1989 Honda CRX Si 1.6 PGMFI from Malta


Turns heads as always, if you can catch it going by!


Problems with hot starts, it takes a lot of trying when the engine is hot, not sure of the cause.

Corrosion on sunroof tray drains.

General Comments:

Performance for such a small car, now thirteen years old, is amazing!

Very comfortable and drives very well.

Excellent ergonomics and control.

Excellent fuel consumption and good price.

What a shape!

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Review Date: 9th January, 2002

10th May 2003, 16:19

On the "hot starting problem", the problem is more than likely the "main relay".

I have not had a problem once since I replaced mine.

2nd Jan 2005, 19:21

Some parts when heated have a tendency to expand check your spark when your turning over the engine. may be the distributer shaft, check also the coil, cap and rotor. If you have fuel its not the relay or the pump. had a similar prob with my 91 SI 1.6 liter. good luck!

15th Oct 2005, 00:40

The problem is in the starter. I believe there is a recall for the crx starter coil. There is a coil in the distributor that is defective and the other starter problem is also the starter ground wire. Change that out and you'll be surprised how must faster and easier it turns over. Make sure that the wire has a good connection and a larger gauge wire as well.

8th Dec 2005, 10:13

My crx started having a starter problem out of no where. If you roll the car and put it in gear, sometimes it will start. I beat the starter and it started once, now it won't start at all. Do I need to replace the starter now?

22nd May 2006, 20:24

I have problem where I'll start my 90 CRX Si, and after starting it seems like it doesn't get enough fuel or something and then dies. After attempts to start it, and waiting awhile, it will start again. Sometimes it won't start at all and I have to wait hours. Anyone know what that specifically is about?

14th Jul 2012, 11:37

I had this problem. It was a bad relay.

1989 Honda CRX 1.6i 16 Twin Cam from UK and Ireland


A nippy, fun little car that can still turn heads, but can be pricey to own


Front suspension springs snapped (apparently quite common).

Clutch judder when setting off in 1st.

Boot struts non-operational.

Noisy gearbox at low speed in 1st and 2nd.

General Comments:

A quick little car that handles well and is good on juice, providing you drive it steady. Still looks smart considering it's an 80's/ early 90's car, but has the typical early Honda rust problems around the sunroof and wheel arches at the back.

A rattly engine at low revs and no room in the back which can be a pain, and parts aint cheap (especially Honda specific ones), but when pushed at high revs it usually makes me grin.

Also it's amusing when all the boy racers gawp at you in their XR3i's and Novas and such like, mainly due to the fact that their cars look and go nothing like this one (unless ridiculously equipped with aftermarket bits)!

Only buy one of these things if you know what you're looking at, and remember, it's an old car by modern standards and so faults are inevitable...

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Review Date: 21st May, 2001

1989 Honda CRX Si 1.6 L DOHC (ZC) from North America


I'm keeping this car for my whole life


The only thing that has gone wrong with the car is the brakes. Othere than that I haven't had to spend a penny on fixing the car.

General Comments:

I believe this is the best Honda ever made. You can make these cars look really nice and with a simple engine swap you can beat most Honda's that only have a little done to the engine. All because of the size of the car.

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Review Date: 13th May, 2001

1989 Honda CRX Si 1.6 SOHC from North America


Quick, reliable, economical and FUN!


All it has wrong is the fact that moon-roof won't close all the way. Needs to be repaired.

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Review Date: 11th May, 2001

1989 Honda CRX HF 1.5 gas from North America


No stock factory car is better on gas than this one


Nuthin' yet, besides a normal tune up.

General Comments:

Great car. Extremely high gas mileage (best I ever got with 93 octane was 75.9 miles per US gallon.)

All buttons work, including air and aftermarket CD.

Lotsa road noise, but hey, this thing is a gas can on wheels!

Got some rust, but I only paid $1300 for it.

Kinda fun to use the air conditioning and still get 55+ miles per gallon.

BTW, does anyone think that the new Honda Insight is a rehashed battery powered CRX?

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Review Date: 17th August, 2000

23rd Aug 2001, 00:49

75.9 mpg? Wow, that's what those insights are supposed to be getting! Though what I wanted to say is that I was thinking the same thing in terms of Insights looking like slightly modified CRX's... Strange...

22nd Sep 2001, 23:35

Yup, that's right. 75.9mpg. Best mileage is obtained traveling at 60-62mph on a flat, level road with the windows closed for a approximately 150-200 miles with outside temperature around 70 degrees fahrenheit, and no air conditioning or anything that is drawing power from the system (like a stereo or lights). Increasing the speed to interstate levels really draws the gas mileage down (50-55mpg or so).

It has been a little over a one year since I wrote the first review. All bells and whistles still work, but the rust is getting worse. Not to worry, the rust isn't worth fixin', so I just cover it up with duct tape (yeah, I know, cheap fix, but it does make the car more aerodynamic). The car now has 140,000+ miles and still runs great! Although it's not my daily driver anymore, I still put on about 100+ miles every week. I did have to do some brake work to it, but I've had that problem with all the Honda's I've owned. Too bad the Big 3 can't manufacture a car like this...I'd buy it in a heartbeat because I do get flak from driving "Japanese Junk" as I've been told.

But they don't, so I'll keep living with my Rex, Toyota Tundra 4x4 Access Cab (way cool, but not enough miles on it to write a review yet), and Toyota RAV4 4x4 (which I have aptly nicknamed "gutless" because it's sooooo underpowered.)

20th Jan 2004, 20:06

Another update - The CRX was parked for about a year due to a clutch problem, but that's been fixed and it's back to being my daily driver. The rust is still pretty bad, the air conditioning needs recharged (waiting until summer to do that), it's had a dent put in the front due to an errant Amish buggy (long story), but it still runs great. I recently got 45 mpg with it, and that was in the middle of winter when the temperature outside was a balmy 16 degrees fahrenheit. It's kind of funny, I work for a wholesale gasoline distributor and get all the gas I want for free, but I still choose to drive my CRX instead of my 14mpg Toyota Tundra.

1989 Honda CRX 1.6i-16 1.6 twin cam 16 valve petrol from UK and Ireland


Rear suspension bushings and crankshaft position sensor (after 10 years - not bad!!)

General Comments:

Brilliant car. Great performance, reliability, looks (although a bit 80's). This car never fails to make me smile.

The only downside is the noise at high speeds and the discomfort on long journeys.

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Review Date: 12th May, 1999