5th Dec 2012, 13:56

I bought my second VX yesterday with 242,700 miles on the odometer, but the car looks and runs like new. The guy before me took great care of it (garaged in a warm garage its whole life) and I only paid $2100. I definitely got an extremely great deal. He bundled the car with a bunch of extras, too, including Garmin wheel locks, an alarm system, Bluetooth, Kenwood sound system, rear speakers, front bra, window screen to keep the car cool in the summer, and the list goes on. He has new suspension parts as well as a bunch of other parts recently replaced. I feel extraordinarily lucky to have scored this car.

My first VX uses oil and coolant, and is being eaten away by rust, and has some other problems despite still running great; so I am selling to my friend for $500; it has about 270,000 miles on it.

4th Sep 2014, 14:11

I still have my 1992 Civic VX, it now has 443,000 miles on it. The engine is original, and still runs like new. It was burning oil at about 1 quart every 1,000 miles, so I changed to 20/50 and it stopped it completely. I guess the rings are a little worn. Still gets the same mileage.

I bought it brand new and it has still only stranded me twice; both times were due to the distributor coil, which is good for 150K and then dies.

The car still looks great, doesn't look too out of date and is a great commuter car. I have also taken it on trips up to 2,000 miles and it was comfortable. Very easy to work on, but needs little maintenance.

I would love to know how many were produced, and if anyone else out there bought theirs brand new!

1st Feb 2015, 04:18

That's correct.

1st Feb 2015, 04:46

I just bought a 1992 Civic VX in Portland, OR from a single owner who bought it 23 years ago brand new. It has 159,000 old lady miles on it (she moved into a retirement home and decided she no longer needed a car), and it has been serviced by my mechanic for that entire time. I paid $3500 for it and consider that to be a great deal.

Gas prices may be low now, but it would be very short sighted to assume that they will stay that way for long. Thankfully the car came with a steering wheel lock, because when gas prices hit $4.50/gallon, this car will be a hot item.

20th Mar 2018, 21:44

Working on my second VX, both were 1992 models. ca. cars, both average 48 MPG with 80% highway 20% city commute.

The first one went 485000 and was still running like a champ. But needed timing belt, brakes, tires, struts and a new cat. Soo I found another with only 200k that had just replaced most of the items listed except the struts. So instead of investing all the money into the old, I sold it for a $1000 and bought the other for $2800, so for $1800 I went on driving. At 300k I replaced the cat to pass smog, and also did the timing belt, tires, brakes, and this time struts. She is still getting 48 MPG with a new O2 sensor just installed. She is at 434000. THIS IS THE BEST COMMUTE CAR EVER MADE IMO.

31st Aug 2018, 02:10

I own a 1993 VX which I bought new in June 1993. It currently has 370,000 miles on the still working odometer and is still a daily driver. The car was virtually trouble free for 320,000 miles and 21 years, not counting normal maintenance (only parts replaced were brake proportional valve and heating fan at approx. 290,000 miles).

Between 320,000 and 370,000 miles, I replaced the ball joints and lower A arms (at 320k), the alternator (at 330k), the radiator (at 345k), the fuel pump and gas tank (at 348k), the distributor (at 350k), the drive wheel bearing (at 352k), and the brake master cylinder (at 370k). There have been 2 clutch replacements and an oxygen sensor replacement in the last 25 years, but I look at these as normal maintenance.

The body is in decent shape because of body work and a paint job done at 273k (as mentioned in Feb.24, 2012 comments on this site). Will keep the car at least 5 more years and 400,000+ miles. This is the only 5 passenger, non-hybrid car ever made with a combined EPA rating of 50+ MPG. I have averaged 50 MPG over 25 years and consider it the best car I have ever owned.