18th Mar 2009, 17:51

You guys know there's a free fix for the 3rd gear problem right, and also for the rev hang if you don't like it, just a Honda factory reflash.

24th May 2009, 10:40

I have an Si coupe (2006), nothing wrong with the 3rd gear yet (only 9k miles) but for sure the hanging drives me crazy. Yes, Honda has a software upgrade for the ECU, but they charge you around 100 bucks for it. Why is that, when they know that there's a problem with the original software?

4th Aug 2009, 22:55

I have a 06 Civic Si too, and I think the car is a problem and always will be...

My tranny gave me lots of problems when I first got the car new... I knew something just wasn't right and all my gears were shifting stupid, and it was getting me real mad.. Honda didn't help me at all!! They said well don't worry, you have a warranty and if it breaks we'll give you a new tranny... What happens after that?... tranny breaks like a few weeks after that and I had to pay to fix it. LOL.. And guess what? It just broke again. LOL.

I'm not even going to call Honda and tell them what happened cause they're not going to help me.. thanks Honda... Everyone thinks that they will one day fix this problem and call in a recall.. but no they won't, they never will cause they will lose a lot of money.. so if you want to keep your car, you will have to upgrade your tranny or sell your car like I'm doing... so good luck with all you out there with the 06 to 09 Civic Si...

25th Sep 2009, 08:59

At first I loved my car... I had a lot of bad luck with it from the beginning like it getting broken into, keyed, my rims and tires stolen, but that wasn't really Honda's fault... then at about 40,000 everything started going down hill. It's hard to shift into 3rd gear, the electric power steering just turns off for no reason and sometimes takes forever to come back on, my oil pan cracked, my check engine light came on - the computer said I needed a new catalytic converter -- but it was wrong the computer had just malfunctioned, and now my biggest problem yet is that the frame has somehow shifted and my radiator is sitting on my wheel well --- for this I was told that I must have hit too many bumps since I have never been in an accident --- BUMPS, really?

I have had Honda's in the past, I decided after graduating college I wanted a brand new car that I would love... now I wish I would have just kept my 01 Civic, I bet I would have saved A LOT of $!

22nd Mar 2010, 08:20

I had an '06 Civic EX and the transmission was garbage. I've heard that this was the worst transmission they've put in a Civic in years.

23rd Dec 2014, 16:24

I have now 100k with this car and tranny, and everything else still OK, no problems.

I only do an oil and filter change every 12k with synthetic.

16th Jan 2015, 20:30

I'm the original poster of this comment.

The car has now 95k km, and for no reason the transmission started to have a knocking sound. Opened it and the final drive gear has a few teeth missing. I never ever in my life owned a car that had transmission problems. To take it down and put it back is $400, bench time $350, final drive gear $200, and list goes on.

17th Jan 2015, 14:55

If the shift linkage is like an Accord one, it could be the cables need adjusting.

I own a 2004 Accord Tourer, which developed a frustratingly imprecise gear change after the clutch was replaced - tightening the shift cables cured the problem.