2002 Honda Odyssey EX V6 from North America


Transmission Problems!


The transmission blew at 17,000 Km, from reading other posts this seems like a common problem. I hope the replacement transmission was upgraded in some way to avoid this problem.

The torque steer is horrible. I have a Pontiac grand prix from work with the same horsepower and it is much better balanced.

General Comments:

I am really amazed at the quality from Honda, I guess they haven't learned form the US Mfrs. In the past 3 to 4 years I have heard many stories of people encountering problems on low Km cars. My old civic had transmission, headgasket and wheel bearing problems. Another friend had her Acura CL motor seize at 5,000 km. Another has a 1998 Prelude which has rust holes and poor paint.

I think I'll buy American next time, they seem to break down as much, but at least the price and replacement parts are cheaper. After two bad car from Honda, I can say the company is all hype!

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Review Date: 2nd December, 2003

30th May 2008, 17:03

You speak about the Odyssey as if it is a high speed racer. If you drive a mini-van, you shouldn't have to worry about the torque steer. Maybe that is why you are experiencing so many problems. Ease up on the gas pedal and you will not wear out the tires and brakes so fast.

12th Sep 2008, 14:34

I second the original story. Our 2002 Odyssey's tranny just went out at 74k. I feel like I'm back in the 70's. Aren't cars more reliable nowadays? Even more amazing has been Honda America's NO SERVICE attitude. They set the bar low.

6th Jul 2009, 01:26

I have owned it for 5 years and had 2x transmissmition problems. It costed me a lot of $$$. Love the car but hate these problems.

17th Aug 2010, 11:23

I have had the car for 7 years, had it brand new with 7 years bumper to bumper warranty.

The tranny was $29 deductable for $3000 work. Shock went, and EPC was $1000 mess. Other than that she was golden. I just wanted the newer engine 2009 and windows that went down in the middle.

She rides better than the 2009 model. Last Minivan. This one will take me another 5 hopefully.

2002 Honda Odyssey EX 3.5 from North America


What a piece of nonsense. An old British sports car would be mechanically better. Avoid this van


Transmission failed at 24,000 miles. Felt like in neutral, but was in drive. Engine revved without the car gaining speed and then the transmission caught with a jerk. Needed a new transmission.

Sliding doors stick and fail to close sometimes. Those power doors sometimes close part way. Very unsafe.

Pulls to the right. Bad torque steer, usually to the right.

Soft rear suspension sags with one passenger.

Paint easy to chip.

Rear seat armrest cover hinge broken on day one.

Bad dealer. Dealer acts deaf and dumb.

General Comments:

Bad mechanical problems.

Good engine performance.

The rest of the van is a big let down.

This brand is now on my avoid list.

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Review Date: 11th November, 2003

12th Dec 2003, 23:48

You are absolutly right because I had the same exact problems with this car also!!!

2002 Honda Odyssey EX 3.5L V6 from Panama


Best minivan out there


Car pulls to the right despite (dealer says) proper alignment.

On-dash clock light went out.

CD player stutters on rough pavement.

General Comments:

The 3.5L 240-hp V6 is one of the quietest and most powerful engines I've driven. But it guzzles gas like crazy.

Too much body roll; feels heavy.

Cabin is very comfortable. Love those electric sliding doors.

Cheap standard stereo system.

Night and day compared to my previous 1997 Odyssey. This is something else!

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Review Date: 20th October, 2003

2002 Honda Odyssey LX V6 from North America


Get out from under your Odyssey while you can!


Automatic Transmission Failure 40,000 miles. Second Transmission @ $5000.00.

Brake Groan Since New to Date.

Numerous Misc. Problems Including:

Ignition Switch Replacement (Recall)

E.G.R. Port Clogging (numerous times)

Throttle Sticks.

Sliding Door Rattles.

Sliding Door Difficult to Open.

Oil Leak At The Cylinder Block (dealer patched)

Clock Light Bulb went out 2 miles after warranty expired.

Fuel Gauge is Inaccurate.

Rear Wiper Arm falls off.

Drivers Seat Reclines for no reason.

Still Pulls to the Right (new tires and multiple alignments.

Many Many More problems that are pesky, but haven't been addressed.

General Comments:

I am a 25 year ASE Certified Master Auto and Truck Technician and Machinist, and this is the worst auto I've seen since the Renault 18i.

I've recommended Honda's to buyers for years, but not any more. The most frightening thing however is that while auto-makers sometimes drop the ball and it takes some time to work it out, and the Technical Service Bulletins on this thing are encyclopedic Honda has started pulling T.S.B. information from public access, so if you have a problem and it's an acknowledged problem and has an updated repair you'll never know or be able to find out. This Is A First, that I know of. The last time something like this happened the whole car was scrapped (Toyota Van).

Wisdom would point to selling them while they still have some retail value, the word is getting around fast on them, and you could be stuck with payments on a pile, Hondas dealers and service departments have started really dumping on the owners in the last 2 months, so you've been warned.

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Review Date: 11th October, 2003

26th Nov 2003, 09:23

We had a similar problem with the valve and ports that control emissions. Despite valve replacement and having clean ports, the check engine light came on. We were told by a dealership that the problem actually lies with the design of the valve and ports. One solution to the problem is having a certain piece within the emission control system enlarged. I believe that they said the ports would need to be enlarged. However, do not quote me on that.