1989 Honda CRX Si 1.6 from North America


It's like a Mr. Potato -head, you can modify basically anything on the car


My timing belt was replaced at 128,000 K's and it is just starting to go now at 235000.

Small tear in the driver's seat.

Car shudders sometimes when moving from stop, the clutch doesn't seem to be gripping enough.

General Comments:

This is my second CRX, and pound for pound, I believe that it is the best car for your money.

With that said, do not buy the first one you see unless you have a strong background in Honda cars.

I bought my last CRX for $4700, it had 135000 K's and I had to replace both tie-rods, the muffler, and brakes within 2000 K's of driving it.

Although my last CRX was a 1990, it had far more mechanical and cosmetic things wrong than my 1989 CRX.

I paid only $3000 for this one, and although I got a deal, I still have some work to do. That is why I bought another CRX, because I know how to repair them now and it is my project car for many years to come.

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Review Date: 16th February, 2003

1989 Honda CRX Si from North America


A real little ripper


I have had to do some minor engine repairs.

I have replaced the muffler 3 times since I got it.

The body has not held up well to Canadian winters. It is rusting in several spots including the fenders.

I have replaced the CV joints twice and will have to do so again soon.

General Comments:

This car has heaps of power and when you punch the gas, it really hauls. Passing on the highway is no problem and it will carry you up a steep hill easily in 3rd or even 4th gear. The steering used to be crisp and responsive, but has started to become a little wishy-washy lately. It is still quite responsive although it doesn't handle really well in the snow. I have done many long trips in it and have had no complaints about being sore by the end of the trip. The only real disadvantage is that it is only a two seater so carrying more than one passenger isn't really an option, but I guess if you want to carry people, buy a minivan. When the back cover is folded down there is ample storage space, enough for 2 mountain bikes.

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Review Date: 11th November, 2002

9th Jul 2007, 16:59

This was originally posted in 2002 but I am responding about the steering issue in case future Crx owners run into this problem. If your Crx's steering is becoming loose, not as tight/sharp as it used to be, please replace the inner and outer tie-rods. Hope this helps!

1989 Honda CRX DX from North America


Baby racer means business!


She needed a new clutch when I bought her.

Nothing other than regular maintenance (brakes need to be done soon) and one of the headlight beam adjusters broke, so she had psycho eyes for a time, but it's fixed now.

General Comments:

I always have to tell her we can't race today... but she doesn't want to listen!

I'm going to keep her forever. And when later on I'm going to have 10 C-REX's in my parking lot at home.

Great on gas.

A happy Honda for sure.

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Review Date: 4th August, 2002

1989 Honda CRX Si 1.6 from Australia and New Zealand


Cheap sporty car for a lot of fun!


The wheel alignment has a nagging pull to the left. A simple wheel balance will fix that up.

I have 16" mags and the wheels rub on the rims of the car when I go round the corners with passengers. Lower performance wheels should reduce the problem.

General Comments:

This is an exellent reliable and economical car for any would be racers.

Power steering and electrics are very nice, it feels like a shuttle cock-pit.

The back seats aren't designed for big people in mind and a few extra kilograms in the car does reduce its performance, but me alone it's awesome to cruise in.

I have recently fitted a K&N filter and air intake, plus have had a 2 1/4" pipe and big bore put on it. These have dramatically increased my red line ability immensely.

It's a fast light car which can easily be modified for fun.

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Review Date: 29th July, 2002

9th Aug 2007, 02:18

I don't think I understand when people talk about the "back seats". Do you mean the bench behind the front passenger buckets (i.e. the hidden locked cargo box on the floor) that people can sit on? There are no seat belts of course... I don't think that any CRX ever had legitimate back seats. Or were the interiors of UK or Australian models different than North American?