20th Jun 2010, 23:28

I too have 92 Civic VX which I bought new. The only thing I altered was to have a sunroof installed aftermarket. Also around 330,000 miles. Engine and most parts new. The thing is a tank! The only problem has been the LAF sensor I replaced twice, and when it went the 3rd time, I gave up and just accepted the poor 38 mpg (still better than most cars out there). People wonder why I am so bullish to drive an 18 year old car from NC to MN and back without fear. It just takes a licking, and keeps on ticking. I can fit an amazing amount in the hatch; a dog, two cat carriers, luggage, etc. My only problem is lack of a buzzer when I left the lights on. I got a jump from someone, and it started right up. Honda has my undying affection, and after this one hits 400,000 if I decide to upgrade, I'll be getting another Honda.

8th Jul 2010, 01:01

Hello fellow Honda fanatics... I just bought my 1994 Civic VX hatchback for $150 cash down in SoCal. Only 122k miles on it, but lots of dents. The nice guy who sold it to me had just replaced the timing belt, plugs, cap, rotor, coil and igniter, and had it running, but it wouldn't start the next day, so he sold it to me 'as is' (non-running condition).

After towing it home, I noticed the battery was completely dead and bought a new battery, checked the spark, then replaced the igniter and fired it right up! My O2 sensor light is also on, throwing code 48. I am going to try the computer reset trick mentioned in an earlier post and see if that works to get it past the strict CA emissions test.

I had a '96 Metro last year, and got 38-42 mpg, but this VX may surpass those numbers. It certainly has a more stylish interior and body design, and double the horsepower of the Metro.

My VX is red with black/charcoal interior, factory tach, and it's apparently the Federal emissions version, which is a bonus. Sometimes, you are in the right place at the right time.

9th Oct 2010, 22:08

I own a 1993 Honda Civic VX. I bought it in 2003 for $3000. It now has over 280,000 miles, but it quit counting a few months ago when the odometer/speedometer intermittently stopped working. Costs over $500 to fix it. I also had the oxygen sensor replaced.

My problem is, other people keep hitting me. I have been rear ended 3x, and someone ran a light in front of me once, so my bumpers are scraped and dented. I have rust on the fenders here in WV.

I cannot believe that Honda does not try to re-manufacture this car. With all the wars over oil, doesn't it make sense to save as much gas as possible? If hybrids are more expensive and don't get any better gas mileage, what is the point?

I understand about emissions. I am sorry, but you cannot convince me that burning a small amount of gas is better than manufacturing batteries and then having to dispose of them.

This car has never let me down, and I do not hesitate to drive it anywhere. It does great in snow and ice since it has a short wheel base and is front wheel drive.

Hello??? Honda!!!???

25th Jan 2011, 22:58

I guess I found a diamond. In 07 I bought a 92 VX with 31,334 miles on it for around 6k. Just last week turned 55,000 miles on my car. The VX still looks near new with only a few scratches and dings. Any idea what it may be worth now?

Thanx, Spidy.

18th Feb 2011, 12:56

WOW what a deal... my 94 VX now has 240,000 miles. While it's having more and more issues, I don't want to let it go. Have no idea what yours is worth, but a bank / credit union can give you a loan value. However, in my opinion it would be worth more than that if it's in good shape AND gets good mileage. Mine has some rust and damage, but someone offered me $2,000 two years ago... when I was driving through Texas. There's also a place on line to check value - you can google "what is value of my car" for various options or use kelly blue book site...

28th Feb 2011, 20:33

I have a 93 VX and love it still. Got a used trans at 202,000 miles.

I was on the fence on having the engine light on checked at this age with 214,000 on it. After reading the comments, I will do it!

Best car ever made!

22nd Aug 2011, 17:51

I have a 1992 Civic VX with 650,000 K/M on it, and the only problem I have had was the transmission let go, so I had to replace it. I find it a lot cheaper to buy a whole new Civic from salvage yards that are write-offs with the parts you need on it. For example, I bought a 1992 Honda Civic VX from a salvage yard for body parts when I hit a deer, and it only cost me $100. The only thing that was wrong with it was that it was rear-ended, so the rear bumper and hatch were destroyed. But I have been very happy with it, and have been doing a 100 K/M commute every day with it for the last 7 years with no problems.

25th Sep 2011, 23:38

I have a 1992 Civic VX. Bought it in 2002 with 180,000 km (110,000 miles). It now has been mine for almost half its life, and I have 350 000 KM (215,000 miles). Needless to say, I am the second owner, and I am very excited to soon be the person that has driven it longer/farther than the guy before me.

I have put this thing through the ringer. I did pizza delivery for 4 years in it. Up and down a MOUNTAIN. The pizza shop was on top of a half mile high mountain. I have done my fair share of repairs - none of which were expensive (except the 5 wire 02 sensor) I normally get about 45 MPG. My repairs were:

New transmission at 250,000 KM with clutch, alternator, water pump, radiator, CV boots, 3 mufflers (2 of which were catalytic converters back), fuel pump relay, PCV valve.

Now don't get me wrong, most of this stuff I just bought off eBay and installed myself. I have never done oil changes like I should, and I often only notice the fluids are low when it is too late.

Thank god the thing keeps going. I almost bought a 2002 Civic SiR today. Then I realized this VX costs me less than $200 a month all in : gas, insurance, repairs. Why would I replace that???

I am slightly concerned about safety. It is a little thing. So I tend to leave lots of room on the freeway.

24th Feb 2012, 14:30

A few comments on rust issues with the 1992-1995 Honda Civics driven in northern climates.

At 273,000 miles, I had my 1993 Honda Civic hatchback painted, and all it's rust issues taken care of. I replaced the rear hatch (very rusted out), the rocker panels (again, very rusted out), the rear bumper support, and the rear fenders (the rear fender is actually one continuous sheet of metal extending to the roof; approx. 5 inches of metal was cut off around the rear wheel well and replaced; this is a major rust area in the north for these cars).

The doors, roof, front fender area, hood, areas around the windows, and the areas under the car were not in bad shape.

I had all the new parts, along with the rest of the car body sprayed with a tar based rust proofing sealant. Eighteen months later, with 292,000 miles on it, my Civic VX is still going strong.

Due to the fact that my car averages 48 MPG, is very reliable, and should last at least another 150,000 miles (a friend of mine got 465,000 miles out of his VX before having any major issues), I felt that restoring the exterior was worth doing.