24th Feb 2008, 03:13

What is it about Fabia vRS owners thinking they have the fastest cars on the road?

I actually used to own a Fabia vRS, and it was a nice enough car, but lets be honest here, it's a 130 bhp car, and it has the performance of a 130 bhp car. Unless you get it chipped, it quite simply is NOT as quick as a Civic Type-R. It might feel it when the turbo kicks in, but it just isn't.

The Autocar mag did get 7.2 seconds, but they only achieved it on one run, most of the time they were getting 8.2 seconds. Even that is unlikely for most owners.

I was out on a run out with some petrol heads a year or two back when I had my clio 182, and one of the guys there had a Fabia VRS, and we had a little play. He admitted afterwards that there was no way he could keep up.

Also, if you thrash it across country roads, the tiny little side mounted intercooler simply overheats, losing you performance. This problem is even more so when the car is chipped. Not that there is any pleasure to be had from red lining a diesel.

I drove a Civic Type-R (EP3) when I owned my Clio 182. I have to say that the build quality, gearbox and engine were a step ahead of the 182, but the 182 handled better and was more fun to drive, and almost as quick. To be honest, I was left cold by the Civic Type-R. It just didn't feel very special, a bit boring really.

I now own an Integra Type-R (DC2), imported 98-spec model. To be honest, its probably no quicker than a Civic Type-R, but it feels it. It also sounds much better, feels much more special, and outhandles either the clio or the CTR. It's a much more rare site on the roads and never fails to attract attention. Only problem is the championship white colour is very hard to keep clean. Overall though, if someone really wants to know what the Type-R is about, they should try an Integra.

1st May 2011, 10:49

Much better in gear acceleration?

Maybe if the CTR and vRS is are 6th at 40mph, of course the torque of the diesel give it the advantage, but whoever owns a CTR won't be in 6th at 40mpg, they would drop it down to 2nd gear and blow the vRS away.

The vRS doesn't stand a chance against the CTR!!!

1st May 2011, 11:01

The Focus ST engine is weak, fact!! Take away the turbo, and all you have is a 2.5 5 cylinder engine that makes 170bhp in a car that weighs nearly 1400kg, so that's 52bhp made by the turbo!

Add a turbo to the CTR's VTEC engine and 52bhp, and you have 250bhp in a car that weighs just 1204kg. I bet that would be unbeatable by all the hot hatches out there!!