2nd Mar 2008, 13:53

The original reviewer again:

The odometer reads 25,000 km now. The car has been perfect. The engine has "loosened up" and it feels more agile than before. Not a single problem. I believe this is the best and most practical car I've ever had (and I've had many). I love driving it.

16th Mar 2008, 08:58

Aw, come on - another conspiracy theory?

I think some people are just happy with their vehicles, and some vehicles can be free of problems - especially for the first few years until you have to replace some wear & tear items.

It's probably a well made Honda.

21st Mar 2008, 05:10

The original reviewer again. I am absolutely not related to Honda or any other car manufacturer for that matter. I work in a completely different area. This is simply the best car I've ever had (and I've had many). And yes, no rattles and no faults of any kind so far.

1st Sep 2008, 19:19

Here the original reviewer again. After 32,000 kilometers of happy motoring I am selling my CRV. It has been a reliable, practical and fun car to drive. After much thinking which car will be my next, I decided I will go for another CRV. The only car that had me thinking was the new Mazda 6. But the practicality of a small SUV as the CRV won me over again. I expect to keep posting about my new car.

8th Apr 2009, 22:11

Why if you are so happy about it, you are going to change it?

Honda's good just for 32000 km? Or you just got bored?

Don't get me wrong, but I am planning to get one...

11th May 2009, 21:57

After reading good comments about CR-V a got one but it's disappointment to me. Now I know why he is selling it.

9th Jun 2009, 12:24

The original reviewer again. I sold my 2007 CRV and bought a 2009 CRV, which has now 14,000 Km in its odometer and has been flawless as the first one. It is a great car.

18th Oct 2013, 19:50

You are in love with HONDA CR-V...

I think CR-V is just a good commuter, but not a great car or SUV. It has good space for the size of the car, but not great economy. A little noisy... It has no good powerful engine.

20th Oct 2013, 09:13

My wife's 2007 CR-V LX is still running strong at 80,000 miles on it... with no problems. I'm trying to talk her into the new 2013 model, which the local Honda dealership is blowing out at under $20,000 for the base model... the same price she paid for her 2007, and it has basically the same equipment... but she won't budge on it. Hopefully I can talk her into the 2014 model next year when the sales come out in Sept or Oct.

Driving the CR-V for me is kind of boring and unexciting, but perfect for her. She is not a car person... if it runs... she is happy... and that's all she needs...