2007 Honda Fit Sport from North America


The Fit Sport = True value + guilty fun


Nothing, nada, zilch, zippo.

General Comments:

The Fit is by far the best deal around. All this prattling on about gas mileage and other cars that are "better" is relative nonsense. I purchased a Fit Sport for all told under $16K. Getting the same (or close) features on a car with a similar -- let alone, better -- power train for even close to the same price is impossible. Almost absurd.

Though I'm not getting the gas mileage I thought I would day to day (~30 mpg in stop-and-go), on long trips I've gotten close to 40mpg. Am I still happy? Yes. Thrilled, in fact.

Super fun car to drive. Affordable. Packed with safety and tech features (given the price). What more is there?

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Review Date: 18th July, 2007

2007 Honda Fit Sport AT 1.5 from North America


Great fun, cool looks, cheap cost, great MPG


Nothing as of yet.

General Comments:

This is my first car and I just picked it up from the dealer. Couldn't be happier! The car itself is very appealing visually and has enough power and room to make me and my passengers happy. The only thing is the ability to speed up quickly. The turning radius is great and the gas mileage is amazing. Great first car.

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Review Date: 20th April, 2007

21st Apr 2007, 12:16

The only thing that I can find wrong with my Fit besides the fact its so slow, is the cheap interior it seems everything that touches the trim scratches it. I guess all in all I wish I would have went ahead and bought the Civic like I wanted in the first place.

2007 Honda Fit Sport MT 1.5L VTEC from North America


Reliable, Fuel Efficient, Fun to Drive!!


No problems so far, I keep finding things to like about it!

General Comments:

Very comfortable all around and a great value.

Handles like a cross between a sports car for handling and a jeep for turning quickly and easily.

Plenty of space, classic analog controls with beautiful contemporary lighting and look to the entire interior. Cute Japanese small car looks on the exterior.

Able to cruise at 90 mph easily.

If you expect a lot -- if you expect features found in a car costing $5-10,000 more than the fit -- then you'll find things to be disappointed in. But as a basic car it's comfortable, fun, and versatile.

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Review Date: 16th April, 2007

18th Apr 2007, 08:23

"Handles like a cross between a sports car for handling and a jeep for turning quickly and easily."

Well I can believe that it turns around fast due to it's tiny size, but theres no way that thing handles like a sports car with those skinny economy tires and front wheel drive.

2007 Honda Fit Sport 1.5L SOHC from North America


Good for college students


Uncomforted ride at higher speeds.

It already had 95.5 K miles on it, wanted to get a new car.

Safety and interior features not up to the mark.

General Comments:

Good car, actually. I liked it.

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Review Date: 15th April, 2007

13th Sep 2007, 12:34

How did you get an 07 Fit with 95.5k miles on it? 0_o.

2007 Honda Fit Sport 1.5 from North America


Honda has made a good start with this model.


No issues so far (but I've only driven it for 1000 miles).

General Comments:

I was looking for an economical commuter car. I was pleased to find a car that is practical and is so much fun to drive. With its roomy interior, hatchback design and 'magic' folding seats it will be useful for all the family hauling that will come our way.

The standard safety features (ABS, air bags, side curtain air bags, side impact reinforcement) were an important consideration for me as I do a lot of urban-highway driving and constantly pass wrecks reminding me of the fragility of some of the smaller models out there.

I do have some concerns with the car. The 'Sport' epithet is only applicable to the tight sport suspension. The shift paddles on the steering wheel are useless, unless you only change gear when the car is travelling in a straight line (Hint; sports cars need to change gears in corners). The fuel ecconomy of only 30 miles to the (US) gallon is disappointing for a small car, but still much better than others I've looked at.

Overall I enjoy the car, but Honda can, and should, improve the model. Or Toyota will!

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Review Date: 11th November, 2006

11th Nov 2006, 19:40

Honda small motors take 7000 miles to fully break in. Your performance and fuel economy will improve as time goes on.

26th Nov 2006, 21:00

27th Nov 2006, 10:39

Went for a test drive in an auto Fit, and was very impressed. The car exudes quality on a lot of levels; much more than my (cheaper) Aveo, which is considered competition.

Thing that impressed me most about the Fit is that Honda has FINALLY gotten back to putting soul in their cars. Honda used to make great cars that were truly fun to drive. I had an 88 Civic and an 89 Civic Si, the latter being an incredible driving machine given its 108 hp. Then I got a 93 Civic Si, and the soul was gone.

Now the Fit is sporty and fun, what Honda used to be, and that's important. And, of course, there is a huge aftermarket for this car. Check out www.fitfreak.net for tons of examples. I think what would make this car perfect would be sportier tires (as an option since the Fit's target market isn't looking for handling), and that's what I may do if I decide to get this car.

The gas mileage is a concern given the heavier and more "upscale" Civic gets essentially the same results. But the Fit is smaller, more versatile, and 33+ MPG on average ain't that bad in any case. My friend's Prius is averaging 46 MPG, but then he paid $30K for it.

Some sort of Fit hybrid or a clean diesel would ensure this car had record sales for years to come. Imagine a fun-to-drive subcompact that got real world 50+ MPG.