2006 Honda Jazz VTEC AT 1.5 VTEC from Indonesia




I bought my first Honda Jazz 1.5 in March 2004. After just 3 days use the car had a problem with the battery.

Due to the time frame a lot of issue happened, like Air Conditioning, Braking System, Dashboard, Noisy Gear Box, Smell of Exhaust entering cabin.

After being repaired 9 times at Honda Service Center the issue still happened and one day I wrote an e-mail to Honda Japan, in the end they agreed to replace my Honda.

On February 2007 I got my replacement Honda Jazz 1.5 VT-EC Automatic transmission even though I paid extra the gap price between Jazz I-DSI and Jazz VT EC.

Not more than 2 minute after I got the car from Honda Show Room and drove it, the rear side sounded very noisy, sound was like crack..crack...

One week after that I complained to Honda Service Center, they told me the problem was with the door. After they tightened the door the same issue still occurred.

Many complaints I ??? address the issue to Honda, gas exhausted enter to the cabin, noisy from the brake system.

After many time repair, Honda replace rear site, shock absorber, the only thing they can fix is the brake issue, but not with the rear side issue and gas exhaust enter in to the cabin, until today its still happening.

I had raise many e-mail to Honda Indoensia representative office also Honda head quarter office, they only says sorry our local representative office have own decisionn. I so confuse how head quarter even can't push local representative? Its funny things.

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General Comments:

Very bad.

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Review Date: 3rd August, 2007

18th Sep 2007, 02:52

Similar story. My mom bought Honda Jazz I-DSI at Honda Jayakarta Motor. U. D Jayakarta - Denpasar Bali this year. After a couple days, the car had noisy sound. We ask Honda Service and the representative said it's usual for the new car. After time passed by, my car's sound become stronger, and my brother brought again to Honda Service, and they admit they have problem in transmission, and they promise to change the transmission. Short story my car became worse, it broke down. The funny things the representative says it was caused by loosen cable, and still my car broke down again after coming back from Service. Finally I found out that they don't replace the transmission as they promised, they only changed the signal. It's so ridiculous, how could they made such a lie like that. I and my family doesn't have lot times to always go to the service, and now Honda asked my car to stay almost 1 week, and they insisted not willing to replace my car into new one. I called Dealer Jakarta, Denpasar Bali, and talked to Sales Manager, Pak Gede, but he doesn't help me much.

One more can I have the email of Japan Honda please? Thanks.

9th Mar 2012, 09:40

My Honda Jazz Sport 2007 has the same problem.

I always hear a cracking noise when I freshly drive it out from home.

My driveway has a slight slope, so when I reverse out from there, I hear a cracking sound, which is very bad to hear every time.

However, the local service center cannot find what is the cause of it.

Has anyone fixed the same problem? Please email me at tomasuni@gmail.com


2006 Honda Jazz Sport 1.5 Vetec from Australia and New Zealand


Great fun



General Comments:

I bought a new Honda Jazz Sport because I had so much fun in my 2003 1350cc model.

Unfortunately the Sport only comes in CVT auto, but it does have a manual mode in both Sport and Drive.

I have used this occasionally, but it is unnecessarily complicated and a manual would be much better.

However it goes extremely well (25% more power than the 1350 model) and on a recent trip with 3 adults in the car I had no complaints about the performance, particularly if I used the "Sport" mode"

Car came with very dull mag wheels which were changed for 17" 8 spoke wheels with low profile tyres. Ride is affected a little, but not unpleasant. Steering is much better on the new model and feels much more precise.

Economy is not as good, best I have had is 40mpg whereas the old one did 48/50mpg on a run.

I think the 1350 manual is a better balanced car, but I would miss the extra performance of the Vetec 1500.

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Review Date: 21st March, 2007