25th Dec 2003, 21:56

I had some of the same problems. Especially the egr and hesitating of engine. My transmission seems like it is not in gear when it is. Maybe I will get the Famous Honda Transmission Problem soon. I have squeaks, rattles, road noise. Dealer useless.

16th Mar 2004, 01:23

Honda lost my vote when they restricted the TSB information on www.alldata.com. Now even with a subscription you cannot get detailed recall and TSB info. It seems as if this is a move on Honda's part to keep the consumer uninformed as to what problems their car is having and what extended warranty's etc. are available. Real bummer to hide the facts! Maybe it is time to boycott Honda's until they open up and come around.

If you go to the Honda dealer and inquire about a certain TSB, if his mood is right he may put in your VIN # and and see if it applies to your car. I would much rather see the TSB and decide myself if it applies. If Honda is covering up the TSB, should I trust their system to see if it applies? I think not.

12th Jul 2004, 18:51

We have 37,000 miles on our 02 Odyssey LX and it has had steering vibration when going 70 mph or higher and pulling to the right since we picked it up from the dealer. We've had 2 new sets of tires, front struts replaced and some sort of shim put in the right front wheel. They also claimed the back left rim was bent at one point and we replaced that at our expense. It still vibrates and we're frustrated. We just went out of the 3 yr/36 month period and I'm wondering how this all works now with an issue still unresolved.

It's also frightening to read about all these transmission problems. We just had it in with the recall of 2nd gear overheating and we were told ours wasn't scorched and they put in the "fix". Doesn't inspire confidence though.

We've also had the rattling side doors and had to have a new alternator at 30,000 miles. Sad... So much for Honda quality. I once had an Accord for 15 years and loved it!

27th Dec 2005, 22:26

I too have a 2002 Honda Odyssey. I have mention to the dealership many times about the problems with the 2nd or 3rd gear when trying to gently accelerate at lower speeds of 30 -40 miles per hour. When I received the recall notice, I immediately went to the dealer and told them that this sounds like my problem. They said everything was fine and installed an oil kit. While on our first long trip in our minivan, Florida to Virginia, the call while going 40 - 50 miles per hour acted as though someone slammed on the brakes.

Took it to a Honda dealership in Virginia, and their findings where: Not related to the recall, but the 2002 Odyssey needs a new transmission. They are not wanting to fix it for free, but want $5,000. At this time, we leaving it at the Honda Dealership in Virginia, and flying back home to Florida to resolve this dispute. No one should have to pay $5,000 for a transmission on a 3 year old Honda.

This was our 3rd Honda and it will be our last.

24th Jul 2006, 10:46

Hello fellow 2002 Odyssey owners. What a can of worms I have opened while researching my transmission issue. My tranmission died a week ago while returning from vacation. Thankfully we were only 30 miles from home. After a bit of phone calling back and forth with our dealer and American Honda, we are getting a new transmission installed at no cost. We feel lucky to have made it to 84,000 so far. We are concerned about the longevity of this vehicle as we usually drive a car for 10 years. I thought I put all this behind me when I got rid of my Plymouth Grand Voyager. Honda has always had a great reputation and I hate to see things going bad. We will be in the market for another car for our teen-aged daughter and were planning to go with a Honda, but now we will rethink that. We will definitely be considering Nissan and Toyota.

My dealer is telling us that we need 2 new engine mounts which I have never even heard of breaking in any other vehicle. They quoted us a price of over $500. In looking up the parts costs it looks like about $160 is the max it could be. I can understand why they are quoting me $500+ when the car will already be up on the rack getting a new transmission. My husband is fighting that battle today. When we take long road trips in the future, we will be renting a vehicle.

24th Jul 2006, 23:34

Excuse me! You have trouble with the Ody and now you are going to give up on benchmark cars such as the Civic or Accord? Maybe I am mistaken, you are in the market for a sienna or Quest for your daughter. You are going to regret taking Honda out of your car shopping list. Yes the Corolla and Camry are good cars, but are kinda plain to the Honda Accord or Civic.

14th Dec 2006, 21:54

2002 odyssey tsb question. since Alldata will no longer release Honda tsb info, does anyone out there know what is contained in the following tsb?

TSB #09012004 -- FLUCTUATING ENGINE IDLE. *EH (NHTSA ID #10013337, SEPTEMBER 01 2004)

My ody idle fluctuates between 800 and 1200 rpm all the time.

I wanted to know as much as possible prior to a visit to the dealer.


Paul Vancouver Canada.

26th Jan 2007, 13:15

In response to Paul in Vancouver Canada:


We just bought used 2002 Ody. During our inspection before the buy we noticed the idle fluctuated just like you mentioned. We made the dealer get it fixed before delivery. They took it to the Honda dealer. We were told they replaced a harness. They wouldn't tell us which one though. Once we got to look at it again the fluctuation was gone. I don't know the costs since they paid for it.

I hope this helps.

Andy in Sheboygan Wisconsin.

27th Mar 2007, 09:59

I own a 2001 Honda Odyssey. I was driving it last Sunday on the interstate and my throttle stuck. I was traveling at speeds up to 100 mph. I had my brake to the floor and I was still going 80 mph. I finally got my van to shut off. Thankfully I was not hurt and I didn't hurt anyone else. I was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else.

9th Jun 2007, 13:08

My wife and I just purchased a 2002 Ody van and have had the same problems of racing of the engine, but the van feels as if it is out of gear. The problem is we purchased it on Monday and started having problems with it two days later. I have called the dealer and am waiting for a response. I don't know if I have any recourse since I bought it as is. I will have to talk to an attorney if I don't get any help. I may already be toast, but I will try.

18th Jun 2007, 09:01

Wow, I'm happy I stumbled onto this site. If anyone has info or suggestions on my case (related to 2002 Odyssey), I'll be grateful!

Taking the family an a drive (approx. 2 hours from home) on Father's Day, something went quite wrong with the transmission in our 2002 Odyssey. At highway speed engine started turning very high rpms, but delivering no additional power. I pulled to shoulder and determined that tranny fluid was leaking profusely. There was still fluid and pressure inside, though, because I was able to "baby it" to get it off the parkway at the exit (about 1/8 mile from where I pulled over).

It is sitting in a dealership now... not the one (or even in the same state as the one) where I purchased it.

Any insights, or more importantly, recommendations, on how to get this resolved fairly and economically?