2006 Honda Jazz SE 1.4DSI from UK and Ireland


Not cheap, but worth it for the peace of mind


The car is only a couple of months old, but there were no faults on delivery, and no early problems have arisen.

General Comments:

This car was purchased as a replacement for my wife's Vauxhall Corsa. She loved the Corsa, but having given 7 years decent service, it was starting to pick up a number of annoying repairs and we dreaded a big bill at the next service/MOT.

We've had a couple of Honda's in the family and have had no problems with either the cars or our local dealer, so we decided to look at a Jazz. The car has met all expectations:

It appears really well built, albeit the doors seem just a bit too 'tinny' and lightweight.

As others have commented, it is extremely spacious inside.

The SE model is equipped with just about everything you could want in a small runabout. The latest models even have an MP3 input - something that Honda and the dealer don't seem to have publicised - strange, as it is a real plus point for my kids with their ipods.

The only real gripe at the moment is that the fual economy is not as good as expected - our old technology Corsa got better. However, I'm hoping that things will improve a little once the car has loosened up a bit.

The Jazz isn't cheap to buy (in the UK at least) and it's hard to haggle much of a discount, but I'm hoping it's worth the extra money in terms of reliability and geberal durability - we tend to hang on to our cars for several years. The Jazz always tops reliability surveys.

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Review Date: 26th April, 2006

6th May 2006, 15:45

We've also bought a Jazz. Very happy with it. I think it suits the 'Big-small' tag better than the new Yaris.

Regarding the fuel economy, ours is very impressive for less than 500 miles (CVT). As this engine uses knock sensors with the aim of maximising compression you will see better economy with BP ultimate or optimax - but I would run it in before using it.