30th Sep 2006, 14:08

I'm not a Type R owner (Golf TDi 150) but I am a honda fan and I love that gear change wow! It's a great hot hatch.

I considered buying one, but it was a little too hardcore for me so I went for the Golf.

Glad your enjoying it!

1st Oct 2006, 05:08

Just to answer a question of the previous commenter. No the civic isn't 2 seconds faster to 100 than the normal WRX, its over a second slower in fact at 16.9 (WRX 15.7). Its only about 25 BHP behind the WRX on power, and its lighter too, but its way behind on torque, 144 lbs compared to WRX's 222 lb's. But the civic is very fast for a 2.0 N/A car.

6th Oct 2006, 11:01

Its more than just the 4WD (although it helps a lot with grip), its the fact that turbo's accelerate a hell of a lot better than N/A cars (unless you got a 4.0 litre) because of the extra torque, but type R is very good for N/A 2.0 litre. As for time's, the 03 onwards WRX has 225 BHP 222 lb's of torque and 0-100 in 15.7 (or very close). I don't think a civic with 144 lb's would have more pace, at least I've never been behind one in a challenge.

8th Oct 2006, 10:32

I have a late 04 type r and have come across several wrx imprezza's of similar age and from 60 onwards they are left! Its funny when I'm sat on their bumpers when they are giving it some right foot, approach traffic of bends or both and they just let stupidity take over them and they fly off overtaking etc. All because they don't like the fact they're beloved chariots no longer the roost!!

Sti is still up there though!

8th Oct 2006, 13:42

Well what ever you say friend, I can only speak from experience, so can you. When ever I race I don't go mad on twists on turns or through traffic being dangerous. It might sound boring, but when ever I race its very often on long straight duel carriage ways A roads or motorways, all the places I've out paced civic type R's. No offence, but it shouldn't be a surprise to the civic drivers.

11th Oct 2006, 12:02

Thanks for the comments. I was sure the Civic Type R was faster up to 100mph than the Subaru Impreza WRX. Four wheel drive on the Subaru and no third gear change to 60mph is what made it quicker to 60mph than the Type R.

Have had the car four months now and think that it is an excellent car all in all. It has the looks, amazing performance when you need it, and also excellent fuel economy. 40-45 mpg is what I have seen when taking it easy. No Subaru offers all that.

The CIVIC TYPE R truly is the KING of hot hatches.

13th Feb 2007, 13:36

I couldn't imagine what would happen if any of you got your hands on a REAL performance car. your all getting so excited over a milquetoast hopped up economy car try driving a BMW M3, Chevrolet corvette, or Honda s2000. You just might learn the REAL definition of performance. And never forget knowledge is power a Honda civic is not.

13th Feb 2007, 17:13

Yes, but how much do those things cost compared to a type r? for the money the type r is a great car, fast, good looking and not really that far behind an m3. About a second and a half and 23 grand cheaper so not really that bad. And I guarantee a type r driven by a good driver could keep up with an m3 on a country road anyday!

1st Mar 2007, 09:59

I hope people take notice of what I'm about to say. And I stress that I don't want to upset type r owners. so I'm sorry if this offends any one.

I acctually found the type r car to be rather slow. unless you worked it really really hard. Don't get me wrong its not sluggish by any means, but I bought it over a focus st and I was dissapointed and heres why- In the last year or more I've had a fair few cars 4 or more and every one I bought was based on the reviews on here. I bought a vtsas people said it was a space ship. it was not. I bought my bmw 325i (old style) because people claimed it would out perform everything else. it did not. I bought my golf gti only to be blown away by a 2.0 focus for christ sakes. my calibra a subaru eater-i think not!! To sum up most of the reviews on here are lies!! Or people bending the truth leading everyone astray. Expect the factory time on the civic and you will be fine same as any other car, but expect more and you will be dissapointed.

1st Mar 2007, 20:36

"To sum up most of the reviews on here are lies!! Or people bending the truth leading everyone astray. "

I don't believe that it's intentional. I believe it is simply a case of young people (kids) having greater access/interest in posting to the website, and so you tend to get more reviews in which "this car is the greatest ever built" because it's their first car and they aren't being objective.

I use the site as a general guide by checking if different reviewers are reporting the same problem. I don't give weight to whiny complaints from people who obviously don't know anything about cars, like those about how "the brakes squeak after only 10,000 miles" or over glorified comments about how "this is the most fabulous car ever made in the history of mechanized production!"

You hear the same comments about a 1974 Ford LTD or a 1991 Honda, both from kids who have never owned a new car and honestly probably believe it is the best car they have ever seen, and would swear it is faster and more dependable than anything under the sun. You just have to know which comments to take with a grain of salt.

7th Mar 2007, 10:43

Totally agree you get all this "mine is faster than yours" banter. For example, one of the Vectra SRi headers reads "wanna race me" - it's so childish.

When writing a review, remember that you want to keep it fact based. Include problems, running cost, build, economy, dealer satisfaction - you get the idea. Try to avoid the who you have raced, and try not to cause an argument. Also remember that no matter how good or fast you believe your car to be, someone out there will have something better, so don't be big headed. For example I could say my BMW is better than my friend's Saxo - true, but it's not better than my dad's M3. If you don't brag, you won't look silly. You get my point.

8th Mar 2007, 04:07

So we should all write reviews devoid of any passion or excitement, we shouldn't say how the car makes us feel of how fast it is? Just how big the boot is, the MPG, can I get 2 kids in the back?, can granny get her wheelchair in it? Yea sounds great!

10th Mar 2007, 15:00

By all means, state how the car makes you feel. But statements such as "My car is the fastest on the road" is not useful because it is so subjective. You may feel it is the fastest car on the road, but I guarantee it is not. Someone else has a faster one. Simply give the 0-60 time and your top speed, if you like. Don't start an argument by making some outrageous statement such as "I have beat many Chevy Corvettes in my 2.0 Zetec" because everyone will laugh. And even if you did happen to pull away from or pass a Corvette (for example) at a stoplight once, that hardly constitutes a race.