5th Mar 2007, 09:27

Well that's the thing, in real life there are thousands of traffic lights, more and more of the bloody things every day. You start to make some progress and bang, another set, And that's where cars like the subaru excel too (and round bends of course).

15th Mar 2007, 10:28

I have a performance air filter in mine, when vtec kicks in it sounds like a ferrari, these cars are mental.

26th Mar 2007, 08:16

Stupidly slow??

You probably haven't driven one. These cars are nippy as hell under 4.5k thanks to the low lift cams. A common mistake is people put big exhausts on, which takes all the backpressure/ low range torque.

Drive these babies with the revs up... & VTEC is on tap as soon as you need it.. including at high speed EG 80 MPH.

All the way to 8K RPM.

Tell that story to the owners of the following LOL.


Golf VR6 (2.8)


BMW 325 M-TEC.

(PS mine's virtually standard)

27th Mar 2007, 02:03

I raced my mates 325ci the other day, and he couldn't pull away from me, I was glued to his rear bumper.

What a car.

27th Mar 2007, 13:35

If you were glued to his rear bumper, then of course he wouldn't be able to pull away. LOL.

As fast as a 325ci... in your dreams!

28th Mar 2007, 14:55

I always buy an old banger and keep it for a year just to get to work and back (the wife has the decent car!) The next door neighbour said an old boy had a Honda for sale round the corner for £300. So I went to have a look, it was really scruffy dirty and unpolished, but I gave it spin. Started first time and I just doodled around town, then I noticed the rev counter went up to 8500 red line which was different... doing about 30mph in second gear I just kept my foot down, at about 5500 rpm I thought the engine would explode with the noise and acceleration I was shocked that such an old car could go like this. Needless to say I bought the car and have never had so much fun, especially being behind golfs, bmws, subaru etc and by the time they have caught up with me its time to stop at a junction and they look down and I laugh. It is a L reg Honda Civic VTi they look down on and frown.

29th Mar 2007, 03:51

Yes, it is as fast as a 325ci, on paper and on the road.

Both cars do 60 in about 7 seconds.

The 325 is about 190bhp.

The Civic is about 160bhp, and is much lighter.

After 60 the 325 would probably pull away.

30th Mar 2007, 08:13

Trust me, it's definitely a step up if you go for the vti, you would never turn back.

Before 5000rpm its very nippy; about 110bhp.

After 5000rpm, it's a beast with 160bhp and revs all the way to 8200rpm.

The engine is totally bullet proof.

120 in 4th gear is all I can say.

12th Apr 2007, 00:50

According to whatcar.com, they do 0-60 in 8.2. Where is 7 coming from?

16th Apr 2007, 04:53

According to parkers it does it in 7.7, but I can get 7 seconds no problem.

16th Apr 2007, 10:28

No you can't you can do it in 8.2. Parkers doesn't even give a time. Stop getting carried away.

23rd Apr 2007, 15:31

My 1994 1.6 B16A DOHC VTEC civic standard no mods Vti hits 60mph in just over 7 seconds. Mileage 168,000 and not an oil leak in sight, the best thing is not the 0-60 time, but the fun using the vtec, I don't know where you guys get your times from you obviously don't own a VTi or read too many magazines.

1st May 2008, 20:47

Hi there, I have a Honda Civic VTi.

It is fast for what it is, but no way is it as fast as a BMW 325i.

I know it's going to upset you.

But the old man got one and I have drove both, and yes you can rev the Honda engine over 7000 revs, the Honda is a very good car.

2nd May 2008, 06:56

A well driven vti would beat a 325 no problem, trust me I beat them all the time.

14th May 2008, 20:00

Have had the BMW 325i up to 147mph on the race track, and the Honda, 129mph. I am talking standard (both cars).

15th May 2008, 09:58

But the honda would be quicker from 0-129.