8th Sep 2005, 12:36

I agree, hybrids aren't all their marketed to be. They're simply a "quick-fix" until fuel-cell vehicles or some other technology become more marketable.

Face it, people want big horsepower. The problem is that they want it everyday when it simply isn't practical everyday. The human race is many things, but it isn't practical. Greed abounds everywhere. People want their toys so the manufacturers give them their toys. The government loves the income generated by the auto manufacturers so they push environmental concerns back and back and back.

Now, I'm no tree hugger and I badly want a 428 Mustang, but I also want a Civic VX or a Geo Metro to get me to and from work. I drive the car to work, it sits there all day, I drive it home. I prefer spending a dollar getting to and from work each day than $5 on my gas guzzling minivan.

I can never figure out why people insist on driving their F350s in downtown traffic to pick up some milk at the store.

30th Jul 2007, 02:31

Great comments, but a Ford makes the F350 (big truck) and ferrai makes an F430, and a 360...looks like you "hybridized" these two manufacturers cars.

1st Aug 2007, 00:45

I get 50-55 mpg with my Honda VX 1994. My question is why has gas mileage not stayed the same or even improved over the past 13 years?

8th Aug 2007, 10:21

The SUV craze and the arms race to increase horse power through the 90's and into the last few years. This is what the market wanted, or at least what they were made to want. Starting to move back in this direction though (economy, efficiency). A comment to the hybrid posts, although they are not perfect now, purchasing these cars will push the automotive industry to improve the technology and efficiency of hybrids and competing economy cars. It seems to me more of a statement to move the market (for those that can afford it), I on the other hand am looking for a 92 vx.

1st Mar 2008, 04:58

I own a 92 VX with 81k miles.

Right after purchase, the engine light came on and I did the standard paper clip test to blink out the code. It was a faulty O2 sensor. I thought no biggie and went to a retail auto parts store. "well the 4 wire is 50 bucks, but the 5 wire is 500." I thought they were joking. well, it turns out the engine seems to be built around that thing so has to be a special one. with the bad sensor I averaged 32mpg. after searching around eBay, I found a Walker better-than-OEM replacement. I now get 46mpg going 70mph. I don't do any of the hyper-mileage rituals accept for not accelerating up hills. recently I've added a carbon fiber hood and fenders, the weight difference was quite noticeable when moving the parts around. ill be doing another mileage test sometime, but I dout those parts alone would do anything. I plan on adding side skirts and an under body plate though. my goal is 60mpg.

I got the car off craigslist in San Jose for 3500$, 72k miles.

It seems this model is a target for modification due to its low weight, so its hard to find one completely stock.


Walker O2 5 wire - 375$

Clutch Master, Brake Master - 300$

OEM Exhaust center pipe - 400$


Mobile 1 Full Synthetic 10-30, every 3k miles.

Mobile 1 Oil Filter

Bosch Platinum +4 spark plugs

5lb overpressure in all tires.

15th Apr 2008, 22:03

I own a 1992 Civic VX and it has 388357 miles on it to date.

I'm planning on keeping this car for a long while because it is great on gas and easy to maneuver.

I have the same HO2S (oxygen sensor) problem as the previous poster. I do the same thing - disengage the trans for downhills when it is safe.

I had to replace the head gasket last year - the heater outlet hose from the head had a small hole which I didn't notice till it was too late. I was surprised at how easy it was to pull the head off.

I just did all four brakes and front rotors and the drive shafts.

The car needs a new alternator; I've also just noticed a flicker in the speedometer - it may be related to the faulty alternator. We'll see.

I do all the work myself so save a bunch instead of going to the shop. Auto Zone has a great shop manual online for the car.

10th May 2008, 16:49

I have a 92 Civic with almost 300000 miles. I drive it everyday.

Had to change the tranny and that's it.

It just started to throw code 48, and have been noticing it kind of sputter and go whine at half throttle, and then give it more gas. Anyone experience the same thing? Can I get some much needed help thanks?

Other than that, I love it.

16th May 2008, 16:29

'92 VX with 290000. Same problems as most.

O2 sensor, rust on rear quarter panels. It has taken 2 hail storms and looks like a golf ball now. It killed one deer and didn't kill me - shocking! It even has been moose hunting although the ground clearance is nothing to write home about.

I have also done all the maintenance since early on - 2 timing belts, soldered the main relay, replaced the steering harness and had the console lights die (replaced some sensor).

I cannot figure out why the '08 Hondas get 10 mpg less - is it just weight or is their newer safety/pollution issues? I would buy another in a heartbeat if they offered it again.

20th Jun 2008, 16:05

I have a ’92 VX 5-speed that I have owned since 1995. It was my first car out of college and I paid $7,300 for it. I bought it with 43,000 miles on it. I am still driving it today with 175,000 mostly city miles on it.

Wisconsin winters have been tough on it, and the rust is getting hard to ignore. This car has been unbelievably reliable. It has never failed to start - even in weather approaching -20 below zero.

I still get about 38 mpg in city driving, and well over 40 on the freeway.

Like other VX owners, I have replaced the oxygen sensor, timing belt, and several CV boots. Last year the alternator went.

My biggest complaint is the number of exhaust pipes I have had to replace. This could be due to city driving, low clearance and winter salt. However, I figure this car has saved me a lot of gas and repair money over the years.

I am forever grateful that my mechanically inclined father advised me to buy this car 16 years ago.

I have hopes of replacing it this year with a 2009 Honda Fit, if I can get one! Hopefully the new engine design that Honda is using in the '09 Fit will put its fuel efficiency closer to the VX.

20th Jun 2008, 17:33

I have a 1992 Civic VX and this thing is the best vehicle I have ever purchased. I bought it with 183,000 miles for just under $500.00. I have owned 3 new vehicles and wouldn't trade it for any of the new ones. I usually get 40-50 miles per gallon, depending on the time of year and city/hwy. They are definitely hard to find and people usually don't want to sell them. Imagine that! I have a friend with a hybrid and he got upset when he found out I get close to the same mileage as he does!