16th Feb 2009, 15:17

I purchased my 1992 VX hatchback back in October 2008 from original owner. Vehicle had 240,000 miles on it. I have put about 3,000 miles on it and still runs great.

I recently replaced all of the front brakes due to hard vibration and did a routine tune up and new paint job. This is my 6th Honda and so far has been my favorite. Will eventually swap out original engine for a rebuilt one to continue on the great gas mileage.

21st Feb 2009, 22:21

I have a 1992 Civic VX with 260000 miles on it, I'm the second owner and this car is my baby. I love it, it makes an average of 46 MPG combined.

I will need to replace the O2 sensor because it's still with the original with 260K miles.

The check engine is not on, but once came on and I took the O2 sensor out, cleaned it and put it back and the light turned off.

The car has many upgrades like, JDM head lights OEM, OEM Type R shift boot, OEM dash clock, JDM suspension, Cold air intake for VX with 2" tube, istead 3 or 4" aftermarket, New muffler, costume leather seat covers, 15" Integra 98 wheels (I still have the VX wheel, but with the 15" I lost about 3MPG but I can get better tires just for the performance and safety on the road).

The maintenance I alway do; the oil change every 3K miles, I have replaced the radiator at 200K miles, alternator at 250K miles, clutch at 230K, and timing belt and water pump at 235K second time.

So far this car is the best performance that Honda put on the market, and I will say we need more like this car on this days.

Today if I sell my VX with all the upgrades I will no ask less than $6000, and there are many people that know the value of this car and they will pay this price for many, many reasons.

If you have a Civic VX, you have a diamond.

15th Jul 2009, 15:56

I have mine for sale, and a tentative buyer at $1700. Someone said I was giving it away at that price. Only 167K miles on it. It's in Lancaster, PA. Any thoughts?

10th Aug 2009, 17:30

I agree with the above comment. Keep it for yourself, you have a really good car on your hands.

3rd Oct 2009, 16:17

Well, I have a 92 VX with 84k miles on it, very clean engine bay, body was primed army green, I plan on painting it next spring.

Beside the cylinder sensor, lean sensor, and gas gauge stock on full, no other problems.

I refill it every 400 miles, I go above 2500 rpm more often than I'd like, and it has 205 55r15 tires on Integra SE wheels.

Great little go cart.

18th Oct 2009, 14:03

I first posted on April 15, 2005. My 1993 VX now has over 235K miles on it and still has the original clutch despite my frequent trailer towing. In July 2009, I drove to VT and back on backroads, some hills and stop-and-go driving, average speed of 45-50 MPH. I filled up at the same gas station before and after (so there was no elevation change - therefore an accurate MPG test) and got a whopping 62.9 MPG!!

For those of you with older VXs - if you can't get the stated mileage, your car needs a tune-up: age does NOT mean MPG will fall if all components are working well.

4th Jan 2010, 16:48

My VX has 450,000 miles on it, amazingly still builds the oil pressure nice, all the engine components are soft and in great condition. I can't believe the quality of the parts and how they last 16 years without being replaced.

I have the CA version with the 4 wire O2 sensor, with a US spec ECU that supports the 5 wire wide band O2 I should get better gas mileage. Conversion in progress...

13th Feb 2010, 15:14

Let me know how that conversion goes. If that conversion is worth it, let me know.

I am looking at a VX here in Canada, it has 410,000 kms on it (that's 253,000 miles for you American folk) he is asking about $1000. I think it is a good price, pending a mechanics inspection. I hope it is still good after all these years and miles. He did tell me he drove it pretty hard when he first got it (one owner, had it since he was 16), and that he changed the exhaust manifold to one from an Si. Any thought or suggestions? Thanks!

15th Feb 2010, 13:04

I bought a 92 VX brand new, and it has been a great car. It still has the original engine, starter, radiator, exhaust, AC, interior, and almost everything else.

I had to replace the transmission at 242K. I now have 331K on it and it still gets 43 city, 48 highway. I have gotten up to 56 on long trips.

I just painted it for the first time, and it looks new again.

Great car, quiet on the highway. I inflate tires to 40 psi, synthetic mobil 1 oil, drive it very easily.

Just paid for my 2nd 5 wire sensor, they are good for 150K.

This is the best car for the money, lots for room and ridiculous economy, and good performance. Timeless looks, all the kids like it. They want to buy it and modify it. Very rare, maybe 10,000 made. Honda is secretive about the numbers. I doubt many are left, probably very few 1 owner cars. If you have one, keep it!

19th Feb 2010, 19:28

I have a 92 Civic VX that I bought used with 115k miles; now has 187k.

I looked for a while to find a nice VX because of the fuel economy. My best tank was 51 mpg, average is 44.

Mine is a California emissions with no lean-burn, only federal emissions have it. It does have the 5 wire wide band LAF 02 sensor, so I just ordered a federal ECU to get the lean-burn. part # P07-a00 or -a01. CA emiss is P07-L00 or L01. I will update MPG with the new ECU.

20th May 2010, 10:52

Hi All.

I just bought a 92 VX for $1300 here in CA (Bay Area). I'm only getting 40+ mixed driving. Overall the car is in decent condition for its age.

I was wondering if anyone lives in CA and has the same problem as mine. Driving up Livermore hill and 680 hill, the car came to a crawl. I mean MPH would literally drop down to 45MPH. Even if I downshift to 4th and then 3rd, it wouldn't pick up.

When I first bought the car and drove it home (going up the same hill), I smell burning. So I just had the clutch replaced. I can see a difference when the car picks up from a complete stop, but I still haven't tried out the hill yet since I still want to break the clutch in.

Am I missing something that the car crawls to a low speed when going up hill? I know the car only has 92 ponies, which is why the good gas mileage, but I don't think it should crawl like that up the hill.

Any opinions or suggestions, please send them to my emails.