2004 Honda Element Y Package - 4WD 2.4L V Tech from North America


A Great SUV


Nothing Yet.

General Comments:

The unique styling of this vehicle caught my attention right away.

I had been shopping for a 4WD that had better fuel economy, and this was the only one that seemed to have the interior room and price.

Overall, This is an excellent vehicle. My major complaint about this vehicle is the ability to see beside you when changing lanes. A little extra caution is required.

Comfort - I find this vehicle quite comfortable inside, albeit, a little spartan. There is plenty of room for everyone in this car, with a huge amount of room for the rear passengers. I find the dashboard a little close to the knees on the passenger side, although the driver side appears to have plenty of room. I have taken it on a 1200 kilometer trip, and find it quite comfortable to sit in.

Sound System - For all the hype, this sound system is not all that good. I find it lacking in mid range punch, although the sub sounds great.

Cruising - This is a very smooth riding car on the highway, although, the tire noise is quite loud. The engine runs very quiet for a 4 Cylinder, even at a higher RPM.

City Driving - Easy to park, easy to get around the city.

Annoying things - The fuel light comes on very early. When my fuel light came on when I was driving on the highway, I filled up the tank and it only took 45 liters. The tank actually holds 60 liters. Fuel economy is not what I expected it to be. I get roughly 11 liters per 100 kilometers. Not bad, but I would have thought better from a 4 cylinder engine.

Mechanics - A well built car. Everything fits tight and the engine has the power to keep me out of trouble on the highway. Smooth manual 5 speed transmission with a positive position for each gear. Clutch is great.

Ergonomics - All the gauges are easy to read, as long as you keep the seat back, the rear lifting or foldup seats give a huge amount of room in the back and overall, I find this a comfortable vehicle.

Would I buy another one? You bet I would.

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Review Date: 31st July, 2004

4th Oct 2004, 12:36

Excuse my lack of knowledge - but in 2004 did Honda make both an AWD and 4WD version of the element Ex?

18th Nov 2004, 21:27

YES...both FWD+AWD...with and w/o side airbags...5pd or auto.

31st Dec 2004, 15:01

I used the term AWD (All Wheel Drive) and 4WD (4 Wheel Drive) to mean the same thing. I realize that they are not quite the same, but the net effect is. It also comes in a FWD which is the acronym for Front Wheel Drive. Hope that clarifies what I meant.

2004 Honda Element EX 2.4 inline four from North America


An SUV built with common-sense in mind



General Comments:

For me the unique styling was a selling point.

Though not great by Honda standards, fuel economy is decent by SUV Standards.

The engine is among the smoothest I have encountered with Honda.

The dash-mounted five-speed manual transmission is great!

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Review Date: 21st June, 2004

2004 Honda Element EX 4 cylinder. from North America


A great little vehicle


Glove box door was mis-aligned.

General Comments:

Vehicle is much roomier on the inside than it appears from the outside.

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Review Date: 26th March, 2004