind of freaky. Should be easy to re sell in the future to these kids that stare.

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Review Date: 3rd June, 2008

7th Feb 2009, 18:12

I have an 06 Si too and I always for it really difficult to shift into 3rd! I thought it was just me... I am glad to hear that I'm not crazy!

I've also recently been having problems with my electric power steering just turning itself off. I figured out how to turn it back on, but it makes me nervous because I am afraid it is going to go out on me while I'm driving.